The music blared, the hard and continuous beats rang through Arnold's ear drums. He hated this. He was downtown, with all the hipstirs. Where they go to find love and dance the night away. It was crowded, but fortunatly he was a VIP member. He happened to be with someone, a group of someones. They were out celebrating. It was Helga's birthday. She was twenty-one.

Arnold has been sitting on a couch, on a balconey that was guarded by a bouncer. He made sure everyone had a VIP badge before you could enter. On his right was a man he didn't reconize, and on his right was Rhonda chatting with a male dance. Arnold knew she may had too much to drink. They had a good vision of what was going on on the dance floor. He could see Gerald and Pheobe. Gerald and him had stayed good friends throughout highschool, but know that they were off to college, it was a different story. Arnold was going into pre-med while Gerald had gotten a football scholarship at a big football school. For the first time ever, they wouldn't be seeing each other in the hallways. Pheobe had grown out her hair and it whisped around her body as she moved. Pheobe could've gone to Yale or Harvard or Princeton, but she was in love. She was going to follow Gerald. They were going to move in together, get an apartment. They were going places and doing things.

Arnold looked down at his drink, which had taken him a while to get. It seemed the bartendar only served the ladies. Arnold wasn't sure where he was going. He was moving to the other side of the country, to California, where he knew no one. He wasn't sure what layed ahead.

Someone had bumped into his right, which had startled him. Red hair covered his shoulder and went into his line of sight. Tiny soft arms wrapped around him into a hug. "Arnold!"

He looked over to find a tispy Lila. "Hey!" She yelled over the music.

Her face inches from his, her breath smelled of vodka. "Are you having fun?" Arnold yelled back.

She nodded. "You should come dance!" Gently pulling his arm.

He shook his head. "I'm not much of dancer!" He tried pulling his arm away.

"I remember the April Fools Dance! I remember you dancing the Tango! You lie!" Lila giggled.

He thought back to what she was saying. That was they day Helga pretended she was blind so she could guilt trick him into being her slave. It worked, but he found out her plans. Arnold smiled to himself. She even played mind games back then, except now they have become more complicated.

"Come on! Come on!" Lila pulled and pulled, then Arnold gave in. They both took the stairs down into the mass of people. There was pushing and shoving. Lila had seen Sheena, they both exchanged a high voiced conversation, then Lila left Arnold in the midst of the chaos.

He rolled his eyes. Great. he thought. He made his way to the bar, luckly it was a woman bartender so he didn't wait long.

"What can I get for you?" She yelled across the bar.

"Gin martini!" He yelled back.

She ran off to make his drink, Arnold then leaned against the bar looking out onto the crowd. There, he saw her, Helga.

Throughout highschool, she grew up. She matured like every lady had, but she caught his eye like no other lady had. Her breast became into a C cup, her waist slender following into the perfect apple shaped butt. Her blonde hair had always been long but she no longer sported the pig tails. Middleschool she had upgraded to the ponytail, but highschool, she did a side part that covered up her left eye. It was mysterious. It captivated Arnold. Helga was always mysterious, she always had her secrets, but now he wanted to know them. He wanted her to whisper them to him, in close quaters.

She had brought a date. Which was okay. Arnold never told Helga of his on going crush that seemed to get stronger and stronger. But he hated watching her with him. Daniel was his name. She called him Danny and would giggle like his name was the funniest thing in the world. Gerald had said if he did nothing, that sooner or later a girl like Helga would be snatched up. He was right. Soon after graduation, she began seeing Daniel. He was a reporter, like what she wanted to be. What she was going to school to be. She was also going places. And she was leaving Arnold behind.

"Here sweetie!"

Arnold had turned around and taken his martini. He sipped it as he watched her dance. It was the sexiest thing ever. She had worn a black mini dress that hugged he hips so tight and plunged so low, Arnold couldn't take it. He wanted to rip that dress off of her. But Danny would be doing that later. They way she was grinding on him and they way he had his hands on her, there would be no way he could not. It made Arnold furious. He had been friendzoned now, and there seemed to be no way out of this

He had finished his drink and soon had gotten bored. The club they had gone to was on the bottom floor of a hotel that Helga had rented rooms for people to stay in. Arnold soon found himself making it up to his room.

To the shindig, Arnold had worn nice black pants with a dark blue button down with a grey blazer. He threw his blazer over his shoulder as he figdeted with his pocket trying to find his hotel key. Seconds later he was in his private room. He had a few martinis down stairs and was still in the drinking mood. He raided his mini bar, also stocked with gin. He made himself and cocktail and relaxed to watch T.V.


