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Chapter 19: The End?

The light of the moon shone down over the small wooded area, casting moving shadows across the ground as a lone cloaked figure walked through the trees.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of walking, he reached his destination. In the middle of the trees stood a small brick house, abandoned years ago by its owners.

The door was already half open, its hinges rotten and covered in cobwebs. The man stepped inside without hesitation, walking through the dark rooms until he was stopped by another figure, hidden in the shadows.

The man let down his hood and pulled away his cloak, revealing a perfectly smooth grey pinstriped suit, shinning black shoes and a navy tie.

"The decision?" The figure in the shadows asked, his voice low.

The man fiddled with his cuff links in a nervous gesture while he spoke. "Black was freed."

"And Wormtail?"

He shook his head in reply, "Taken to Azkaban."

The dark figure laughed quietly, a maniacal laugh that brought a shiver running down the spine of his guest. "Wormtail was a traitor, he deserves his fate... But no matter, we don't need him for our plan to work."

"Then you mean to continue with it?"

"Yes." He could almost hear the grin on the other man's face even if he couldn't see it. "I will not fail. Lord Voldemort will rise again and it shall be by my hand."

The man slowly stepped out from the shadows and into the path of the light from the window. His wand arm rose upwards, showing the snake-like tattoo that was branded onto his arm.

He was grinning like a cat as he pointed his wand at his guest. "I'm sorry, Ray. I truly am... But you're more use to me dead than alive." A shout filled the room, followed by a green flash of light... And the man in the pinstriped suit crumpled to the ground.

"It is time, Master. Let's show them what true darkness is."