Thanks to twilightladies1 for pre-reading this for me.

Chapter 1

Hush little baby

The cries made me nauseous and angry. Stupid fucking human.

The phone starts to ring, but which one of them is calling? My poor excuse of a wife or the brooding emo teenager?

I glanced at the bright screen and answered it.

"Whitock," I barked.

"Did you really kidnap Edward's mate? A lil' human?"

So it seems Peter loves to gossip.

"Yeah," I answered with a fake yawn.

"What's wrong with you? She's only a human, I bet she's scared and hungry…"


But Peter continued his rant. "Alice called and you have to…"

I interrupted him before he could continue, "You need to remind yourself who you are talking to," My voice is cold and quiet, almost deadly. "Watch your tone, fucker."

"But -"

"No buts this time. Location?"

"South Carolina," he said immediately, no longer fighting me. He knew better than that.

"You have two hours to show your pretty face here, boy."


"I'm home." I hung up without waiting for his reply.

The human was still crying.

Thank you.