It had Been 1 week since Winters first day and he had no problem fitting talked to Kurt and Reed about fashon , he threatened the twins with a lifetime of pain if they dared pelt him with marshmellows , and he was nice enogh to every one , especially Dwight.

"Hey Dwight can I ask you a question?" Winter asked while he and dwight were looking thoghthe spell books.

"Well you just did but I gess you can ask a nother one"

"I was just wondering,if,well...What team do you play for?"Winter was so curious and he just had to ask,because if he was then he really wanted to go out with him.

"Wh-Why do you ask?" Dwight said tripping over his own words.

Seeing that he was stuttering and not makeing eyecontact ment 2 things , and from many years of watching germen soap opras he know what they were.1 dwight might like him and 2 he might be .

"I was just wondering,you already know what team I play for so you know I wont judge you"this was true,winter had already announced that he was out and proud.

"well I gess you c-could say Im in the closet" Dwight explained at almost a wisper level voice.

After the confermation that his crush was infact,gay,winter scooted closer and got into flirt had never even kissed a boy let alone had a boyfriend,but he knew how to flirt alright.

"So..what kind of guy is your type?"

"W-Well I like,shorter guys,that like to wear black a lot,he has to be kind but also mean enogh to put someone in their place"at this point Winter was fully aware that he was talking about him and that this had to be a confession"My type also has beautiful golden brown hair"he said moving a little peice of hair out of winters face"and big dark blue eyes,and he also loves spells and spirts as much as I do if not more so"

"If that wasnt a confession Im gonna be really emberessed"he said with a mad blush rising to his cheeks,then Dwight put two fingers on winters chin to make him look up into his dark eyes

"then you dont need to be emberessed,right?"and then they both moved forward untill their lips touched,and they later thoght to themseves that it was just like lightning going throgh their sweet moment would have lasted longer if ALL the borders at winsor did not bust through the door.

"That was too sweet,I think Im getting cavitys!"Even shouted , to witch Ethan replied "ditto"

"Wow Dwight You are such a romantic" blaine commented

"kind of cheesey thogh" charlie added

"winter,That was so sweet"Reed exlaimed with eyes that practicly shot hearts across the room,Suddenly a pair of arms were locked around Reeds waist.

"I dont know what your talking about but I bet your sweeter"a familiar voice said

"Shane!"Reed exlaimed and turned around to hug his curly haired boyfriend "When did you get here?"

"I just got off the plain 2 hours ago and came here to see you,Whats going on here?"Shane asked oviosly talking about the giant commotion around dwight and the darkly dressed boy he had yet to meet.

"Oh Dwight got a boyfriend,His name is winter"Reed explained "He started bording at winsor about a week ago"

"Congradulations Dwight!"He yelled throgh the madness "But Iv missed you"He wispered into his ear "can we go to your room to catch up?" Reed just smiled brightly and let the burnet carrot top to his room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry I love Rane way too much not add a cute little tid bit about them :P