A/N: First fanfic about Revenge. It's more about their thoughts, so it may feel a bit of OOC but I hope not. I do ship Daniel/Emily so this will be most about them.

It was almost summer again and things had changed so much from what they were a year ago. She knew that she probably was the one to be blamed for most of the things that happened on the past year. But things only seemed to have really changed on the past few months. So much had happened: discovering that her mom was alive, Victoria's plane blowing up and her not confirmed death, Charlotte's overdosing…

She really didn't know where to start to look for her mom, she had made her research but didn't have any luck with that, so she just got some people of NolCorp into that; Victoria turned out to be alive and Charlotte's situation had gotten handled, she was in rehab right now.

But with the approaching of summer, he was back. He was finally back. Daniel had gone to the city a week after they broke up and especially after all that happened on his family that day, he had no motives to stay at the Hamptons.

She had gone a few times to the City on the past months. She always made some excuses about the reason she needed to go there. But it was just to check up on him. She hated to admit even for herself but she cared about him and wanted to be sure that he was fine. She felt bad for Daniel, for the way things ended between them and for everything that happened later that night. It was a long night for all of them that led to special long days for the Graysons.

She had a lot to think during these months. Especially about her feelings. When she believed that there were no more doubts on her head, everything turned into a mess again. Now she missed Daniel and the excuse of him "turning into a Grayson" sounded, more than ever, all it was: an excuse. She tried to convince herself of this, just liked she spent her whole life convinced that she was meant to be with Jack, that she loved him.

But did she? This thought is what made her sane all the years that she spent planning her Revenge, because it was everything that she could take for granted about her future, everything else was uncertain. She had never had the experience of something other than what she idealized of Jack. Until Daniel.

He was nothing like she expected him to be. He was supposed to be the easier part of her plan but she couldn't be more wrong. When she realized, it was too late. She cared about him and their relationship. But she didn't want to. It was not what she had planned, and it was making everything harder for her. So when he chose to side with his dad, she was convinced that things would be like they supposed to be from the start.

Again, she was wrong. Daniel never changed with her; he always was the sweet boy that didn't make a big deal of a stain on his jacket. Even when she pushed him into an argument he would try to turn things to their good place again. She didn't even bother to talk to him after the interview - and they used to talk about everything -, because she was afraid. If she asked why he was acting that way about his family and he gave her a good reason she would probably buy it, because he must have some good reason for change like this. But if she heard it from his mouth everything would be lost again. And she hated the feeling of not being in control of everything that surrounds her.

Except that now she was in a lost place again, and was missing having him by her side. It would be easier if she had his smile every morning over breakfast. She'd read some rumors that he and Ashley were having something but all the times that she went to the city he was alone so she had no idea of where they came from.

Now he was just down the beach and it made her more comfortable. She would pass in front of Grayson manor everyday on her morning runs and by the time of the sunset she'd sit on her porch swing with a cup of tea to often catch Daniel standing on his mother's observatory looking at her. It'd make her smile and sleep a bit better at night.

Nolan was always checking up on her, he would call at least three times a day and drop by sometimes. Some of his calls had the excuse of "updating her on the ongoing investigation about her mother" but she knew that if something came up from that, Nolan would show up at her porch as fast as he could. She was fine with that, if it wasn't for Nolan, she would have almost zero contact with people. So when the news that the Graysons had arrived town came to his ears, the first thing he did was call Emily.

"So, how's everything down the beach?" He asked on his curious tone.

"I don't really know." She was being honest, "I've only seen Daniel, but not a word was said. He keeps coming to the observatory to check up on here."

"Memorial Day is just around the block, Ems. You must get yourself ready to face everybody again."

He still was worried as to how she would handle herself when the summer got back, she was just like her infinity box: full of surprises.

"I'm actually looking forward to that. It's been so long, and I'm not sure where things are standing right now." She's actually smiling while she says that.

"I do notice your subtle excitement over that. Does it mean that we're back on business?"

He sounds excited as well, those months weren't easy. He was losing his hopes on doing something to cheer Emily up but she always had her own plans and thoughts that she wasn't interested on sharing.

"Yes, we are. "