Baby Sitting Kidvengers

Chapter 10: For A While...

It was hard for Harry to dislodge himself from the others without them waking up, but he did it. After he stretched and popped some of his bones, he blinked in surprise. He hadn't slept that well in a very long time. A smile crept onto his face as he watched the mini-avengers cuddle together to replace his now empty space. They looked so peaceful and without problems. He wished it would last, but at the same time knew it wouldn't.

When his mind woke up a bit more he realized that there was an Avenger missing. And for that matter, he didn't see his godson anywhere.

Harry walked out of the kids room and followed any form of noise he heard. He found them in the game room playing air-hockey.

"Dad! Hey!" Teddy greeted as he threw the orange puck back towards Tony.

Tony blocked and sent it back and said, "Did you sleep okay? No more nightmares?"

Harry just stood there for a moment and blinked. "Uh...I'm okay...great even. All two are...friends now?"

"Nope!" Tony said as he stuck out his tongue in concentration and tried to block the puck again.

"" Harry question.

"We're brothers!" Tony answered happily.

Harry looked at Teddy for an explanation when he asked, "Brothers?"

"Uh...yeah. Tony's, uh, my little brother now...cos' you're going to adopt him?" Teddy put down the air-hockey paddle and shrugged at his own explanation.

"Uh...what?" Harry asked.

Tony ran to him and looked up at him with the biggest pair of brown eyes. Harry wasn't sure if it was the emotions of Tony's entire life shining through or if he was capable those feeling so young.

"You said you wouldn't leave me...did you mean that?" Tony whispered.

Harry mentally sighed and picked Tony up. Instantly Tony cuddled into Harry's touch, something the young genius wouldn't do anymore with any other adult, not even his own mother. "Yes I meant that."

"Then you're going to adopt me right?" Tony asked.

Harry knew he shouldn't say yes but he knew this wasn't permanent, so...was there any harm if he did? He could practically hear Hermione chide him about how he always got into these situations. But he wasn't Harry Freaking Potter for nothing.

"Yeah Tony. I'll adopt you," Harry said with a smile.

Tony smiled brightly and hugged Harry as tightly as possible. When Harry set him down he ran to Teddy and hugged him around the waist. Teddy smiled and returned the hug. He looked at his dad and they shared a smile and a shrug.

Nothing can possibly go wrong because of this right?



When the others woke up, they decided that Harry needed to rest and wouldn't let him touch a single pan or skillet. Clint and Tony latched themselves onto Harry's legs and Thor to one of Harry's arms. After five minutes of that, Harry realized he wasn't going to be cooking that day and asked one of the agents to bring them some food.

Harry decided that since they weren't going to let him cook he might as well take them to watch morning cartoon. He put on the Loony Tunes. He started watching it every morning he could since he came to America. He loved Bugs Bunny.

It didn't take long for the others to fall for the cartoon and the sarcastic witty bunny either. While they were all distracted, Harry tried to sneak away but Tony quickly asked where he was going.

"I have to call a friend. I haven't called in and their bound to be worried," Harry said.

"Who are you going to call?" Teddy asked.

"Hermione. Maybe get in touch with Neville. Perhaps Drake. One of them will have an idea of how to help...I hope. Keep on eye on them, yeah?" Harry asked. Teddy nodded and Harry went on his way.

"Who are Her-her-my-oh-knee? Neville and Drake?" Bruce asked.

"Dad's friends. Aunt Hermione is probably the smartest person dad knows. Uncle Nev is brilliant with plants and Mr. Draco is good with potions," Teddy answered.

"Someone's smarter than Harry? Impossible!" Tony cried.

Teddy chuckled, "Dad's pretty good when it comes to things like fighting evil, but in school his friend, Aunt Hermione, was known to be the brightest witch of their time."

"Do you think they'll like me?" Tony asked.

"Er...I'm sure they'll love you. Especially Aunt Hermione. She'll be very impressed with someone so young being so smart," Teddy smiled at Tony, who smiled back, just as brightly.

"Wait, why does he get to meet them?" Steve asked.

Tony stuck out his tongue, "Because Harry adopted me so that means they're now my family too!"

"What? Nuh uh! Harry didn't adopt you!" Natasha exclaimed.

"He did too! Teddy was there when he said so, weren't you Teddy?" Tony demanded.

Teddy scratched the back of his head. He could already see where this was going, "Uh...well...sort of...yeah."

"The sorcerer honestly has taken you in?" Thor asked, furrowing his brow. He cast a glance at Loki who had tensed and began to frown, but didn't seem to want to voice anything.

