Howdy, this is my first story. I already have all the chapters written out because I've seen a lot of promising stories that get started and then just die. I know I find it disappointing when that happens so I wanted to make sure everything was written out before hand. If I see some promising enough advice I'll go ahead and change it though so don't let the fact that it is in fact completed prevent you from reviewing.

The first chapter is based on the standard "after Tiga beats up Ryu" part of the game which is pretty much how ever RyuKatt fic starts. Well its cliche for a reason; its the only real in game event where Capcom hints that there may be something between Ryu and Katt. So I guess people have decided to grab on and milk it for all its worth.

Katt sat alone by the fire, watching the flames climb into the sky. Despite the warmth and light they gave out, the night still seemed cold and dark. The patterns in the flames burned into her mind almost masked the memories of what had happened that day. Almost.

Her thoughts jumped back to the fight. The man she had traveled halfway across the world with, the man with whom she had defeated demons, the only man to have beaten her in a fight. And he had lost, to a sack of fur whose head was so empty it made a hollow sound when hit.

Katt felt sorry for that one. She knew Tiga was a good guy, even if his head wasn't screwed on completely straight. She just didn't think what he felt for her was love.

Katt heard heavy footsteps padding towards her. She kept her eyes glued to the fire until her vision was obscured by a pair of furry legs. Her eyes rose to find Tiga looking down at her.

"What's a girl as pretty as you doing sad on a night like this?"

Katt looked back down. She didn't want to offend Tiga, knowing that they would need him and his men to attack the church tomorrow.

"I'm thinking about tomorrow," she lied.

"Don't worry, I'll be there to protect you," he said, puffing out his chest a little. He looked down, hoping she would be taken by his display of alpha male valor, but her gaze had returned to the fire.

"Thanks, Tiga..." her voice trailed off as her mind was clearly on other things.

Sensing his moment was slipping away, Tiga kneeled down next to Katt and took her hand.

"Tiga..." Katt began nervously. He closed his eyes, leaning in towards her...

Rage took over Katt. The next thing she knew, she was panting heavily with clawed hand outstretched, and Tiga was on the ground with a paw to his face.

Tiga rose shakily to his feet. For a moment Katt was frightened but it didn't look like he was angry with her. "Um...I think I'm going to go to bed now."

"Wait Tiga," She said rising to her feet, "I didn't mean to hit you! I'm...sorry," but Tiga had already walked out of earshot as the last two words spilled quietly from her mouth. Dejected she sat down again. Despite the warmth and light the fire gave out, the night felt cold and dark. But maybe that was just the fire dying.

Great, now he's gonna hate me, and refuse to help us attack St. Eva's church. I've made a mess of things again. Why did Ryu have to lose that stupid fight.

She heard footsteps coming towards her again. She stood, still looking down, intending to try to make amends.

"Look Tiga..." She began.

"Tiga?" A different voice responded.

Katt turned around surprised, and saw a flash of blue in the firelight. As the figure walked towards the fire, it materialized into Ryu. Katt sighed and sat back down. Ryu sat down beside her looking into the fire.

"I woke up and saw you were missing. I thought I'd find you out here, you've been through a lot today."

Katt didn't respond, keeping her gaze intent on the flickering tongues.

Perturbed by her silence, Ryu stumbled on, "Do you...ah...wanna talk about it." He turned to Katt but her gaze still hadn't left the fire.

Ask him how he could have lost that fight! And with so much on the line. He was always there for me before, what happened to the Ryu from the coliseum?

Instead, without taking her eyes off the flames, she said, "Ryu, can you tell me a story."

Ryu smiled. "Once there was a boy who was looking for a girl. That girl could solve a problem that he had. So he left his home and traveled across the continent searching for this girl. When he came across a city that he thought housed this girl he decided to explore it. Hearing that there was a new contestant in the local coliseum, he decided to check it out in the hope that the contestant would be the girl he was looking for. Alas, it was not to be. However, in the coliseum he met a completely different girl. She was annoying at first..." Ryu felt a furry hand bop him on the head, but he continued relentlessly, "But soon they grew to be friends. Together they traveled the world in search of the girl whom they needed to find."

He paused to look down at his friend. Katt was curled up on the log with her head resting on his lap. Ryu reached down with his hand and scratched her behind the ears. He could hear her purring softly, a sound he knew she would never let anyone else get caught dead hearing.

Katt shook off his hand and sat up, "Ryu, I don't want to marry Tiga."

His gaze returned to the flames as he said, "I know. I did what I did for a reason. But I won't let him take you. You mean too much to me for me to let that happen."

"I hit him. What if he doesn't help us because he's angry with me."

"Tiga is...a good guy at heart. I don't think he'll let this issue get between our feud with St. Eva."

Katt looked back to the fire, satisfied with his answer. She leaned her head against his shoulder.

It's still the same Ryu underneath everything that has happened.

"You're still looking out for me." The last part slipped out without her meaning it to.

"Always," Ryu said as he ruffled her raid hair.

The fire illuminated the two in a bright golden light, and to Katt, the night didn't seem so cold or dark anymore.