Helga quickly put on her clothes. What was she going to do? He was at the door, Daniel, knew what she was doing. This made her nervous because she knew what he was cappable of. Was she going to open the door? She looked over to Arnold, who gave her a 'oh shit, we're fucked' look. There was the window, they could climb down. They were a couple stories up, would they make it?

Pound pound at the door. "Helga! Open this fucking door!"

She ran over to the door. "Don't you think I knew that YOU were doing?" She screamed back. "Ever since we got here, you've been looking for someone to fuck!"

Arnold stood a few feet behind her, his heart poumding. She was so angry, even though Arnold knew she had been the one cheating. He hadn't put two and two together with Daniel and Lila.

"Helga, maybe you should go out there and talk to him. I mean, we've been caught." Arnold rubbed the back of his head.

Helga continued to scream, as if Arnold never said a word. "I know you and Lila went off to fuck while we were down at the bar!"

"Lila...?" Arnold whispered to himself. Maybe this was her reason Arnold couldn't figure out. The reason why she was cheating.

The all of a sudden, she threw the door open and stormed out. She faced him, all 5'11. Then she felt him, his hot burning hand across her face. It was so quick and powerful, it sent her straight to her knees. Her eyes watered, as she looked up at him with hate in her eyes. Arnold, still in his hotel room, heard the slap. Immediately his adrenaline started pumping.

"You fucking whore.." Daniel said, looming above her.

Arnold ran out of his room, saw Helga on the ground. Daniel above her, looking like her was about to kick her. He turned towards the blonde man that had now entered. Daniel chuckled, as if he was now having fun. He cracked his knuckles.

"Leave her alone." Arnold said sternly. His hand were at his sides, his fists like tightly woven balls. He was shaking with anger or fear, he wasn't sure.

"What are you gonna do?" Daniel asked, clearly not afraid of Arnold.

Arnold, although not scrawny at a lean 5'10, was not as musclar as Daniel at 5'11. Daniel walked over to Arnold and threw a fist at him. He was fast. Arnold tried to block it, but he cut his lips. This sent Arnold stumbling back, but quickly regained himself.

"Arnold!" Helga screamed from the floor. She got up and began to push Daniel. She kicked him in the balls which sent him to the floor, clutching his crotch.

This gave Arnold a chance. He rushed over and punched him right in the face. Arnold had never punched a man before. His hand felt like it broke. Daniel fell back, not knocked out though.

"U-Uh..." Daniel groaned from the floor, holding his face.

All the commotion sent thier company out from thier rooms. Helga and Arnold had noticed that Rhonda, Pheobe, and Gerald had all come out of the same room. And Lila was no where to be found.

"What the fuck?" Gerald questioned from his door way, noticing Daniel on the floor.

Daniel got to his feet, mad as ever now. He saw the crowd that was forming and was getting embarrassed due to his ass getting kicked. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" He ran at Arnold as if he was going to choke him.

Arnold stood his ground. He blocked Daniel's hands at first, then tried to throw a punch. While missing, this gave Daniel a second chance at Arnold's throat. He grabbed his hands tightly around Arnold's throat. Arnold's hands tightly around Daniel's arms trying to free his grip while groaning. Was he going to die?

Arnold could hear Helga screaming to let him go. Gerald ran up behind Daniel, trying to clip him in the back a few times. Daniel threw his elbow back, knocking Gerald right in the face sneding him to the floor with a bloody nose. Rhonda shreeked in terror.

"Helga!" Pheobe yelled. Helga's attention flew to Pheobe. Pheobe threw something at her, which she caught. Helga looked down at her hands. It was a bottle of Henessey, which she knew to be Geralds. With one hard swing, the smashed the bottle on Daniel's head. Alcohol and glass went everywhere. Daniel went to the ground, knocked out. Arnold fell to his knees, he was coughing and gasping for air. Helga fell to her knees with him.

"Arnold..." There was tears in her eyes as he looked up at them. What a beautiful face she had. Red on one side, he frowned.

"Are you okay?" He asked touching her face where she had been slapped.

"Am I okay?" She exclaimed. "You're the one who almost got choked out while saving me! Are you okay! That was so stupid, Arnold! You could've gotten hurt, or worse! You could've lost an arm or something!"

Arnold stared at her as she was ranting. He was so glad she was safe.

"Geez Arnold! How about we think with our brain cells next time! What would I have done if something-"

He cut her off with a kiss. She's so cute when she gets worked up like that. Arnold broke away, leaving Helga speechless.

"Thanks for smashing his head with that bottle." Arnold thanked her.

Helga, now coming down from all the excitment from before, shrugged. "No problem, Football Head."

*The Next Morning*

Arnold began packing his things for his trip back home. He looked over to his bed. There, layed a still sleeping Helga. The hotel had caught was had happened, sending Daniel over to the police with charges of assault. The hotel had told Helga her party had to leave the next day, which didn't bother Helga. Today was the last day anyway, it was all she paid for, so she wasn't losing out.

Last night, she had told Arnold she was scarred, she didn't want to sleep alone. This didn;t bother Arnold at all, he wanted to be close to her.

