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This chapter is for Celticlily as she was feeling down and said I had been writing too much sad stuff *cough hurting Tim too much cough* and so I wrote pure Tim and Jason FLUFF! You had better be happy now C!


"Jason we're going to be late" he was running up the stairs as he shouted, determined to drag his elder brother out of his room even if it killed him.

"Timmy we have a whole hour before we have to be at the museum."

"Yeah and it takes half an hour to get there from here and it's a Friday morning and so traffic in the city centre is going to be really bad, and it's always better to be early than late, you know; better safe than sorry and yeah..." Jason smiled as the smaller boy opened the door "you ready?"

"Yeah kiddo, where's Alfr-"

"Alfred's waiting outside in the car" a smaller hand wrapped around his own and practically dragged him out of his room down the stairs and out of the front door, stopping briefly to pick up their ready packed bags, before racing down the front steps.

"Woah there Babybird, a little excited?" Tim nodded vigorously

"The museum has a limited time Egyptian exhibition at the moment, and well Ancient Egypt is really interesting" Jason chuckled, he ruffled his younger and still recovering brothers hair...

"Whatever you say Babybird, whatever you say" Tim grinned up at him from seat inside the car.

Tim was right traffic was really bad, they got to the museum a mere five minutes before they were due to be registered. Tim looked very smug with himself,

"Told you so Jay"

"Shut it brat" he laughed and ruffled Tim's hair just to make sure that he knew that Jason was kidding; not that Tim needed it as he proceeded to stick his tongue out and challenge Jason to a race up the museum steps.

"Oh you're so on Babybird"... And he lost. Tim beat him. The scrawny, really really tiny kid beat him. How was that even possible? "You totally cheated" Tim frowned

"Jay, how exactly could I do that?... I beat you fair and square; you're just having some trouble adjusting to that line of thought" how exactly could Tim be so snarky and so matter of fact at the same time?

"Uh huh? I'm just supposed to accept that a little scrawny kid like you could beat me in a fair race?" He grabbed Tim into a playful headlock ruffling his hair until he began laughing "I don't think so Babybird"

"Jay... Jay stop heh.. please..." There was a distinct clearing of a throat behind them,

"If you two are quite finished..." Jason let Tim go muttering an apology but sharing a mischievous grin with him once their teacher looked away "Thank-you, now everyone squeeze in... I can't talk that loudly... In front of me please... if I can't see you then you can't see me..." Once everything was in place and silent she began. "Good morning everyone, I hope you're all excited for our day out today" it was so patronising Jason thought he was going to hurl "we're going to split you up into mixed aged groups for your tours around the museum and the we'll all be back together this afternoon for a couple of activity workshops."

Jason smiled a little. Normally they were split up into their year groups and taken around like that... but their dad had 'asked' (more like ordered) the school to put Tim and him together because, even though Tim wouldn't admit it, he was still far from recovered and dad was worried, so he was on brotherly lookout duties.

Just like when they were younger and Dick and he used to pretend that the treehouse Bruce had got them in the gardens was their fort and that they had to take turns in keeping watch over it and the princess they pretended it housed?

Yeah, just like that... except Tim wasn't a princess (well that could be debated). He had the naturally pale skin, the long thin fingers, crystal clear blue eyes and was definitely the most frail... vulnerable out of all of them. Even dad was the most protective over him, he'd never admit it, but it was obvious. Yes, Tim was definitely the family princess.

And it certainly surprised Jason; but he really didn't mind being on guard duty. He never really got any quality time with his younger brother these days, not with all four of them and Dick being insistent on his Timmy cuddles. He would take what he was given... and if that meant being dragged around a boring museum, so be it.

"C'mon Jay we're leaving now" Tim waved a hand in front of his face snapping him out of his own little world and he smiled as Tim started walking to where their group had disappeared off to,

"Right behind you Babybird"

"Jay, Jay, look at these!" He glanced over Tim's shoulder

"What are they?"

"They're called canopic jars. They house the internal organs of the Ancient Egyptian mummified dead, the intestines and stomach and lungs and stuff... but not the heart, they left that inside the body, or the brain, the Ancient Egyptians didn't think that the brain did anything more than cause mucus and colds and so during the mummification process they stuck a hook up the nose of the dead person, swished it around a bit and pulled the brain out and threw it away." Jason made a face... Even compared to the horrors of the Gotham night life that was still one of the grossest things he had ever heard,

"Ugh, great Babybird, just what you want to know on a Friday morning... Wait does that mean the Egyptian afterlife is basically full of a load of brain dead zombies?" Tim made that give me a moment to process and think about what you just said expressions and cocked his head

"Well, technically they're not zombies... But quintessentially yes, the Egyptian afterlife is full of a load of brain dead zombies." Jason laughed and leaned in closer to get a better look at the jars...

"Sooo Babybird?"

"Yes Jay..."

"Who slash what are they?"

"They are representations of gods, the four sons of Horus to be precise." Tim pointed at them each in turn "The human looking one is called Imsety and stores the liver; the baboon... No the other one jay... Yup that one... He's Hapi and contains the lungs. The jackal headed one's called Duamutef and protects the stomach, and sometimes the small intestines also, and last but not least the hawk headed one is called Qebehsenuef and contains the large intestines."


"Qebehsenuef" Jason raised both his eyebrows and stared at his younger brother half in admiration and half in shock before slowly shaking his head. "What?"

"Babybird, one day that brain of yours is going to explode with the sheer amount of information it contains."

"Jay, you do know that is physically impossible." Tim looked as though he was actually considering the possibility and Jason just rolled his eyes, shaking his head more

"So are you Timmy, so are you." As he walked back to where their group was having cartouches and hieroglyphics explained to them, he could just about make out Tim in his peripheral vision struggling to contemplate what Jason had just said.

Well at least some things still stump the nine year old.

When they got back home Dick was there waiting by the door, still suspended from his 'attack' on Tony.

"So how was your visit to the museum?"

"Surprisingly interesting" Jason smirked at Dick's surprised expression.

"How about you Timmy?... Timmy? Tim, what happened?" Tim had worn a confused look ever since their little conversation. Over the canopic jars, Jason was beginning to believe had had dome some permanent damage.

"Jason said I was a physical impossibility... Which is impossible as I am here and I don't understand."

Dick sent Jason a short glare before turning his attention back to Tim. "And why did Jason say you were a physical impossibility?"

"He said 'one day that brain of yours is going to explode with the sheer amount of information it contains' which is a physical impossibility."

"Oh Timmy, Jason was complimenting you on how smart you are"

"Really?" Tim looked up at him first but then turned his attention to Jason, the confusion of before replaced with shining blue gems of excitement and hope.

"Yeah, kiddo" Dick just managed to get out of the way before a Tim sized figure pounced on Jason and the two of them fell to the floor.

Dick just stood there and laughed at them.