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Forgotten VIII

When Jennifer had opened the bathroom door to let Jensen out, she had expected one of many scenarios. Jensen could be sitting cross legged on the floor glaring at the door. He could be curled up in the bathtub asleep, which had happened before. Or he could be doing Jennifer's favorite action and climbed on top of the medicine cabinet and just preched there holding cough syrup to throw at people's heads.

But instead he was missing.

"That little shit," Jennifer whispered softly to herself.

Turning she stormed back down the stairs, her eyes narrowed. Entering the living room she crossed her arms over her chest and fixed Clay with her best disapproving look. Clay just raised an eyebrow at her and that made Jennifer even more pissed.

"Did you teach my brother how to climb through freakishly small spaces?" Jennifer demanded.

Clay just nodded at her, "Of course we did. Jensen's the most flexible one out of the team."

"I'll ask how you know that later," Jennifer muttered before sighing, "Jake climbed out of the bathroom window and escaped."

Cougar was up and moving while Aisha demanded, "Why would you put him in a room with a window?"

"Well I didn't know he could squeeze through that window now did I?" Jennifer snarled, wincing when Cougar slammed the door closed.

Pooch smiled gently at her and stood up, "We'll find him Jenny, don't worry. How far could he have gotten?"

Clay snorted, "This is Jensen we're talking about. He's determined."

Aisha fixed him with a glare and Clay quickly stopped talking. Jennifer had turned pale and was staring with wide eyes at the wall.

"Jenny, why don't you sit down?" Pooch asked softly, leading her to the couch.

Jennifer sat down on the couch and struggled not to cry.

"He might be a soldier to you, but he's still the scared kid I met in the hospital when I look at him," Jennifer whispered weakly, "He was six foot two, but looked so tiny in that bed. And then when he just smiled at me...and asked..."

Aisha put a hand on her shoulder and tried to smile reassuringly, "What did he ask you?"

"Who he was," Jennifer whispered out, "What his name was, and where he lived before all this. I'm so scared that he's going to end up forgetting again Clay. That he'll get hurt and not remember who he was and I'll lose him."

"That won't happen," Clay promised, "If anything happens to him, we'll always bring him back."

Pooch snorted, "Yeah, like Cougar's letting his sweet little wifey go any time soon."

Jennifer laughed at that and was immensely grateful no one called her on the slightly hysterical sound of her laughter. She was just so worried about her baby boy. Because that was what Jensen was, even though he could kill people with cutlery.

The door banged open and everyone turned to stare at Cougar. The sniper had the suffering look on his face he always got when Jensen did something stupid.

"He stole your neighbors motorcycle," Cougar told Jennifer softly.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow, "The pink one with purple butterflies on it?"

At Cougar's nod she rolled her eyes, "Of course he stole it. Now I have to go promise Mrs. Sanchez he'll bring it back this time."

"He hasn't before?" Clay asked.

"Jake stole her sons dinosaur toys and we never found them again," Jennifer admitted. She sniffled, feeling tears welling up in her eyes, "Where could he possibly go?"

Cougar sat down next to her and pulled her in for a hug, "We'll find him. I promise."

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Jensen offered a weak smile to his team as they stared at him in shock. He knew he looked different than the Skrull. His glasses and scruffy beard were the most obvious signs but Jensen knew they were seeing the more subtle ones.

Like how he was thinner and more wiry. Or how he clutched the gun like it was a teddy bear and not a dangerous weapon.

"So...when did the energy shield happen?" Jensen demanded, approached his team with an easy going smile.

Tony looked a bit unsure at the question, but it was Clint who answered first.

"How do we know you're really Steve?" Clint demanded, pointing an arrow between Jensen's eyes, "Tell us something only he would know!"

Jensen just rolled his eyes before telling them, "Food poisoning is a myth the health department concocted to make you all buy refrigerators."

That startled an unladylike snort out of Natasha who finally muttered, "That's Steve, no doubt about it."

Steve grinned widely, scratching the back of his head, "Well I would hope so, or I just killed someone for no real reason. And I've been trying to break that habit after the whole Honduran General issue."

The Avengers traded confused looks and suddenly it hit Jensen right then. This wasn't his team anymore. His team was the Losers.

It was curling up in Cougar's arms after a shitty mission, or helping Pooch fix the newest car. It was helping Aisha with her hair and saving Clay from his newest girl. That was what a team was now to Jensen, not saving the world or movie nights.

Not after five years of being a Loser.

Jensen knew his smile weakened at that before fixing his team with a look.

"What happened here?" Jensen asked them, watching with surprise the guilty looks they were all sporting.

"We...might not have noticed you were replaced by a Skrull," Bruce admitted quietly and suddenly it all made sense to Jensen. They hadn't noticed he was missing for five years. Clay had noticed in under five minutes when someone else called in as Jensen that one time and there had been hell to pay.

They were really shitty team mates.

