Fire and Ice

Hello everyone! Okay so this is my first time writing a Palletshipping fic. I got inspiration from all the other ones I read so I thought, why not try it myself?

Okay, so the plot of this fic is kind of sad to begin with, Ash finds out that his mother has been rushed into hospital with pneumonia and returns home to Pallet Town. While feeling down and depressed about his mother fighting for her life only one person can make him feel better. That being his former rival Gary. Whilst his mother is in hospital things between the two ex rivals get quite heated over time. What will I have in store for them? Who knows!

This is a slash fic by the way so anyone who is offended or against menXmen then please do not read for your own safety. No-one under the age of 18 should read this either due to there being some really bad subjects covered in this fic. I don't want to traumatise anyone after all.

Well anyway, I am trying to keep to what the characters are actually like but, Gary and Ash are not ten in this fic so, if they seem OOC then it's because they are older and they have hormones raging through their bodies. Gary and Ash are both seventeen in this fic, and that might explain all the emotions and ups and downs.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, enjoy!

Chapter One: How your life can change

It was strange.

All my life I had been completely consumed by my main goal: To be the greatest Pokemon Master in the world.

Trust me, there had been many a time when even I started to doubt the possibility of that happening.

Well anyway, I was sort of wrong and when I say sort of well... I haven't exactly become Pokemon Master, but I guess I have become something better. During all my journeys through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and so forth I have met some amazing people, had some rather challenging rivals and made so many great friends. Each and every person all helped me on my quest and helped me understand just what I was aiming for. I do not know what I would've done without their constant support, courage and strength.

However, it was times like the present where I wished they were with me, to comfort me when I needed them most.

But of course, what is the likeliness of that happening? When I am actually in need of a friend no-one is around.


Whilst on my journey to become said 'Pokemon Master' I received a life changing phone call from Professor Oak. Lucky for him I happened to be in a Pokemon Centre at the time of calling.

How did he always know where I was? Did he have secret spies everywhere?

"Hello Ash, how is your journey coming along?"

It was weird hearing his voice after so long. Man, I had been away from home for a while now and I knew that when I felt nostalgic listening to the wise Professor's voice. I also knew that something was odd.

Wasn't it meant to be me calling the Professor asking how things were, not the other way around?

"Hi Professor, and yeah it's going great at the moment," I replied jovially.

The Professor had a solemn expression on his face and it kind of made me feel a little sad. It wasn't right to see him troubled, it just didn't seem to make any sense to me.

But what do I know?

It was then I wondered why he had called me in the first place and why he looked so crestfallen.


Had something happened to Gary? Was that the big news?

Now, if that was the case I actually have no idea how I would react, I mean it's not like we are best buddies, but we have ditched our petty rivalry for a while now. It seems kind of sad to even think that he could be hurt. I have no idea why, maybe that is my empathetic side.

"Ash... I hate to say this to you while you are obviously enjoying yourself on your adventure, but... I think you need to come back home right away."

I sighed, just barely audible. I hoped he didn't hear that. It's not like I didn't want to go home right now, it was just I was so close to collecting my final badge here and it seemed kind of wasteful to just up and leave. But, if it was serious then I had no choice really.

A slight cold sweat started to consume me. I just put that down to the terrible heating conditions in this Pokemon Centre.

"Why Professor?" I asked, looking into the screen with narrowed eyes. The Professor sighed and looked very troubled at my question.

Man, it must have been really bad to have the great Professor Oak sweating over a telephone conversation.

"Things back here are very out of hand at the moment and we all think you should come home,"

I crinkled my nose at the thought of returning to the quiet town that was my home town. I liked home, it was just I had not been there for some time and I just knew my Mom would never let me leave the house again, even though I wasn't ten years old any more.

"Out of hand? What do you mean by that?" I continued, longing for more answers. It seemed that the Professor was slightly reluctant to tell me the true reason to why I should return home.

Was he just missing me or something?

"I don't want to tell you this over the phone Ash," The Professor expressed defiantly. It was then I started to really think. Maybe it was to do with Gary and the Professor thought I would be too hurt to hear the bad news over the phone.

Had he been hurt somehow?

Why am I thinking this? It's Gary for God's sake! He's way tougher than any one I know. Hell, I would even say he could make Chuck Norris back down. Okay... now I'm being stupid.

"Is it Gary? Did something happen to him?" I enquired curiously, trying not too sound too worried. I didn't want to give off the impression that I was actually very concerned about my ex-rivals welfare.

The Professor looked confused.

"Gary? No, not at all. He is fine as far as I know,"

I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Well, at least that was clarified.

"It is far more serious Ash, it is to do with your Mother,"

I felt a sadness well up inside me as he said those words.

My Mom? Was she sick?

If that was the case I would ditch everything to go home and be by her side until she got better. I was a good son like that see, and I loved her. She was my rock in this world.

"Mom? What's happened to her? Is she sick?" I enquired, my eyes obviously giving away how upset I was just to hear that the bad news was connected to her. I watched as the Professor placed his hand to his brow, sighing a little. He too seemed just as concerned as me right now and that did not help my emotions at this precise moment in time.

I also noticed that ever since the Professor had said the word 'Mom' Pikachu had perked up and now was sitting on my shoulder, also feeling as worried as myself. It seems everyone who knew my Mom loved her.

"Well... she has been rushed into hospital Ash,"

Hospital? Oh god, now I knew it was bad.

I hated those places, full of disinfectant smells and the chance of coming out of there with more diseases than you actually had in the first place. Pikachu let out a small "Pika..." in response. I could tell the little guy was also affected by the news.

