Before she was a vampire slayer, Buffy was something and someone else entirely. And she's about to be thrown straight back into the world she'd long forgotten.


Blinding light enveloped her...

She would have shielded her eyes from the brightness, but it was beginning to fade now.

The ground was shaking, the walls crumbling around her. She could hardly breath, her lungs taking in handfuls of dust and ash instead of the pure, clean air that it needed. Her legs wouldn't move from under her and her entire body ached to the point of it being painful. Her stomach was still bleeding from where the Turok-Han had impalled her through the back and the numerous smaller gashes were quickly adding to the blood loss.

Buffy's eyes were drawn across the room to where Spike had stood only moments ago, now all that remained was a pile of dust and a small silver amulet. Tears gushed down her face as she attempted to crawl over to it, but the pain shooting through her body was unbearable and she was forced to stop struggling.

She was all alone now. The way it should be. Everyone else had gotten away. Dawn, Faith, Xander, Willow, Giles. She hoped they were all right and that they would find the strength to move on, especially Dawn.

Faith would have to be strong for them all now, she would have to take her place. She'd been dragged away from the school kicking and screaming but Buffy didn't care, as long as she was safe.

A loud rumbling filled the air and Buffy looked up, breathlessly watching as a long and deep crack appeared on the roof of the cavern she was currently laying in, surrounded by the dead bodies of the girls she had sworn to protect.

Clumps of earth began to fall from the ceiling, covering her in a shower of dirt and dust. And then the roof collapsed as parts of the school above fell through the ground. She watched with a fierce determination as the roof fell closer and closer, threatening to squash her at any second.

A second until she would be free again...

And then there was nothing.

It was a brilliantly sunny day as Harry walked out from the school and into the open. Ron and Hermione were waiting for him down by the lake so that they could finish their homework sitting under a tree, out in the fresh air instead of cooped up in the common room.

He sped to their side as soon as he saw them and grinned at the scene in front of him. Hermione had three books open in front of her while she scribbled away on a notepad. Ron had apparently long forgotten his homework and was laying back watching the clouds in the sky with a satisfied smirk on his face. Harry knew that his friend was all too happy Hermione was too busy to tell him off for not doing his homework.

"Hey, how's the homework going?" He asked as he neared, watching as Ron's face faltered, expecting an outburst from Hermione.

The girl only replied sweetly though, "Oh mines going fine, Harry. I'm almost done." And then finally she turned her eyes up to Ron and gave him a disappointed look, "But someone hasn't been doing much at all."

Harry laughed at Ron's hurt expression as he took a seat beside them. He didnt really feel much like doing homework either. It was far too nice out for that.

As Hermione stuck her nose back in her book and Ron slumped back down to watch the clouds, Harry felt his gaze wander across the grounds. There were lots of students here. Some of them were doing work and others were running around or sitting with their feet in the lake. It really was a beautiful day.

A loud pop sounded through the air and all three turned their attention to the middle of the grass. Much to everyone's amazement, there in the grass stood a woman who had not been there moments before. Her long blonde hair shone in the sunlight but her white shirt was covered in blood and dirt, her entire body was covered in marks and gashes. The laughter of the students died instantly, gasps and whispers filling the area instead.

"No way."

"How did she do that?"

"You can't apparate into Hogwarts."

Harry was transfixed upon her form, she looked so familiar... And yet he was sure that he had never once met her before. The woman looked out over the lake, her lips turning up ever so slightly into a smile, before her legs gave way underneath her and her body fell to the ground in a heap. No one dared to move.

The doors to the school opened so suddenly that Harry jumped backwards. Professor Dumbledore rushed into the area, his strides quickly taking him to the woman's side. He knelt beside her in the grass blocking the student's views, all the while muttering under his breath. Harry noted that he didn't seem all that surprised or worried at the newcomers sudden appearance.

Professor Mcgonagal appeared at his side just as quickly and the two spoke slowly and carefully before a stretcher appeared magically from thin air and the woman was lifted onto it. The stretcher followed Dumbledore back into the school and the doors closed behind them with a loud, echoing bang.

"Nothing to see here," Professor Mcgonagal said with a strict tone in her voice, "Get back to your work." With that she shuffled away and the students were left to chatter among themselves about the sudden appearance of the strange woman.