"Wow, you guys are shitty team mates," Jensen blurted out before his eyes widened at their stunned looks, "Oh god, I am so sorry. I have no filter any more. The doctor said so, but I know it's not a real excuse and I feel so bad now. I swear it's because of the brain damage and nothing else! You're not bad team mates, it's just Cougs is better cause we're married and stuff."

Bruce's eyes narrowed and Jensen wondered how he'd screwed up.

"Did you just say brain damage?" Bruce demanded, walking over to Jensen's side and studying him quickly, "How bad? Can you remember everything? Are you...You just fought a Skrull with brain damage! Did you become some kind of idiot?"

Jensen just stared at Bruce before smiling widely, "You sound like pooch! This is so cool! Bruce, the two of you should compare notes on how to guilt trip people cause you are freakishly good at this! Teach me?"

There was another silence and Jensen just sighed. This was getting old really really fast. It hadn't been like this before. He made snarky comments and people snarked right back to him, especially Clint and Tony. But now they all looked so sad, almost like he would break if a wind hit him the right way.

The Thor let out a very loud whoop of excitement and Jensen found himself in a bear hug of godly proportions. Get it, cause he was being hugged by a god? Jensen cracked himself up.


Jensen just threw his head back and cackled before wrapping his arms around Thor and hugging back.

"I missed you too, big guy," Jensen admitted, "It hasn't been the same without you. I go out drinking, and no one mentions how pathetic Midgardian alcohol is. It blows my man, it really blows."
Clint came up and put a hand on Jensen's shoulder before smiling gently, "I'm glad we found you Cap."

Jensen continued to beam, even after Thor lowered him to the ground. Fixing his team with the widest grin he could Jensen said, "It's good to see you all again."

Tony fixed him with a bright smile before saying gently, "Let's head home. Cap, I've got your ride ready."

"No need," Jensen's grin turned wicked as he bounced through the rubble towards a certain bike, "I stole the most kick ass bike and intend to make the most of it before I'm forced to give it back."

Jensen happily skipped to the bike, ignoring Tony's horrified cry of "You stole a bike?" because hell yes he stole the bike, after sneaking out.

Cougar was going to be so pissed at him.

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Cougar was pissed.

After realizing they had no way of tracking Jensen, Clay had gone into protective CO mode. The Losers had been placed on Jennifer's couch while Clay went over their plan of attack. Aisha would try to track Jensen down, look for any police reports of strange and random actions that Jensen typically did.

Pooch would find them vehicle transport, preferably one Jensen hated with a passion to teach him a lesson. Clay would be on Jensen laptop with beth, trying to find...something. And Cougar would remain with Jennifer and keep her calm. It was his duty as her brother-in-law.

But in typical Jensen fashion, the hacker ruined the plan.

Beth came running in in the middle of the planning with huge eyes and a stunned expression on her face. Jennifer was up and off the couch in seconds, kneeling by her daughter's side.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Jennifer asked softly.

"Uncle Jake," Beth whispered out and everyone tensed. They hadn't wanted her to find out her uncle was missing.

"I know sweetie, we'll find him," Jennifer said softly, tugging Beth in for a hug.

"No mommy, Uncle Jake's on the t.v. with Iron Man," Beth explained in that way only children can, "He's Captain America!"

There was a moment of stunned silence before Aisha snorted. Jennifer shot her a nasty look before returning her attention to Beth.

"Sweetheart, Uncle Jake can't be Captain America," Jennifer said softly, "There's already a Captain America."

Beth just rolled her eyes before announcing, "He's on the t.v. mommy!"

Cougar was up and moving in a second. He stormed into the room with the t.v. and froze. He could hear the others coming in behind him but didn't react.

Beth was right. His Jensen was standing on the t.v. screen, looking heroic. He was holding a energy shield and was covered in dried blood. His glasses were cracked, and Cougar just knew Jensen wouldn't remember to get a new pair.

"No way is he Captain America," Pooch muttered while watching the Avengers gather Cougar's husband into a hug.

"Then why is Thor hugging him?" Clay demanded as the God of Thunder picked up Clay's hacker and swung him around in delight.

"Maybe it's not Jensen," Aisha guessed.

"It's Jensen," Cougar said with a sigh while watching Jensen skip over to a bright pink motorcycle and hop on it, "He stole that bike a while ago."

Jennifer sunk to the floor, her eyes wide. "My brother is Captain America," Jennifer whispered softly, "I had no idea. It...explains so much. Like how he doesn't get drunk, and how he only had amnesia but didn't die..."

Cougar didn't say anything, just watched Jensen on the screen. His husband had finally found his past, and no longer needed him Cougar just hoped Jensen would return to him, was happy with their marriage and wouldn't disappear off to New York to fight crime. Cougar wasn't sure if he would have survived that.

Then Jensen turned to Iron Man, and that was a weird sentence to even think, and Cougar could hear him even through the t.v. Jensen just called out, "Tony! Just wait till you meet Cougs! He's a badass!"

Cougar smiled softly to himself. It looked like Jensen hadn't forgotten him.

"We'll bring out boy back soon," Clay announced to the room, "And when we get him back, we'll give him CAPE for not telling us any of this. The idiot."

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