"Shucks... even though I wish I could be a part of Harry's family, I have my mom waiting for me. And my friend Bucky." Steve said with a small smile, though there was some sadness there.

"I miss my mom too but I like being here with Harry. He's fun," Bruce said.

"Ay. We also miss our parents but do not mind so much since we're spending such adventurous times with the sorcerer. Isn't that right brother?" Thor asked Loki who merely 'Hm'd'.

"Don't you have a family?" Natasha asked Tony.

"Sort of, but they don't care about me. Not like Harry. He's a better father. I like the time I've had with him and so I decided he was going to adopt me. And he did," Tony said with a shrug.

"Is that all you did?" Loki asked.

"Yup!" Tony said happily.

"Okay, okay, that's enough. What do you guys have planned for today?" Teddy asked, trying to change the subject.

Tony and Thor dragged Teddy out into the playing room with Steve, Bruce and Loki following behind them. Natasha was about follow them too when she noticed that Clint was going towards the balcony. Something inside of her told her to follow him, so she did.

Clint stood on the tips of his toes as he looked over the railing.

"That's dangerous. You can get in trouble," Natasha let herself be known.

Clint got down and glared at her, actual anger in his eyes, "Oh geez! Not you again! What, are you going to hit me again?"

" didn't go go the play room," Natasha stated.

"So?" Clint demanded as he turned away from her.

"Don't you want to play with the others?" Natasha asked.

"No," Clint replied immediately.

"What about with me?" Natasha tried again.

"Why? So you can hit me some more? No thanks," Clint snapped back.

"I...I guess I should say sorry about that...I guess I was being mean." Natasha said, no idea where this was coming from.

"Doesn't matter...I want to be alone," Clint whispered.

"Why?" Natasha asked, confused.

"Because that's all I am! Everyone else has someone! I don't! While everyone else has family and friends and siblings to go to, I don't! When all of you go back to your families I'll just get sent back to the orphanage! Just...just let me get used to being alone again..." Clint said quietly, his voice breaking.

Natasha didn't know what to do. She knew she herself didn't like talking about it, and wouldn't know how to comfort Clint. The only thing she could say was, "You're not the only one. I have nothing but an orphanage to return to too."

She didn't wait for him to reply and went back inside. She didn't go to the playroom though. All wants of playing with Teddy or Steve disappeared with her talk on the balcony. She felt like she needed to do something, but she wasn't sure what. When in doubt she did what first came into her head, she went to find Harry.


"Yes...yes...okay...yes. Okay. Yes, please try to get in contact with all of them and have them owl me. Okay, thanks Mione. Bye," Harry said as he hung up the phone.

He sighed. Hermione said that since the spell hadn't come undone, or his magic couldn't overpower it, she would have to examine one of the kids herself to get an idea of what they were dealing with. She suggested maybe getting Madam Pomfrey or McGonagall to come in as well. Harry reluctantly agreed for the sake of his new friends but knew that since there wasn't any real danger, he would wait until his old professor and nurse had free time. Hermione also said she would try to contact Neville and Draco, they should be easier to get a hold of.


Harry looked towards the doorway and saw Natasha standing there, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

"Is everything okay Natasha?" Harry asked as he stood and made his way to her.

"Yes...? No? I dunno..." Natasha whispered.

Harry smiled at her, "Want some tea? I think they brought in some more types."

Natasha merely nodded. Harry picked her up and made it to the kitchen and made them some Earl Tea. When they were both served and seated Harry asked, "What happened?"

"It's Clint..." Natasha said.

"Clint?" Harry repeated. From these few days he's known Clint to be a bit loud, sassy, but other than that just a normal little boy.

"He's...upset," Natasha continued.

Harry frowned, "Do you know why?"

"We...they...were talking about family earlier..." Natasha whispered.

"Family?" Harry echoed.

"Yeah. Tony said that you had adopted him. Steve and Bruce mentioned their moms and Thor his parents. I didn't really think of it...but as the guys went into the playroom with Teddy, Clint didn't. He went out into the balcony. When I approached him he was actually angry. Not pretend angry or immature angry...he was really upset. And I know why too...when this is over and everyone else goes home to a family...Clint and I will just return to the orphanage...and not the same one...I like it here Harry...I like all of you...I don't wanna go now know how it feels like to have a family. A good and happy one too..." Natasha shakes her head, "This is about Clint, not me. He's upset because he's an orphan too...and I don't know what to do to make him feel better..."