All these new feelings surprised Arnold. He stayed up for most of the night watching her sleep. Watching her breathing patterns. He wondered how he never really noticed how amazing she truely was. He caressed her hair which made her stir.

"Helga..." He whispered to her. She did not wake.

The next morning, they were to leave. Arnold had no idea when he was to see her again. This made him ache. He knew he wanted Helga to be with him. There in that bed, last night, Helga was no one's else's but his. For the first time. And he knew he wanted to keep it that way. He knew he had fallen.

"I love you..." He whispered again before falling asleep.

Standing over her the next morning, she looked just a beautiful as she did last night. Helga began to stir and found Arnold staring at her.

He blushed from being caught looking and looked away.

"You creep." She threw a pillow at him playfully.

He laughed looking down at the floor at his packed things. His laugh went away. "We've got about an hour."

Helga frowned. "Well, then, I better go get my things together in the other room." He got out the bed. She was only wearing a tank and her underwear. Arnold stared at her body as she walked across the floor to get her sweatpants she had put on last night.

"Helga..." He called to her, stoppping her in her tracks.


"When do you leave today?" He asked her, still staring at her bottomless body.

"In about three hours. I have to catch a train. Its only an hour trip back home." She smiled at him, althought he didn't know it was a fake smile.

"Oh." He said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

He walked over to him and stood infront of him. She didn't say anything, He brought his hand up to her thigh, with was at eye's lenght. He caressed her skin softly, which made her shudder. He took both of his hand and grabbed her waist to pull her near. He kissed just above her striped panties, then layed his head on her stomach. She ran her fingers threw his hair and it gave his goosebumps. She leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"I had a great time with you, Arnold." Helga whispered to him. She then left his side, put on her pants, and then left the room to go pack her things.

Arnold suddenly felt very cold and alone sitting on that bed.

*Two hours later*

Arnold and Gerlad sat at a coffee place a few blocks away from the hotel they just stayed at. Just an hour before they had said goodbye to Pheobe, Rhonda, and Helga. Arnold had said goodbye to Helga.

They stood in the hotel lobby, Rhonda already left, abd Pheobe and Gerald doing thier hugs outside. Helga had her pink suitcase in her hand with a matching pink duffle in the other.

"So...I guess this is it." Helga said uncomfertably.

"Yeah, I guess so." Arnold said sadly.

"I'll see you around, Arnoldo." She said weakly, then turned around to walk outside.

Her cab was here.

Arnold followed her. He watched her give hugs to Gerald then a longer one to Pheobe. Then she turned to Arnold. She waved to him as she got into her cab. He kept eye contact with her, as did she as she drove away. Arnold wanted to feel her one more time.

His mind came back to reality, back to the coffee he and Gerald were having. He was talking about how his baseball team was doing, which Arnold usually gets in on, but the couldn't. His mind was else where. His mind was still with Helga. He thought about how she dance on the dance floo the first night, her body in the bikini on the second day, and how she slept thier last night together. His hand trailed up to his face, he even got his lip split open for her.

What was he doing?

He was in a coffee shop, having coffee with Gerald. As Helga waited for her train at the nearest train station. She was going to get on to go back to her reality.

What was he doing?

He was letting her get away. He loved her. He wanted to spend the rest of his days with her, and what was he doing?

Arnold stood up, making the coffee spill towards Gerald's way.

"Hey man, what was that for?" Gerald asked as he psrang up from his seat to make sure no more coffee spilt on him.

"What are we doing, Gerald?" Arnold exclaimed, catching the eye of some people in the cafe.

"Well, I thought we were having coffee until you just spilt it all on me."

"No!" Arnold grabbed Gerald's shoulders. "The love of our lives are getting away, and here was are just sitting down and having coffee and talking about sports like we do everyday!"

"Correction, were having coffee, and dude, what are you talking about?"

"Pheobe and Helga!" Arnold yelled. "We have to go before it too late!"

Arnold ra

n out of the coffee house and tried hailing a cab. It was a little after noon, so this time of day, it was hard to hail a cab down. Gerald caught up to him.

"Arnold, man, I can always get Phoebe, but Helga's train leaves in thirty mins. With downtown traffic, you aren't going to make it."

Arnold looked at Gerald with determination. "Gerald, I have to. I love her and like you said, someone is going to get her before me." Arnold stood on the street corner, continuing to try and hail a cab down. Arnold was nearly jumping up and down like a mad man on the corner.

In all his efforts, one finaly came. Once Arnold told him he needed to go downtown, he speed saying he doesn't go downtown.

"Come on!" He yelled as the cabbie sped away.

"You love her?" Gerald asked.

"Yes!" Arnold yelled from the street corner. "I can't even believe myself, but I love Helga G. Pataki. And if I don't stop her now, I don't know when I'll get the chance again." Arnold looked at him with pleading eyes.

Gerald knew when the guy was in love, and Arnold was in love. Gerald sighed and pulled out his cell. "You owe me big for this pal." He began dialing a number and Arnold smiled.

He was going to be with Helga.

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