Babysitting Kidvengers

Chapter 14: Infiltration, Danger, and Captivity.

Important Note: It's nearly been a year...I cannot say sorry enough about that. A lot of things have happened in Marvel. Mainly Captain America: Winter Soldier as well as Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...this is still a fan fic so it's not going to follow exactly those guidelines but I do want to put in some elements of some of the stuff that's also sparked some ideas. So...time lines are screwy but it's okay cos this is fanfiction...creative license and all that.

The next time Harry woke up was actually at 1PM. He felt that heavy, lazy tiredness from his body that one gets after working out for the first time in a long time and your muscles remember that they could hurt in places you didn't think could hurt. When he reached for his glasses and donned them on he looked at the clock in the nightstand and noticed the time. "Bloody hell!" he exclaimed as he jumped up and left his room to check on the others.

Standing in the living room's doorway in his nightshirt and sweatpants, hair standing at all ends, Harry expected chaos, disaster, and debris. What he got instead was Teddy playing goldfish with Natasha, Bruce, and Steve. Clint and Tony using the television to continue whatever video game they were playing with Thor on the side munching away on popcorn. Loki on the couch with his magic book in front of him and wand in hand quietly practicing his levitation spell.

"Hey...look who's up!" Teddy cheerfully stated as he craned his neck to see his father. "There's pizza and Chinese take out in the fridge." he said before turning back to his game.

"Everyone is alright?" Harry asked, voice still somewhat laced with sleepiness but more so confusion.

"Why wouldn't we be?" Teddy asked without looking away from his cards.

"I...why did you let me sleep so late?..why didn't my alarm go off? Why-" Harry asked in a daze as he tried to wake up fully. Maybe he was still asleep?

"You needed sleep. We all saw that. So we let you sleep. We turned off your alarms too. It wasn't hard." Natasha said as she rearranged some of her cards in her hand.

"Yeah, Natasha and I snuck into your room and switched off the alarm option on the clock on your nightstand," Clint chimed in.

"Teddy used magic to summon your calling device to make sure that wouldn't wake you either," Loki said as he placed down his wand, and with it the objects he'd been levitating.

"And then the AI easily agreed not to wake really must have been tired if you slept until one. We thought for sure you'd be awake by noon," Tony said as he paused the game to look at Harry properly and then he laughed, "Your hair looks funny."

The others stopped what they're doing to look at Harry and there were some giggles and chuckles of agreement. Harry blushed some as he tried, ever in vain, to tame his hair but he doubted it did much. "You are all against me..." but he yawned and shook his head with a grin. Everyone was fine, getting along, and fed. Nothing was on fire, or soaked, or broken. That was a good way to wake up, he thought as he headed to the kitchen for something to eat.

"We love you too, pops." Teddy called out and everyone resumed with their activities. Harry joining them shortly as he sits on the couch next to Loki, shortly joined by Thor, and as everyone continues to do what they were doing, Harry beings one of his tales as per request. Not any of his daring tales of danger, but some lighter tone ones like the mischief he and his friends would get into. Like using his father's cloak of invisibility to sneak off to places he wasn't allowed to go.


Harry sighed as he tossed the latest copy of The Prophet [US edition]onto his desk as he slumped back.

"That can't be good." Teddy said as he entered his father's temporary study. A few more days passed and during that time as Harry tried to communicate with Hermione, or anyone for that matter, but no one would pick up.

Harry picked up the paper again and passed it over so Teddy could read it. Opening it up properly and looking at the front page, Teddy let out an, " word from home?"

" this rate, not only do I think it'll be a prolonged stay here in the tower by us...I'm fearing you may not be able to make it back to Hogwarts in time..." Harry said as he sat up straight in his chair.

Teddy tensed a bit at the seriousness of the matter as he placed the paper down on the desk again. He was quiet for a moment before he shrugged and said, "Many kids get taken out for privet tutoring...I heard a lot of it happened when Voldemort began rising again...muggleborns and even some half-bloods or 'traitors' took their kids out for safety...sides, if it takes longer for people to come over, you're gonna need me here to help either way...I wouldn't leave you or them."

Harry smiled at his son a bit before he began to frown and reread the front page, "U.S. CLOSES IT'S BORDERS!

