Day 3! Sorry it took so long but here it is enjoy! XD

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Day 3: Where's Mistletoe?

"What should I do today?" Mistletoe asks herself as she lays in bed with her favorite blanket wrapped around her keeping her nice and cozy warm. "Ya know what I don't feel like causing' any trouble today I think I'll stay in bed and snooze a bit longer." She yawns pulling the blanket up tighter and soon falls back asleep...

"Hey Bernard have you seen Mist, I've been looking for her since last night but can't find her." Poinsettia says walking beside Bernard a slightly worried expression on her face. "I looked everywhere too the bakery, Santa's office, book store, craft center, but she's not anywhere." She continues and shakes her head then looks at Bernard a questioning look on her face.

"Have you checked her house she could just be sleeping in?" Bernard tells her and she shakes her head in disagreement. "I know she hasn't ever done it but she may have decided to let's go check real quick." He calmly says and starts to lead her toward Mistletoe's house that was on the other side of town…

"I'm hungry I should get out of bed and get sometin to eat." Mistletoe grumbles as she raises up and rubs the sleep out of her eyes then quickly falls back to the bed and snuggles under the blanket not wanting to leave it's warmth and protection. "I'm so hungry but I don't wanna leave my blankie!" She whines then her stomach grumbles loudly hungry at the fact that she had not eaten anything since the cookies last night when she left Poinsettia and Bernard. "FINE! I'll go eat some stinkin' breakfast but then I'm going back to bed!" She barks to her stomach and throwing the blankets off then stomps down stairs to her kitchen her dark brown almost black hair lay tangled on one side and then completely limp on the other its usual soft waves still asleep.

"Stupid stomach I just wanna sleep today." She grumbles again after her stomach to growl at her until she finally reached her kitchen. "What should I eat?" She murmurs softly and looks at the fruit bowl that sat in the center of her medium solid oak table with fruits of all kinds overflowing it. "How 'bout an apple?" She says and grabs the red apple that had migrated away from the other fruits and was sitting all by itself its dark red skin shinning from the lights outside her room.

"Nom, nom, nom." Mistletoe says as she munches on the apple savoring its each every bite that was filled with its sweet juice. The apple never stood a chance against the hungry elf that had devoured each and every part of it only letting the seeds and stem remain untouched. "There now shut up tummy." She barks to her stomach and turns to go back upstairs when she hears someone rapidly knocking on her door. "The one day I want to sleep in an' someone's determined to not let me."She barks to herself scowling slightly then walks over to the door and peeks through the small hole in the top to see one of her friends, Xander from the craft shop.

"MISTLETOE OPEN UP! Come on I need you to help me with something back at the shop!" Xander calls and continues to knock on the door while Mistletoe started to panic from behind the door looking for something to make him go away. "MISTLETOE I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" He calls again in a more serious tone his stormy grey eyes showing his irritation as he continues to pound on her door.

"Crud! I don't even look decent I gotta go get dressed!"Mistletoe whispers then quickly and silently rushes upstairs to her room to quickly get dressed and fix herself. "Outta all the stinkin' days he had to come today? Didn't he? I'm gonna kill 'im for makin' me rush like this!"She mutters to herself gritting her teeth as she quickly fixes her bed making it look nice and proper rather than her usual tornado bed as Xander would often joke with her. She quickly rushes to her bathroom and starts to brush out her tangled hair. "Maybe if I don't come out they'll leave outta all the elves it had to be him! Why?"She whispers softly hoping no one would come in especially Xander whom she had a crush on but never told him…


"Xander what are you doing here?" Bernard asks the male elf who had been trying to literally break down Mistletoe's door but froze when he heard Bernard and turned to look at him a nervous smile on his face with his spiky brown hair sticking every which way and that from his shouting.

