On their way home, Emily had managed to make Nolan confess that the video wasn't the only information he had gotten about her mother. He had also her medical records, which she was willing to go through the night reading it. Nolan had also promised her that no one had seen them, that he only received the encrypted version of the archives and he was the responsible to decode them. She thanked for his help after asking him to have her moved to a Hamptons' clinic. He assured her that he would do his best but asked her to be careful because – as obvious as it seemed – he was sure that there was more behind her mother's story than just the fact that she spent part of these years on recovery clinics. His condition to leave the house was that she promised him that she wouldn't do anything out of impulse.

"Not today." She smiled at him. Even if she liked being alone, she was truly glad about Nolan's concern. "You're the one who should be careful."

Now, she was wrecking her brain trying to remember what happened on each date of the entries from before she was told that her mother was long gone. She could remember her mother being rushed to the hospital many times when she was little. All she understood out of it was the fact that her mom was sick, period. But she never actually understood how she was sick if she looked perfectly fine. Now, everything was clear. She would be constantly rushed due to control the dose of her anti-psychotics. This went on until she was finally put into a clinic. Emily searched for the papers that detailed what happened that day.

A long statement described how her mom was diagnosticated with schizophrenia but it was being aggravated by other kinds of mental disorders and a high tendency to have illusions and that was basically the reason why she was put into the clinic: a powerful illusion that triggered an anger attack. All of that happened while Emily was sleeping next to her when she was just 5 years old. Her mother had woken up in the middle of the night, not knowing where she was or even recognizing her own daughter and ended up trying to suffocate the child with a pillow. The minor was saved by the father, who interrupted the act.

Emily read the story looking for details that could connect her. Something, anything that could spark a memory; but everything was still a blur for her. All that she was sure about was that, after that day, her father came to tell her that her mother was dead. She was very ill, tried to take her medicines by her own, ended up taking more than she needed and died. An accident, was what he had told her.

She remembered being at her aunt Charlotte's house when her father came bringing such news. She had a hard time accepting it, but happened to come around after David gave her some pep talk. He told her how she would still be alive in her heart and that no one could ever take away from her.

After that, her mother was kept on clinics even after her father died. This made her stop and wonder. If, for her, Kara Wallace was dead, someone had to know that she wasn't. More than that, someone had to make sure that she wouldn't be a loose end on her father's trial. It was the moment where a scene played back on her mind: Her mother claiming that "Victoria Harper" had promised to take care of Amanda. The woman obviously made a meaningless promise, but it shinned a light for Emily. Things were getting clear now.

If when she saw the surveillance video from Grayson Global where Victoria, Conrad and the White Haired Man talked about Emily's mom none of that made sense, now it was becoming clearer. If there was anyone with the power and the meanings to be keeping Kara locked away under no one's suspicion, it was the Initiative. And, for them, it never was interesting having Victoria dead. She held many of the loose ends in all of that mess, with her gone, the liability factor for them would certainly increase. But it doesn't mean that it wouldn't be interesting to make her look dead, all under their control. It was hinted for her more than once when she was digging for information but she had conventionally – for her own sanity – let it all go.

Once she realized such thing, she threw the files across the room. If, at first, she was decided to be ruthless on her path for revenge, lately, she was leaving things aside more often than not. She wasn't as focused as she once was anymore. She had created her own distractions and kept on pretending that they were important just because she was trying to avoid facing the truth.

Her breakdown was interrupted by a noise that came from her porch that put her in alert. She reached for the drawer that kept her gun and left it on easy reach while she tried to look beyond the windows to see what was going on outside. She scooped the surroundings of her house until she spotted a figure sitting on the stairs that led to the beach. Due to the darkness, she couldn't recognize who it was, what made her to, carefully, get closer to the door that connected the house with the porch. Once the figure became clearer Emily let out a breath of relief. Even so, she was worried about the reason that brought the person to her house so late at night.

"Charlotte." She called as she put a coat on while going her way. "What's going on?"

"Emily…" The girl turned to her looking scared. "I must've woken you up. I'm sorry it's just that… It was the only place that I could come right now and…"

"It's ok. You didn't wake me. I do have some sleeping issues of my own." She sat beside her. "But, why are you here? It's late."

