Hey guys well I decided on this as my starter new story for summer. I have no clue how long it will be cause really it was just a small idea I received with a mix of :The image from the first ending of Inuyasha: The Final Act and that one episode of Ranma ½ : Shampoo's Red Thread of Dread. For those of you who don't know of the Asian tale of the red thread, here is a basic summary which I found at wiki/Red_string_of_fate

And I do think you will find it matches up with Inuyasha and Kagome.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soul mates or a twin flame.

Summary: When letting their arguing get the best of them, Inuyasha and Kagome are 'cursed' of the red string of fate will be tied to them to see the world with new eyes. None of the Inu-tachi group has a clue of what the outcome of the 'red string' will bring, but it brings out the good, the mushy, and the messy.

Rikki: I just got a shudder up my spine…. (Glances over shoulder to see two angry eyes) ROLL STORY! PLEASE ENJOY! I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA! EVEN IF HE'S ABOUT TO HURT ME!

"A village!" Kagome squealed with joy.

The gang was all looking down from a far off hill to the village below. Inuyasha stood beside Kagome, with his arms crossed and his usual scowl on his face.

"We're just wasting time getting all the way down there." Inuyasha snorted and was turning to walk away when Miroku grabbed the sleeve of his robe.

"Inuyasha have some consideration for us humans. After traveling for so many long days, camping out in the woods is uncomfortable. Not that we are complaining but, when we see a village we want to stay there the night." Miroku ranted with the girls nodding in agreement.

"Besides it is on our way North." Sango added receiving a grunt from Inuyasha.

"Even so we waste daylight getting all the way down this rugged hill, when we could be making track."

"Please Inuyasha?" Kagome pleaded with her big eyes. Looking into those eyes Inuyasha hated to admit he couldn't say no. He knew that was the secretive look that Kagome gave him that 'if this look doesn't work I'll 'sit' you to hell if you don't agree'. Although he really didn't need to be 'sitted' to agree. Spinning around with his nose up to the air in a pout he grumbled.

"Keh, if you just have to be in a village."

"Thank you Inuyasha!" Kagome giggled giving a smile and was already starting to make her way down the hill with Shippo on her shoulder

Inuyasha was right that it did take them 'til dusk to get down that hill. After getting on the even land, were they able to walk easily again they were beginning to approach the outskirts of the village.

"Alright Miroku, you think you can get us in somewhere?" Shippo asked for the group. Miroku smirked smugly, and pulled a sutra out from his robes.

"I do sense an incredibly dark aura." He chuckled receiving an annoyed look from Inuyasha.

"You have no shame in scamming people and still call yourself a monk." He grumbled.

"I know it's wrong but I really don't care, just as long as we get a bed and bath." Sango sighed to Kagome who agreed. The gang made their way through the village streets, just glancing at the small booths.

"I sense a dark demonic aura!" Miroku proclaimed in the streets. Everyone looked over worried if a demon had infested in their village. Miroku pointed in the direction of the nearest house that was-coincidently- the largest house in their village.

Immediately making his way through the village to the large house, with the others following behind. Approaching the house the head of the house came out hearing the ruckus.

"What do I hear of a demon in our village?" He asked obviously very scared.

"Yes unfortunately my good sir," Miroku sighed dramatically. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and shoved his arms in his sleeves. Sango just rubbed the soreness in the back of her neck to try and not care about how Miroku was pulling a scam and just wanted a nice hot bath. And Kagome and Shippo just stood patiently watching and waiting for a nice night under a roof. "I feel the aura right in your house. It must be removed immediately!"

The head man's face paled. "Then please remove it monk." He begged. Miroku easily waved him away with a comforting smile.

"Of course my good man, but of course I do require a fee."

"What do you need?"

"I would only ask for a place for me and my companions to rest for the night." Miroku smiled. The man sighed with relief and gave a small smile in content.

"Of course, just please free my house of this demon." He pleaded.

"Which I will do immediately, once I trace the aura to its center point," Miroku said. The man nodded and offered for Miroku to lead the way and turned back to the rest of the group.

"I will send someone back to show you to your rooms." He nodded and followed after Miroku leaving the rest to wait.

It was nearly right after the man left that a servant girl came from the same way Miroku and her master just went. She bowed her head politely in greeting. "Please come this way Young Lords and Ladies." She beckoned as she walked away. Just following after her they were lead into a large room. "Please do make yourselves comfortable. Dinner should be ready soon." She said as she closed the door behind her to resume her other duties.