"I need Mistletoe to help me with the engraving on a ring I have to make." Xander answers and fixes his hair a moment before he goes back to pounding on the door. "BUT MISTLETOE WON'T COME OUT OF HER HOUSE! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" He shouts and pounds on the door a few more times before he finally sighs and gives up. "I guess she's not there." He sighs and looks at the two elves. "Have either of you two seen her?" He asks and both shake their heads. "Then where could she be?" He asks throwing his hands up and hangs his head after they drop. "Man I wanted to really finish that ring before the deadline then I'd get extra."He mutters in silent despair.

"Maybe her door is open and we can go in and check to be sure that she is not in there." Bernard states in a calm a voice before Poinsettia starts voicing how she knew she was right and that Mistletoe was missing. "Have you tried to open the door rather than pounding it?" He questions Xander who nervously looks around and then shakes his head. "Perhaps you should." He tells Xander who gives him an 'I knew that' look and tries to open the door but it doesn't budge.

"I think it might be locked." Xander bluntly states as he turns the handle again and pushes but the door doesn't open. "Yeah I'm pretty sure that it's locked dude." He says looking at Bernard who was shaking his head.

"Yes I do believe we see that." Bernard says and looks at Poinsettia who was nervous. "Do you have a key?" He asks and she shakes her head then looks at him with pleading eyes but doesn't say anything. "What is the matter?" He asks her in a concerned tone.

"Mistletoe only locks her door when she's going out! Bernard she's not home, bakery, craft shop, we can't find her anywhere!" She whines her hair in disarray from her worrying. "We have to go look for her!" She continues and before either of the other two elves could speak she was off searching for her friend. The other two sighed seeing no point in arguing with the worried elf and quickly follow after her…

"Are they gone?" Mistletoe asks barely moving her curtains and looks to see if the three elves were gone, she sighs when she sees no one standing at her door. "Alright now I can finish getting ready." She happily says and leaps back into her bathroom to finish brushing her hair and change into her normal everyday outfit.

"Can't they leave me alone for one day I mean come'n what'll they think I'm doin' honestly not like I went missin' or sometin." She huffs angrily and stops brushing her hair which the back was still tangled beyond belief and sighs at the challenge that lay ahead of her. "This is gonna take forever!" She whines in a loud tone and starts to brush her hair again when she thinks of the perfect idea for tomorrow. "I'll take 'em swimmin' I love to swim! I know Poinsettia can't but surely Bernard can an' he can help her! Ah I am totally a genius!" She cheers and yelps after she accidently pulls some of her hair out. "Owww I forgot I had my hairbrush in the tangles!" She whines tears running down her face as she continues to brush her hair careful to not pull any out…

"Hey Petunia have you seen Mist anywhere?" Xander asks the cashier in the clothes shop really hoping she would say but she shakes her head and he hangs his. "Do you have any idea where she might be?" He asks her in a hopeful tone.

"Well usually she's at the craft shop in her station if she's not there then she's with Poinsettia and if Poin is with Bernard she's with me helping me out at the garden shop, then if she's not at any of those places she's home." Petunia chirps in quick speedy tone that left Xander lost and confused. "Do you need me to repeat that?" She asks in the same tone and Xander shakes his head then walks out still confused by what she had said.

"Petunia speaks too fast." Xander says to Poinsettia and Bernard once he gets outside and they each look at him curiously. "She tried to tell me where Mist might be but all I heard was if she's not there then she's there and if she's not there then she's here. I think she mentioned the craft shop, Poin, something about gardens, and her home…I think." He says trying to remember what the speedy elf had told him but his mind kept coming up with 'blah, blah, blah, oh and blah'.

"Well we could go check the garden shop that's the only place we haven't looked yet." Bernard says as the other two nod and the trio starts to head off toward the garden center…

Mistletoe had successfully managed to brush her hair without yanking, tearing, or pulling any more hair out and she was very proud at that. "Alright now what…agh I'm out of my lazy mood." She whines and leans her head down on the bathroom counter. "I guess I should go outside and see if I can find something to do." She grumbles raising up and heads for her front door then stops. "I should probably try to find Xander to find out what he wanted." She says then rolls her eyes and thinks it was probably nothing. "Well off to Petunia's place!" She chirps and rushes out the door toward the clothes shop where Petunia was at…

Xander looks at the green building that was the garden center it had a soft purple rim that was mainly hidden by all kinds of colorful flowers that were growing on them. "I didn't know Mist liked plants." He says as the three enter the shop and he looks around at all the beautiful plants that grew there.

