Sam the Stalwart
By: Me!
Pairing: Sam, Brittany/Santana
Summary: Loyal. Reliable. Hardworking. He's everything the Avatar should be. But he's never had… fun.
A/N: Here's more Avatar!Sam, Airbender!Brittany, and FireNation!Santana. I've been sitting on this chapter a while. Sorry.

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. It's been sixteen years since Avatar Korra rid Republic City of the Equalists, but in doing so, sacrificed her own life. Since then, there's been a time of great peace and a new avatar was born into the Earth Kingdom – an avatar named Sam. Along with my girlfriend, Brittany, I vowed to help Sam not be such a dork and show him the perks of being the most powerful bender alive. My name? Santana Lopez.

Book One:

"Santana?" Commander Puckerman repeated. "Come closer."

Santana inched forward into the light so he could get a good luck at her. "Long time no see, Noah."

Although she didn't show it, Santana was scared. The last time she saw Noah Puckerman, they left off on bad terms and with Sam as her only hope of escaping, she didn't feel very confident either.

"Was anyone else with them?" Commander Puckerman asked Lieutenant Karofsky.

"Afraid so. These two fought back, but their friend ran away," the lieutenant informed him.

Commander Puckerman grimaced. "Let me guess; this friend was tall, blonde, and gorgeous?"

"Well, I didn't get a good look at his face, sir, but he had a nice butt from what I could tell."

"What happened to Brittany?" Puck snarled at Santana.

"Brittany who?" Santana lied. She began to trail her fingers across the bars of the prison cell. Puck was a sucker for her charm. He gulped and that was all the ammunition she needed. "I've missed you, Noah."

"Well," he stammered, "I haven't missed you."

"You sure about that?" she purred, grabbing hold of his bicep and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Puck stifled a groan. He hated this manipulative bitch, but at the same time, he was also under her spell.

"I should just lock you up and throw away the key," Puck said.

Santana hummed. "But where's the fun in that? We used to have so much fun together."

He remembered. The long walks on the beach, skipping rocks, and playing tricks on the villagers were a blast. But getting a kiss out of the woman was like pulling teeth. "Yeah, I had a great time falling in love with a woman who used me to get back at her girlfriend," he replied.

Tina quirked her head to the side. "Say what now?"

"Don't judge me, Tina," Santana snapped. She smiled sweetly at Puck. "I can explain…"

Outside the prison walls, three figures hid in the shadows as a guard passed.

The first figure turned to her companions. "Remember, we make it out of here with Santana or we don't make it out of here at all."

"And Tina," the second added.

The first figure shook her head. "That's to be determined."

The third figure quacked in agreement.

Back inside the Earth Kingdom prison, the interrogation continued.

"Who was that blonde person with you?"

Santana placed her hands on her hips. "No clue."

"Where'd you meet him?"

"In town."

"Which town?"

"This one," She lied. She refrained from adding a numbskull onto the end of that sentence, but holy sweet hell, this conversation was getting dull. Pretending to be interested in Noah Puckerman was a much more difficult task than one might think. Sure, he was good looking, but he was all brawn and no brains. If she played her cards right, she could have him handing her the keys to her jail cell one minute and the keys to the city the next. "Said his name was…"

She paused, delighting in watching Puck lean in a little closer. She faked a sigh. "I forget."

Puck nodded to Karofsky who disappeared behind a wall. When he returned, he was holding a tray of food. "Maybe this'll jog your memory."

Santana snatched the plate out of Karofsky's hand and began gobbling the food down, growling when Tina reached out a tentative hand.

"Remember anything now?"

"Started with an S," she replied.

"Sexy?" Karofsky guessed, earning him several looks. "What? He was."

"You know, dessert would also do wonders."

"Lieutenant, bring her some pie," Puck commanded. "Now talk."

Once the slice was in her hand, she smiled. "His name is Sam," she said through a mouthful of pie. "He doesn't understand pickles, is constantly in my way, and despite his deceptively dorky haircut, he's actually the most powerful Earthbender I've ever seen."

No longer hidden by the shadows, Sam, Brittany, and Lucky made their way inside the stronghold and were immediately met with opposition.

"Freeze!" Sam yelled, blowing a gust of wind at two guards, the blast knocking them unconscious.

"That would've been way funnier if you actually knew how to waterbend," Brittany said, cradling Lucky in her arms. She ruffled his feathers. "Remember, Lucky boy, you're the lookout. Quack if you see someone coming. Let's practice."

Lucky looked up at her with a blank expression.

"Quack," she encouraged him. "Quack!"

But he remained silent.

"C'mon, you never hesitate doing this while Santana and I are getting it–"

Lucky cut her off with a quack.

"Finally," Brittany murmured as several Earth Kingdom guards snuck up on them.

When he wouldn't stop quacking, she turned around and gasped.

They were vastly outnumbered.