Helga's feet were killing her. Her toes felt like they were going to fall off. She needed flats and knew they were upstaris. She looked around and loved she was surrounded by her friends. She had started her night off with Daniel, who she despised but who also had a large cock. A cock that she couldn't say no to. But he had aggravated her, and was now dancing with Pheobe, Rhonda, and Lila. The music made Helga numb. The alcohol made Helga giggly. Her birthday made Helga do whatever the fuck she wanted. And she knew what she wanted. She wanted to be dancing with Arnold. She wanted to be grinding on him, she wanted his hands on her ass, and she wanted his hot breath on her neck.

But right now, she really wanted flats. She looked around in hopes to see Daniel, maybe make him go get them, but he was touching another girls hips in the corner. Helga rolled her eyes. Typical Danny. She made her way through the crowd and found the exit. In front of the elevators, she escaped the mass and was finally able to take off her shoes. She held them by the straps and walked barefoot into the elevator. She had almost stumbled trying to find her floor's button. She laughed aloud. "I'm so drunk!" She exclaimed as the doors were closing.

As soon as she got to her floor, she stumbled out and forgot you need a key to get in. Daniel has our key! Fuck! She pounded on her door stupidly as if someone was inside to open. "Let me in! I need shooooeeess!" She screamed sliding to the floor.

She was irrated to the point where she threw she shoes and they hit the door across from her. She winched when she heard the bang, hopeing no one heard her. But the door opened anyway,

"Helga? What are you doing on the floor?"

Helga was confused. She saw Arnold. Heard Arnold. But this wasn't Arnold, Arnold was downstairs. The Arnold she was looking at had his shirt halfway unbuttoned, his hair messy and cheeks flushed. He was sexy. She had a sudden urge to lick him but repressed it.

Helga laughed. "You're not Arnold!" She pointed at him from her spot from the floor.

Arnold laughed stumbling towards her. For the last hour he had been making cocktail after cocktail, just watching TV. Someone had told him once it wasn't good to drink by yourself. They were right. He was feeling more drunk than ever.

"But I am Arnold. And you're...on the floor. Why are you on the floor Helga?" HE asked a second time.

"I need shoes Football Head."

He looked at the heels she had thrown at his door. "Aren't they it?"

"Not those!" She said "I need shoes!' She threw her body back, now she was laying completely on the floor. Arnold stood above her and noticed her dress had rode up. The bottom of her red pantied had shown and it made Arnold blush.

"Well, if you want we can try and find you some shoes in my room." Arnold blurted out. What was he saying? He knew he didn't have a single pair of ladies shoes in his room. But he wanted her to himself. And the alcohol gave him balls. He really wanted to see how far it would go.

He helped her off the floor and she stood there kind of wobbling at first. "Okie dokie Arnold-O. Whatever floats your boat." She said kicking her shoes into his room.

Arnold locked the door behind her. Oh god Arnold, what are you doing? She drunk and has a boyfriend!

Arnold ignore his thoughts to turn around to find Helga on his bed flipping through channels. She was sitting on her knees, her blonde hair curlying around her frame. She was beautiful. Who knew this was the gril who he despised in elementary school. The girl who spat spitballs at him, the girl who put chocolate pudding in his seat before he sat down, and the same girl who squirted wated from the water fountain just before he was about to take a drink.

He wanted to sit down with her and played with her hair, but he went over to his bar and made himself another.

Helga leaned back on her hands, gently spreading her legs apart and arching her back. She knew what she was doing. She was going to seduce Arnold. "Hey Arnold-"

He turned around to find her in her pose. He couldn't take his eyes away from that body. Instead, he started to pound the drink he had just made.

"What are you drinking?" Helga finished.

Arnold took a breath. "Uh, gin. I'm-I'm drinking gin."

Helga took her right hand and slowly caressed her thigh, bringing it slowly up her leg. "Why don't you sit down with me and share. It is my birthday after all." She smiled coyly at him.

Arnold's eyes were glued to her hand, watching her slowly run her hand up and down her leg. He was gone. This was it. Arnold knew he had to have her. He sat down on the bed with her and had scooted real close.