"Daniel and I got into an argument." She said with a tired voice. "I couldn't stay home."

"Why?" Emily absentmindedly said. "You guys were in such a good spirit earlier."

Emily watched as Charlotte hesitated and buried her face on her hands. "It's fine." Emily brushed her hand against Charlotte's back.

"My mom is alive." Charlotte finally said with her voice muffled by her hands.

"I know." Emily said supportively. "Daniel ended up here after he got to know. He could barely form a phrase."

"That's not the thing." Charlotte raised her head. "Actually, it kind of is. He's mostly upset because I knew it for a longer time, since I got into rehab."

"You have to understand his side." She grinned a bit. "He's just worried with you. He feels like, right now, he's responsible for you but he might have some problems with dealing with it under this kind of pressure."

"He's scared." Charlotte added.

"Probably. Who wouldn't be?" Emily wondered. "He never had to deal with this kind of responsibility."

"It's not that." The scared look was back on Charlotte's face. "He's scared because he was blindsided. Mom's coming back and he couldn't anticipate it."

"What?" Now, Emily was blindsided too. "Victoria is coming back? When?"

"I don't know." The girl stared at the horizon. "Rather sooner than later, I guess."

Emily didn't know what to do. At the same time that she despised Victoria more than ever, she couldn't help but truly caring for her children. They were far from guilty about everything that happened but, at that moment, they are the ones suffering the most from the outcome of the events that took place earlier that year. They were put on a crossfire that didn't belong to them but, eventually, they would get shot.

"It's just… disappointing." Charlotte's voice was weak.

"But it's exactly on those moments where you and Daniel need to stick together." Emily gave her a comforting smile. "He's your brother. There's no need to put those things between the two of you."

Charlotte looked down to her feet taking in everything that was happening. She knew that the responsibility over Daniel was bigger now and things – that had already changed – were only destined to take another spin with the return of their mother, especially after he was finally getting a grip on his life again.

"It's late." Emily was getting tired and could see how exhausted Charlotte looked. "You should go home. Tomorrow you and Daniel can talk it off and put on a clean slate."

"You're right." The girl got up with Emily and hugged her before stepping down the stairs. "Thank you."

After Charlotte went away, Emily couldn't even remember how she had gotten upstairs to her bed. But, if there was one thing that she remembered vividly, was her nightmare. Victoria was back and knew everything. She had taken everyone away from her once again: Amanda, Jack, Nolan, Charlotte and Daniel. They all were going after her like if they were on the Inquisition and she was being held for witchcraft. After they finally got ahold of her, Victoria approached her laughing and disclaiming how naïve she could be thinking that all of her plans were ever working against her.

"All that you have ever gotten in your life is because you deserved it." The woman said harshly while Emily couldn't move or speak. "And your father? I loved him. I really did. But he was weak enough to not stand by himself when he claimed to know as much as he did on those journals and if he never sought for redemption then, is because he simply accepted what came for him. So why can't you let it go, Amanda? Now you're destined to an even more tragic destiny than his."

The only thing that interrupted Victoria's speech was the annoying sound of her phone vibrating on the desk next to her bed. It wasn't the first time that the woman visited her in her sleep and she would always wake up tense from it. The influence that she had on her was intense even on her imagination.

She forced her sleepy eyes to read the caller id. Blocked number. She hesitated before answering.

"Yes?" She tried her best to shake the sleepiness off her body.

"Oh, little Amanda, you should've known. I warned you." Said the voice that, on the past months, became more familiar to her. "I think you understand that we're not pleased at all with your little sneaking around your mother's subjects – even though, I knew that you were soon getting to it. But, we've decided that we're fine with your idea of having her moved to the Hamptons."

"Gordon Murphy. That's you." She had seen the name multiple times on her mother's records but only now she realized who the face that matched the name was.

"Don't bother with formalities." He said ironically. "Though, I'm sure that you understand how you might have turned a few wrong rocks on this path of yours. Those rocks might have released some enemies that you were considering gone by now."

"Victoria." She didn't sound as surprised as she thought she was. "You obviously had her all this time."

"Someone has to keep an eye on Kara." He ignored her conclusion. "After all, who knows what she's capable of, right?"

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