"Oh hi do you guys need something?" Riana happily asks walking out of the back with a bouquet of white roses in her hands. She sets them in a transparent blue vase that had all sorts of intricate designs on it.

"Have you seen Mistletoe anywhere did she come in here at all today?" Bernard asks Riana in a calm tone with a soft smile on his face. He was not going to admit because it would only make Poinsettia more worried but he was slightly worried over the fact that Riana just gave him a blank expression and shook her head. "Thank you we will try to find her." He says and leads the Poinsettia out of the shop but notices Xander looking at one of the plants. "Xander she is not here we should try somewhere else." He says to Xander who looks up from the plant and quickly follows the two.

"So where should we go next if she's not here then where could she be?" Xander asks sticking his hands in his pockets and looks around trying to think of somewhere she might be…

"Yo Petunia what up?" Mistletoe cheerfully calls as she walks into the clothes store and waves to Petunia who smiles and waves back. "You will not believe what happened!" She says walking over to the counter and leans on it.

"Xander came in here not too long ago trying to find you." Petunia tells Mistletoe in a calm voice. "He wanted to know if I had any idea where you were I told him of course but I don't think he caught it all." She says in her usual speedy tone.

Mistletoe thinks a moment then sighs. "Man I can't catch a break today I was gonna sleep in but Xander came banging on my door I didn't answer of course cause I didn't look decent and waited for him to leave. What'd he want anyways?" She asks Petunia rolling her eyes sometimes Xander really got on her nerves crush or not.

"I'm not sure he just said he was looking for you. I don't think he would admit it and it was barely noticeable but not for me but I think he was worried Mist you should try to find him and talk to him." Petunia tells her friend that sighs with her head drooping at the fact that Petunia was right. "Go on now Mist he is probably still looking for you." She encourages her friend who grudgingly stands up right and leaves, grumbling about how Petunia had a point but Xander was seriously getting on her nerves now.

"Man why's Petunia got to be so nice about everything." Mistletoe groans outside the shop and heads toward the craft shop where she thought Xander would be. "I'm so gonna kill 'im first he bothers me when I'm sleepin', now he's out searchin' for me." She continues looking down at the road then looks up to be sure she doesn't bump into anything…

"I'm going to kill her when I find her first she's not at home, than she's not a Petunia's or the garden!" Xander scowls walking away from the shop. He looks up and sees someone that looks like Mistletoe quickly rush by them. "Mistletoe?" He asks taking a double take but reazlizes that it wasn't her. "Poin you're her friend where do you think she would be?" He asks her rubbing his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.

"I don't know…we should go check Santa's office she just might be there!" Poinsettia cheers and runs off before the other two could say anything speeding toward Mr. Claus' office hoping he might have seen Mistletoe.

"Hey Bernard you know a thing or two about women right?" Xander asks Bernard as they run behind Poinsettia. Bernard looks at him a moment as if telling him now was not the time to ask that. "Bernard come on I need an answer yes or no would do." Xander tells Bernard in a serious tone really wanting to ask him if he knew when a girl likes him.

"I suppose I do but you should not be asking me." Bernard tells him and quickly rushes to catch up to Poinsettia who was already hopping up the stairs to Santa's office. "You should ask Poinsettia if you want to know anything specific." He calls following Poinsettia to Santa's office.

Xander stops running and rubs his chin in deep thought then scowls knowing Poinsettia would not answer his questions with Mistletoe missing. "Crud…I don't really feel like waiting so I guess I'll go look for her myself." He murmurs to himself and heads back toward the craft shop hoping maybe he could look around there again. "Maybe if I ask every-ONE!" He cries when he smacks into someone halfway to the shop. "Sorry I should have been looking-MIST?" He asks looking up at the other elf who was sitting across from him.