My heart felt tight in my chest as I couldn't even find the strength to speak right now. So many things whizzed through my head right now.

How long had she been sick for? Why did I not know about this sooner?

"I know you are upset Ash, that is why I asked you to come back home. I think you need to see her and be there for her, after all, you are her only son,"

I felt a lump congeal in my throat.

Why was he making it out like if I didn't come home now I would never see her again?

It made my stomach tighten considerably and I felt slightly dizzy. No wonder the Professor was reluctant to tell me this, I now felt like everything I had achieved was nothing in comparison to my mother's welfare.

"Why... why is she in... hospital? I struggled to ask, feeling my little electric friend nuzzle my cheek softly, trying to offer some form of comfort. It did help slightly, but I couldn't help but allow my body be consumed by this tragic news. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears, but I didn't want the Professor to see me cry. Not like this.

"She has Pneumonia Ash, she was just recovering from having Influenza and then she started complaining about being tired all the time, having violent coughing fits and shortness of breath. I just put it down to her recovering from the Influenza, but I only found out today that it was Pneumonia and she had been rushed into hospital. Mr Mime managed to call the ambulance for her, luckily,"

Hearing all about her condition made it harder for me not to cry. It was my Mom, she was always so busy, so happy and fussing about everything she could. To imagine her in that state hurt me deep inside. I guess it was lucky that Mr Mime was there all the time, if he hadn't have called an ambulance then God know's what would've happened.

Man I don't want to think about that.

Pikachu drooped his ears;

"Pika Pi" He cooed softly, also showing how this news had hurt him too. Just like everyone who ever met my Mother, they all loved her and so it was obvious people were going to be affected by the news of her going into hospital.

"Does... Gary know?" I questioned, looking at the solemn expression of the Professor. I watched as he slowly shook his head and I bit into my bottom lip in frustration.

Typical! Too wrapped up in his own life to even care about anyone else!

Pikachu could sense how my sadness was turning to rage and he placed a small hand on my shoulder, shaking his head in defiance. We both knew that this was not the time to start acting irresponsibly just because of my emotions. I'm sure that he had a good enough excuse, as always.

"Gary is away at another lab over in Sinnoh right now, I am going to phone him shortly after I end this call to tell him the news. Ash, you know he will be just as worried as you," The Professor assured me and I gave a weak nod.

It wasn't like I did not believe the Professor, it was just Gary and I had not seen or spoke to each other for some time now. It just felt as if we were subconsciously avoiding each other and I just wanted to believe he would not care.

I knew he did care, in his own way.

"I know," I mumbled weakly, wanting to end the call and come home right away so I could visit my Mom. I wanted to make sure they were taking care of her, that she was going to get better and that everything would be back to how it used to be.

"Once I phone Gary I too will head down to the hospital to visit her, she needs all the support she can get right now,"

I once again nodded. It was becoming more and more difficult to allow words to come out of my mouth. They were just becoming a strangled mess in my throat and just disappeared before I could actually say anything.

It was then I decided I would find any means of transport to get me back home. The best means right now was probably flying, I could use my Pokemon for that so it wouldn't cost me anything. It was also probably the most efficient way, and I could not just leave this to hang in the balance.

Mom needed me, and I needed to be with her.

"I'll fly over to Pallet Town right away Professor, I can't stay here another minute longer knowing that Mom is fighting for her life in hospital," I choked out, once again feeling water begin to congeal in my eyes.

No, I don't want to cry in front of Professor Oak!

Pikachu nodded, agreeing with my decision. It seemed like he also wanted to ensure Mom was okay. Professor Oak nodded and his expression seemed to change to a more relaxed one. He seemed relieved at my decision, which was odd.

Why would I not want to return home to make sure my Mom was okay?

"Alright Ash, I'll phone Gary right away and I'll look forward to seeing you again. I just wished it could have been under better circumstances,"

"Me too," I returned, sighing a little.

"She is situated at the Hospital in Viridian City so make your way there. I'll see if I can meet you there" The Professor concluded, to which I nodded.

That was settled then.

I was to abandon my journey of becoming the greatest Pokemon Master that ever lived to ensure that my Mom was okay.

See to some people that would sound stupid, but to me it did not.

Without my Mom I don't think I would've got to where I am now. She gave me all the support and courage I could ever ask for, and wanted nothing in return.

She was a pure diamond.

"Alright Professor, see you there"

With those last words in the open air the conversation ended and the machine clicked off.

Stretching out a little I sighed.

It was time to leave and luckily it was still light outside so flying shouldn't be much of an issue. Pikachu had that determined look in his eyes, just like when we were in battle. He knew just as much as I did how important she was to both of us. We were going to make sure she was okay and that she would get better.

With that thought in mind both of us head out of the Pokemon Centre ready to take flight back home, back to the nostalgia of being ten years old again, first starting out on my journey.

I knew it would be weird going back, but I also knew I had to, if not for myself then for my Mom.

Phew, first chapter done! Next chapter will carry on the plot some more. I'll write alot quicker if I find people are actually interested in this fic. Reviews and stuff always help me out! Also Gary will be making his debut appearance in the next chapter so look forward to it! I can't help but feel sorry for Ash, if that happened to my Mom I think I would just sit and cry T_T

I hoped I kept them in character, it has been a while since I wrote anything Pokemon related so don't sue me! I hoped you all enjoyed this instalment and look forward to the next one. Ciao for now!