A similar ache entered Harry's chest, like the one he felt for Tony at hearing Natasha speak. Harry knelt in front of Natasha and smiled tenderly at her, "Natasha...I'm glad you like it here to much. And...if you don't want to go back to the orphanage you don't have to. There is also room for another in our family."

Her eyes widened, "R-really?"

Harry nodded and she jumped out of her seat and hugged him. Harry smiled, knowing it was a rare moment for Natasha, child or adult. "We'll be one big happy family. Now, where's Clint? I have to tell him about his newly acquired adopted status."

Natasha giggled, "He was on the balcony the last time I saw him."

Harry nodded and walked Natasha to the playroom before going in search of Clint.


Clint wasn't on the balcony but on the roof. Harry wasn't surprised at this point and though a part of him wanted to freak out, another part of him told him that he too was fond of high places when he was upset.

Clint was perched on the ledge, but thankfully it was very wide and not as dangerous as smaller buildings. Harry approached Clint and silently stood there and waited for Clint to be ready. He wouldn't hurry or push him.

"It's confusing being here..." Clint finally said.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"The orphanage where I stayed was near a park and I would sometimes play with some of the normal kids. They didn't understand at all. Why I always smiled, why I always made jokes, why I always hid what I was feeling and pretended to be obnoxiously happy..." Clint whispered and drew his knees to his chest.

"And here?" Harry asked.

Clint sighed, "'s weird. Tony has parents but he's sort of like me, ya know? I can tell he doesn't mean it when he smiles...or he didn't. Here, with you and the's fun. It's awesome. We get so much food, and a warm comfy bed and it's all too myself! And so many awesome toys! I never thought I'd get to play with stuff like that in a million years! Not without stealing it or something... and you're not like other grown ups who get mad easily and yell at us to go away because we're being noisy or something...and you're just one guy!"

Harry climbed onto the ledge and copied Clint. "I guess...I guess I just thought about it, you know, my time as a kid. I know how it is. Being an orphan is not only like you are mute, but also invisible until they need you to do something. I know that even though you are all so young, you've gone through a lot. Maybe more than some adults. I just want to help."

"You are...these last few days have been the best I've ever day...I'm going to miss them...I'm going to miss you and everyone else...even Natasha." Clint murmured.

"And...if I said you didn't have to go back to that orphanage?" Harry asked tentatively.

"What?" Clint gasped as he looked at Harry with widen eyes filled with awe and hope.

"I was thinking...Tony was added to my family, maybe you'd want to be too? Natasha already agreed," Harry replied.

"What?" Clint asked again.

"Would you, Clint Barton, like to be Clint Potter?" for a while, Harry mentally added.

Clint looked down, "Kids cost a lot of money Harry..."

Harry smiled, "And who said I didn't have any? I'm pretty rich ya know. You'll have all the food, toys, clothes, and anything else you'll ever need Clint. I promise."

A few stray tears fell down his face and Clint hugged himself tighter, "I just...I don't wanna be alone...I want somewhere to belong..."

"And you got that with us," Harry sticks out his pinky, "I pinky swear you belong here, with us."

Clint looked at the pinky, then up to meet Harry's eyes. He slowly took the pinky in his own, "Promise?"

Harry rocked their pinkies and said, "Cross my heart and hope to die."

"No, you can never die," Clint said as he stood up and hugged Harry, "But thank you for doing I really your son now?"

Harry ruffled his hair, "We'll write up the paper work tonight."

Clint grabbed Harry's hand as he helped the young blonde jump off the ledge and together they walked back inside. As they rode the elevator down Clint asked, "So does that make Natasha my sister?"

"Uh...sort of," Harry replied.

"Well, can you tell her not to hit me anymore? For a girl she sure hits hard!" Clint whined and Harry chuckled.

"I'll talk with her," Harry said.


Harry froze. He was used to Teddy calling him that by now but to hear it from Clint and with that something in his voice...Harry knew what it was like. That hope filled gratefulness of someone wanting someone like him. A kid who grew up watching as couples came and went but didn't think he was worth adopting. Spending Christmases and birthdays and other holidays alone, without gifts, or dinners, or love. Thinking there was something wrong with you and then finally coming into this crazy but somehow functional family. He smiled at the blonde and replied, "Come on then son."

So he'd play pretend with them for a while. That was okay. Maybe or maybe they won't remember but for now these kids needed a better memory of their childhood, and maybe Harry needed a family of his own too.

He'd pretend with all of them. For a while. Just a little while.

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