"Ow~ Xander!" Mistletoe shouts in shock when she looks up and sees Xander his silver grey eyes wide in shock. He nods in disbelief then shakes his head and helps her up when he stands.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!" They both shout in unison then glare at the other for saying the same thing. "NO YOU LISTEN HERE I WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!" They continue and repeat the pattern until finally Xander sighs and rubs his forehead.

"Look Poin was real worried because she couldn't find you." He finally tells Mistletoe who was about to say something but stops when he tells her this. "We went to your house but you weren't there so she became even more worried and going to Petunia didn't help much." He tells her and notices her look away for some reason. "Uh yeah so she was worried I think Bernard was but he wouldn't show it…listen just tell me where you were and we can go tell them we found you." He laughs rubbing his neck and looking away a sign that he was nervous.

Mistletoe stands there a few minutes looking away from Xander so he doesn't see her face which was a bright pink from blushing. "I was at my house." She says not looking at Xander as she waits for her face too cool down. "I didn't know ya'll were looking for me well I knew you were but I didn't know the others were." She says and finally looks at him with a serious look. "Besides you were yelling that you needed my help for something that I'm sure ya could've done yerself." She bluntly states in a parental sort of tone.

Xander laughs a little embarrassed by what Mistletoe had said and that it did have truth to it he could have done it himself but he knew Mistletoe was amazing when it came to engraving and wanted to see her do it so he could do it himself next time. "Uh yeah…but we need to show the others that we found you!" He quickly says changing the subject and grabs her hand to take her to the others. "Come on they are at Santa's office right now looking for you." He tells her not looking at her because his face was still flushing red with embarrassment…

"So you haven't seen her around at all?" Poinsettia asks Mr. Claus again for the millionth time it seems. Santa shakes his head and gives her the same answer he had ever other time she asked him.

"No Poinsettia I haven't seen her around she just might be hiding you never know with that girl." Santa says in an exasperated tone as he sits down at his desk and waits for Poinsettia to remark.

Poinsettia stands there a moment trying to think of what to say as she wrings her hands nervously. "But-I guess you're right but still it's not like her to do this…" Poinsettia finally says in a soft voice and looks down.

"Ain't like me to do what?" Mistletoe asks as she and Xander enter the office. "Ya'll are a bunch a worry warts." She jokingly says closing the door.

Poinsettia looks at her friend in shock then quickly runs over and hugs her. "Where have you been I've been looking everywhere for you!" She demands then smacks Mistletoe on the top her head repeatedly. "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME! I WAS SO WORRIED!" She shouts as she continues to smack the defenseless Mistletoe who was using her arms to protect her head from Poinsettia's ire.

"I'M SORRY I WANTED TO SLEEP IN BUT NO ONE WOULD LET ME!" Mistletoe cries as she starts to run from Poinsettia who was chasing her around Mr. Claus' office yelling at her for not telling anyone. "OKAY I WON'T EVER TAKE A SLEEP DAY AGAIN BUT GIMMIE A BREAK POIN!" She shouts tears running down her face as the two finally exit the office and continue the cat and mouse chase all through the town.

Xander and the other two watch as the two girls speed through the town with Poinsettia's constant scolding and rants that were usually followed by Mistletoe's apologetic cries and pleas for help. "This is why I will never understand women." Xander says as he shakes his head then looks at Bernard. "What do you say to getting a snack while those two continue their chase?" He asks a bright smile on his face.

Bernard who is still in shock at how quickly it had happened. "I guess so…how long do you think they will continue this chase?" He asks Xander who shrugs and is already leaving.

The rest of the night consisted of Xander and Bernard chatting about random things though it was mainly Xander talking about the craft shop while Bernard listened and with Mistletoe running for her life from Poinsettia who was still furious about not being able to find her.