Inuyasha leaned back against a wall and placed his arms behind his head. "Alright enjoy your stay 'under a roof'" He grumbled.

"Oh we will." Shippo shot back to receive a hit in the head.

"Don't talk back to those stronger then you runt!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome scolded. "Sit!" Inuyasha crashed to the ground from his comfortable position and growled.

"He needs to be taught a lesson wench." He growled. Kagome just opened her arms for Shippo and turned away from him.

"Not with violence." She said, Shippo snickered and held onto Kagome tighter.

"Ahhh, fighting already are we?" Miroku's voice asked as he pulled the door open and walked in. Inuyasha sat up and put his hands in his sleeves again.

"That sure was a fast extermination for a 'dark demonic aura'." Miroku just sat down and crossed his legs and crossed his arms as if in meditation.

"Well I didn't exactly exterminate anything."

"Fraud," Inuyasha scoffed. Miroku shook his head.

"Inuyasha, I did sense an aura. And you might not be surprised of who I found." He said and threw something towards Inuyasha who was the only one who could tell what, or who it was.

"Myōga?" He asked as the flea demon immediately jumped around.

"Master Inuyasha! How glad I am to see you!" He cried and was only pinched in between Inuyasha's fingers.

"Cut the crap Myōga. What are you doing here?"

"Well…you see… I was taking a rest… from searching for you."He coughed.

"Why were you searching for Inuyasha?" Kagome asked looking down at the tiny flea.

"Oh, Lady Kagome! It's nice to see you again!" Inuyasha pressed harder down on the little flea.

"Why were you searching for me?" He repeated.

"It's for privacy only between you and I my lord." Inuyasha grunted and squeezed the flea in his fist.

"Guess I'm going for a walk." He mumbled and left the room before bumping into the servant girl from earlier. Just mumbling a 'sorry' he walked away as she looked into the room.

"I drew a bath for ye." She offered holding a few night robes.

"Go on ladies." Miroku said smirking. "I guess I'll just sit around and wait for Inuyasha."

Sango narrowed her eyes not exactly trusting the pervert as Kagome got her bathing supplies. "Let's go Kagome." She said and walked into the hall to follow the young girl to their bath.

"You know your demon will want a mate within the next few years me lord right?" Myōga asked Inuyasha as they just sat on the roof of the large house.

"That's not important to me now Myōga." Inuyasha growled. "All I care about is finding the jewel shards and defeating Naraku."

"Of course my lord, it was just something I wish you would be thinking about. In a few years you might wake up and all you care about is finding her and neglect these duties. So I would just suggest that you either keep an open mind for a mate or finish your issues before these two interfere." Myōga advised. Inuyasha just got up and tossed Myōga over his shoulder.

"Don't waste my time over this." He spat. He really didn't care about finding a mate. That of all things didn't matter to him. Jumping down from the roof, he heard a scream, immediately rushed to follow it. When he found that servant girl against the wall by the looks of a bigger and muscular man.

"Please," She whimpered when she was pushed tighter into the wall.

"I'm having you girl." The man breathed huskily, while one of his hands stroked down her leg. He was leaning in to claim her lips when Inuyasha practically hit him to go flying to the other end of the hall.

"You shouldn't force woman against their will, you disgusting scum." Inuyasha spat. When the man glared up he spat blood from his mouth and growled.

"And who are you to hit the lord of this house?" Inuyasha raised a brow.

"I already met the lord of the house fool. And you ain't him." He felt someone touch his arm and looked over to see the girl shaking her head.

"He's the young master my lord. His father was the one who welcomed you earlier." She explained. Inuyasha growled cursing himself in his mind.

"So you must be the ones who were staying the night." The young master said getting up. "But now I recommend you and your friends get out of here, before I send in the guards to drag you out."

"Your Father won't kick us out when he hears that you were forcing yourself on one of your servants." Inuyasha shot back. The man shrugged.

"Probably not, but when he hears you attacked his only son, I'm sure he wouldn't mind getting rid of you." Inuyasha just punched him again and the servant girl gasped.

"Please leave sir!" She ushered as she checked on her master.

"Keh, I don't want to be here anyways." Inuyasha said as he strode off to the room to get the others. They wouldn't care as long as they heard he was helping a young woman.

"Mad demon in the house!" He heard someone cry and he could tell it was the girl. "A mad demon has broken the young master's jaw!" It was loud enough for the whole house to at least hear of. And right in front of their room's door, it was pulled open by a worried and shocked Kagome.