Helga turned herself, still sitting on her knees, toward Arnold. She gave him a view of her panties as she held her legs slightly opened. Arnold immediatly noticed and began to finish the rest of his drink, even though she said to share. Helga took her hand and began to unbutton the rest of his shirt to reveal his bare chest. It made Helga shudder. As she began to slowly take off his shirt, he stopped her. He couldn't believe himself, but he stopped her

"Helga, we shouldn't be doing this. You have a boyfriend." Arnold said lightly grabbing her arms.

Helga frowned. "Daniel is not my boyfriend. He's just a guy, a guy who is chatting up some girl downstairs right now."

Arnold suddenly became relieved. She wasn't dating him. She was single and free to be all his for just this night. His hands slowly moved from her arms to her thighs. Her skin was so smooth, nothing could ever feel this smooth. He leaned foward and kissed her lips. She moaned immediatly after, her hands returning to what they were doing before, taking off his shirt. Arnold pulled her closer, so close she was practically on his chest. He ran his finger through her hair and pulled her in for a more aggressive kiss. Helga moaned, taking her chance to explore his mouth.

Arnold grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it over her head. He broke free from the kiss just to look at her body. She had a strapless black bra on with red laced panties. She was breathtaking. Helga blushed. "Are you just gonna stare at me like a creep?"

Arnold blushed. "Sorry Helga." He whispered. He began kissing her neck trailing down to her bra. He put his hand over the cup and began massaging her through the bra. Helga whispered Arnold names as he slowly unclasped it in the back. The bra lost its shape and fell to the bed. He breats were perfect, two perfect milky white mounds that had two hard beige nipples. He brought his mouth down on one of them and began sucking. Helga through her head back and moaned. Arnold rotated nipples with his mouth, massaging the one has wasn't sucking on.

Suddenly Helga had told Arnold to stop, he stopped, thinking he for sure did something wrong, but instead she brought her hand to his crotch and undid his zipper and button. She managed to get through his boxers and pull out his member. He was so hard, it made Helga throb. She wanted to taste him so bad. She licked the top of his head, circling around with her tongue.. Then she took the whole thing in, bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could. This drove Arnold wild. He wanted more. He wanted to take her and ravage her all night.

"Arnold, you taste so good." Helga took a breath, but then returned to what she was doing.

Her words made Arnold even harder. "Oh god, Helga. You're so sexy." Arnold moaned.

More than anything, he wanted her to keep going, but he wanted to feel her. Arnold grabbed her and flipped her on her back. She gasped in surprise as he hovered over her, looking down. "You're being so violent." She smiled seductivly at him.

Arnold smiled back, taking his hand and slowly making it up to her panties. The lace felt so soft, but what was underneath was even softer. He rubbed where he already felt a wet spot. Helga moaned, her leg twitcing. He then, yanked off the panties, and began rubbing her clit.

"You're so wet." Arnold whispered in Helga's ear. This made Helga moan tho loudest she had so far. Arnold licked the base of Helga's neck. She tasted so sweet.

Arnold now dared to enter his finger inside her, she was so warm and so wet from her juices. At first he moved his finger in and out of her slowly, which she reacted well to. But as he started to move his fingers faster, her hips started to move faster. Her moans had gotten louder and she was getting wetter.

"Fuck me, Arnold." Helga moaned.

What? Arnold looked up at her her, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip. "Please, Arnold." She begged.

She was begging for him. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. And he wasn't about to decline her. He pulled the rest of his pants and boxers down and kneeled over her. He rubbed the tip up and down her clit, her hips following the motion. Then, he inserted only the tip, only to bring it right back out. This only caused Helga to beg more. He loved how she pleaded and begged when he teased her.

"I want you so bad!" She garbbed his arm, using her nails, she scratched him slightly. But he felt no pain. He thursted into her, no longer being able to tease her.

She moaned loudly, arching her back, trying to keep the rythm up with Arnold. He thursted in and out of her soft pussy, moving her legs to try and find the best postion for both of them.

"Arnold..Arnold...right there.." Helga moaned, shaking her head back and forth. "Arnold...I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna-" She was stopped with a sudden climax. She felt all her juices drian out in a pulsating fashion. She clentch Arnold's biceps, digging her nails into his skin. She screamed Arnold's named for a few seconds, then her body became limp.

Arnold was glad he was able to outlast her, and now wanted to relieve himself. He said Helga's name one last time and did one final thrust, unleashing his load inside of her. He hovered over Helga, his arms the only thing keeping him up. He leaned down and kissed her.

"That was good." He told her, finally laying on top of her.

"Yeah." She agreed. "Happy birthday to me."