Harry Potter Babysits the Kidvengers!

Chapter: Harry

Bored with life in the wizarding world after completing his prophecy, Harry decides to jump the pond. He expected to get a mundane common job to pass the time when he arrived in New York. He had both the Potter and Black family funds to keep him comfortable for at least three life times. So day by day passed, with small useless jobs. A pizza maker, a store clerk, a secretary, employee in a candy store, he worked in the museum, on the docks, at the carnival, and at a mechanic shop.

Finally he worked for an old man who owned his own book store. When the owner decided it was time for him to retire, Harry decided to buy the shop from him. Harry was getting used to using technology but he was also very attached to his magic and needed a place where he can work and it wouldn't interfere. Though with all the advancements that there were in the muggle world, Harry assumed he'd have to pay out of pocket to keep his book store alive. He was glad that that wasn't the case.

People still came in every day to buy books. Harry also added a study and quiet section for near by students who found this place closer than the library. He also had a kids section and every day picked a book and read aloud to anyone who would listen. Sometimes it was just kids, but other times it was people from other ages as well.

All in all, Harry had a quiet, quaint, life and he loved it.

Everything was nice and quiet until that one faithful day when a giant portal opened up in the sky and unleashed hellish horrible monsters into New York.

Hero complex kicking into maximum over drive, Harry rushed into the battle field, protecting civilians and killing monsters left and right.

That was how he met the Avengers. One heck of a meet and greet. An entire side of a building was going to fall on some civilians and who Harry learned later on were Captain America(Steve Rogers), Black Widow(Natasha Romanov), and Hawk-Eye( Clint Burton). Harry passing by cast a protection spell over all of them and helped lead the civilians towards safety.

Being as outnumbered as they were, the Avengers gladly accepted Harry into their team(unofficially).

When the mess was settled and Harry walked away before the smoke metaphorically cleared, he thought that, that was that. Since Harry had used magic to protect his shop all he had to do was clean up some glass, vacuum some dirt and dust, and pick up some books that had fallen over.

Thinking his hero days were over(again), Harry helped out the owners of the shops next to his that weren't as lucky.

When he was approached by a man in a black suit, Harry politely declined any offer that they had made. He wasn't interested in glory, money, or anything else that they offered. He finally had his nice quiet life and he was going to cling to it as tightly as he could...but they were insistent.

Eventually Harry arrived at SHIELD and was greeted by Hawk-Eye and Black Widow. They thanked him for his help and told him what SHIELD was about. Harry firmly stated that he wasn't interested in joining any organization.(Especially with all the drama he went through with the Order and the Ministry) and they understood.

"What about a team?" Harry turned to see an African American man in a black trench coat and an eye patch.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "A team?"

"Yes. The idea is, we have a team of heroes. When no one else is up for a specifically difficult task like the one you helped out in, they're called in. It's called the Avenger Initiative."

"And you want me?" Harry asked.

"Who wouldn't want The Boy Who Lived on their side?" Hawk Eye whispered that his name was Fury.

"I left Britain so I wouldn't have to be on a team," Harry replied.

Fury shrugged, "Evil doesn't care, but it'll continue to strike. Since you'll be living here, can we at least have you on speed dial?"

Harry looked at all of them before sighing, "You already do. When you do call I expect Hell to be unleashed with Satan riding a hell hound. I expect fire and explosions and raining evil monkeys who sing horribly catchy techno tunes...the real deal."

They all smiled at him.

And that's how it started. In those weeks that followed he was introduced to the rest of the team properly. Due to his magic he never knew too much about science or technology, though he was learning, but the portal they were working on to send Thor and Loki back to Asgard was something that stroked his curiosity and interest. He also gave his two scents he had about magic.

When Thor was busy helping with the portal, everyone rested easier with Harry being the one to watch over Loki since Harry's magic seemed more potent that Loki's, or at the very least, Loki's magic tricks wouldn't work so easily on Harry.

It was on the day before the portal machine was finished that Loki seemed to try something. All of the Avengers charged into Loki's cell room, prepared for (almost) anything. Chanting ancient Asgardian words there was a blinding flash.

Harry's magic reacted swiftly and shielded him instantly from whatever the spell that Loki had cast. However he wasn't fast enough to send a protection spell to the others. Rubbing his eyes to clear his vision Harry looked around the room. Looking at eye level it seemed like everyone else had vanished. Looking down...Harry realized what Loki's magic had done. Seven pairs of young eyes looked at him expectantly.

"What happened?" Agent Hill demanded as she and Fury barged in.

Harry pointed at the mini-Loki, "He did a spell and deaged them all. It must have bounced off my when my magic pulled a protective force field over me and hit Loki..."

"What now?" Agent Hill asked Director Fury.

Fury turned to Harry and said, "There's no fire or explosions or singing monkeys, but I have your first mission Potter."

Harry's eyes widened then he closed them and pinched the bridge of his nose and groaned.

I've been having some major writers block with "My Side of the Story" I have part of the next chapter but I just can't get them to flow together or a good start...also, when writing "Man of Iron, Father of Gold" I loved the idea of the Avengers looking out for Kid Harry, but then I got the adorable idea of Harry taking care of the Kid Avengers!

So...this was born.