Hi people I decided that it'd be neat for ya'll to see what the always mischievous Mist must go through when Bernard aka Berny and Poinsettia remind her of their deal. No making mischief for an entire week oh the torture for poor Mistletoe she thrives on making mischief for the two. Read on to find out how Mist manages to survive the torturous week. This is just a prologue and I will try to update it as the days go.

"Yo big guy I think Berny needs a few days as in a week off so he and Poin can be together don't ya think?" Mistletoe asks Mr. Claus as she munches on another holiday cookie even though it was summer now she still loved the holiday cookies the best. She was currently in the main office waiting for Mr. Claus' opinion on the idea of Bernard the head elf having an entire week off.

"What makes you think my opinion matters with Bernard?" Santa asks her raising one of his eyebrows in question to the young elf. "You know he won't listen to-what did you do?" He asks her as he stops working on his paper work and looks up at her a shocked look on his face.

"What me I didn't do anything!" Mistletoe defensively says dropping the cookies she had in her hand. "Other than helping my best friend and Berny get to finally admit they love each other if that's what you mean." She says as she picks up the cookies and dusts them off then sends him an innocent smile.

"Oh course you helped them but do you honestly think Bernard will listen to me? You know how he likes his job he wouldn't give it up for the world." Santa chuckles rolling his eyes.

"Well that's true…" The young elf thoughtfully says then jumps up and snaps her fingers. "I'm going to tell him you gave him and Poin a week off! Me too but I won't tell them that." She laughs and runs out of the room before Santa could argue or say anything.

"What am I going to do with that girl?" Santa asks himself as he stands up and shuts the door to his office that Mistletoe had left open.

And thus begins the long week of torture.