"What's going on Inuyasha?" She asked as he pushed by her and grabbed her bag.

"We're leaving." He grumbled and shoved anything out into the yellow backpack before slinging it over his shoulder.

"What do you mean? We can stay here the night." Miroku added looking up from the sake he was drinking.

"We just ain't staying!" Inuyasha yelled at him.

"Why not? It's not like we're- you attacked the young master here." Kagome guessed. Inuyasha didn't even deny or confirm it but she somehow knew and her face turned furious.

"Inuyasha! Really? We got a place to stay for the night and you messed it up!" She yelled. Inuyasha growled and just grabbed her wrist.

"I had my fucking reasons, now we're going before the come for us. And really I don't feel like fighting humans right now." He began pulling her along after him after grabbing the already asleep Shippo by the tail and handing him to Kagome, who still was ratting him out.

Miroku sighed and got up grabbing his staff. "And I did all that work for nothing." Sango glanced over cranky as well to not be sleeping on a futon tonight as she grabbed her small sack of her armor.

"What work?" She grumbled and picked Kirara up to place on her shoulder and they followed after Inuyasha.

"Believe it or not wench! It's whatever you make of it!" Inuyasha yelled at the still angry Kagome.

"I believe you Inuyasha! But you could have done better!" Kagome screamed back. The rest of the gang were placing their bets at who would win in this yelling match, which wouldn't surprise them if Kagome did.

"How was I suppose to know he was the Lord of the house?"

"I don't know! Why do you punch random people with at least telling them to back off!"

"It's amazing how they can do that yet walk side by side together at the same time." Miroku noted.

They were probably miles from that village and once they were a good radius away from it, Inuyasha set up camp nearly at midnight. Now they were nearly out in the middle of nowhere and were shocked to see an old woman hobbled out carrying a large vase that seemed very heavy to the poor woman.

When she saw Inuyasha in the lead, coming her way, she got a small twinkle of relief in her eye. "Please young man, would you help-"

"Shut up old hag!" Inuyasha snapped which partially frightened the old woman.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome scolded. "See this is what I mean! You absolutely have no courtesy and know how to control your anger and take it out on others!" She turned sweetly to the old woman and smiled. "I'd help you with that." She offered holding out her arms.

"Oh dear, it is heavy girl." The old woman tried to refuse but did hand it to Kagome. Immediately Kagome was heaving to keep it from dropping and Inuyasha chuckled.

"Ha! Some help you'll be! You can barely hold that thing!" He mocked to receive an angry glare from Kagome.

"Well I wouldn't need to if you'd just help!"

"Now that you have it, I don't think I will help you ungrateful wench!" Inuyasha smirked smugly seeing Kagome go red with anger.

"You jerk! Sit!" She commanded and when Inuyasha crashed into the ground, Kagome had trouble keeping her balance with the heavy object as it tumbled from her arms. The old woman watched shocked as it shattered into bits on the ground and put her hands to her face.

"You broke it!" She cried. Kagome immediately spun around and turned red.

"I'm so sorry!"

"See you can't even do that right!" Inuyasha yelled which cause Kagome to immediately turn to him and start yelling again.

Miroku and Sango sighed at seeing how far this was going.

"Do they hate each other that much?" The old woman asked them. "So much that they let it get in the way and it ends up destroying my vase!"

"They don't really hate each other." Shippo sighed.

"In all honesty they both really care for each other." Sango added. The woman looked up with a curious eye then back at her broken vase and then to the arguing couple.

"I see," She muttered and entered her hut again to come back out with bowl of red powder. Walking over to the two she threw the whole entire contents of the bowl at the two. Coughing Inuyasha tried to mask Kagome's and his mouth away with the sleeve of his robe.

"What the hell was that for hag?"

"This will teach you two a lesson! From dawn 'til you come across the flower of how you truly feel." The woman shouted. Until it cleared out. "Let the red string of fate play its roll in my curse and by the early morning, will it take its effects!"

"What do you mean effects?" Kagome asked worried at what the red powder was to do. The old woman grinned.

"Oh you'll see." She chuckled and walked off into her hut.

"Stupid old woman! Get out here and tell us what the hell you did!" Inuyasha yelled after her and was yanked on by Kagome.

"Please! It's your fault we got into this!"

"My fault?" Inuyasha repeated and they were at it again. Shippo sighed and looked at the two annoyingly.

"Let's hope it was a powder that shuts them up." He said as Kirara mewed in agreement and the two reasonable young adults nodded, knowing that would be pleasant for their sakes.

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