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Dick didn't have any memories of what laid outside his dark room. He had only ever known what he read in books and what he watched on TV. Other than that, he knew virtually nothing about the world outside of his locked room. Oh, it wasn't locked from the inside.

It was locked from the outside, trapping him in there for his entire lifespan.

Why, Dick understood only too well. It was because the power he had been born with had never been seen before and therefore, was to be feared. But that wasn't the only reason. It was because what his power was . . . what he was able to do only with a slight touch.

He could kill, taking a person's life with only a touch with his hands. That power was darker than what any person on Terra, the planet he lived on, had been born with. Sure, there were some dark ones but nothing like Dick's.

The power to take someone's life with such little effort was what everyone on Terra viewed as the darkest power to ever be given. And since his power was dark, surely it meant that he was dark too.

But he wasn't. Dick was actually a kind person despite his power. But how could the people of Terra know that when they were too scared to even look at him? How could they know that when they've had him locked up ever since he was a young child? Exactly; they couldn't.

But they didn't care just as long as he was locked away and kept away from society where the living lived. They just wanted him to live his lifespan in the room and then die quietly in that dark room. They cared nothing of his wants and feelings. They only cared for themselves . . . Even his own father who had been the one to suggest that they lock him away.

But Dick didn't plan on staying in the dark room forever. In fact, he had a plan on how he was going to escape this suffocating room and Terra. But timing was the key and it wasn't time . . . Yet.

But when it was, Dick would be getting out of here and heading to a planet where he was sure that they wouldn't dare go to.


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