Due to rising protesters with good intentions but bad choice in actions, the governments fear for the safety of its civilians. Both the magical and muggle kind. Dangers of other worldly matters still exist and there are plenty of questions left unanswered. With the increasing dangers of being discovered, the reactions we have gathered already, have us in high alarm. There are also organizations like The Rising Tide, The Avengers, and S.H.I.E.L.D out there but what do they know? What to they intend? Harry Potter was last see-"

Harry stopped reading as he sighed again, "Wait, no, I finally did get in contact with Hermione this morning. Sorry...brain's all scattered. There have been attacks in other places, but the magical activity set of various alarms...and apparently some of those who believe now is the time to show ourselves to the muggles decided to act. Fortunately or unfortunately, the way it turned out, the muggles just believe it to be a terrorist attack. Which set off protests just about everywhere and well...riots and chaos...with all the American Magical Society already has to deal with they decided that closing off the borders for the time being was it's best choice...can't say I disagree...people are panicking. They want answers..."

"Who doesn't?" Teddy asked as he took a seat in one of the empty chairs laying about.

"I'm going to write to Kingsley and Hermione, sending a letter to all Magical societies with my them some leeway and some...comfort? Let them know that someone has some should help calm people down some." he said with a shake of his head.

"Well...if anyone's word is to be taken without question it would be yours.'ll put you in the spotlight again." Teddy said in a bit of a warning.

Harry sighed, "I know...but..."

"A hero has to do, what a hero has to do," Teddy filled in for him. Harry just smiled a bit, though it didn't reach his eyes, and nodded in agreement.

Taking out a quill and parchment, he began to write.


Later that evening Harry called Agent Coulson, knowing he was in connection with Fury and Maria since he couldn't get a hold of them two. Coulson came to visit the tower personally. This time he allowed himself to be seen by the kids, but like expected, no one recognized him.

Harry didn't miss the sadness in the agent's eyes at that. He supposed it was rather painful to see someone who you were close with, and being S.H.I.E.L.D agents, it was probably the closest they had to family, and not be recognized...he remembered how torn up Hermione was about the possibility of never seeing her parents again, though they wouldn't remember her if something did happen to her. That thought did cause the usually strong Hermione to waver some.

He told the kids to continue painting, it was Steve's turn to pick an activity and he liked art, so this evening they were all artist. Of course it seemed that a bath would be needed because the canvases, intended or not, ended up being all of their bodies as well as the paper. Motioning Coulson to the kitchen, Harry cleared his throat but the agent beat him to speaking.

"They seem happy."

"I'm trying my best to keep them like that until we can cure them," Harry responded.

"I'm glad it was you who took them in," Coulson said as he held his hands behind his back, "I know we seem heartless and up to something...I read your file and I don't blame you for the suspicion...there are agents who do good for not so good reasons but me? I want to protect and help those who can't protect themselves...but then that pegs the question...who protects the protectors? They would have been fine but the curiosity of some scientist and the possible danger they give would...they wouldn't be as happy as they are now." Coulson was looking through the door to the kids, "Romanoff is actually laughing...I mean, I know she's capable of it but a sincere laugh with no ulterior motives behind it? Never thought I'd see that in my lifetime..."

"Agent?" Harry spoke to bring the agent back who seemed to be in a far off place.

Coulson shook his head to snap out of his thoughts, "You said you had news?"

"I uh...yeah...Some of the muggle terrorist attacks you may be seeing were cover ups for magical protests gone wrong. Things aren't dying down, they're heating up." Harry began.

"Oh dear...that is not good." Coulson nodded, far more focused than he was a few seconds ago.

"No, but the magical governments are getting things under control. One of my closest friends was asked to come in and comment...though inconvenient to us...the right move for the sake of muggle and magical civilians...or anyone really." Harry said.

"And what might that inconvenience be?" Coulson inferred.

"Closing the borders...for the time being and until further notice, unless of true emergencies and clearance, no one is allowed out of their country. Or more specifically, America being the hot zone, no one is allowed in here unless authorized."

"I don't suppose any healers that may help in getting the Avengers back to normal may get clearance?" Coulson asked hopefully.

Harry shook his head solemnly, "Right now only government and military officials have clearance and the only one of my friends who has said clearance is needed for negotiations elsewhere..."

He sighed before he looked at the others through the door and smiled slightly, "Well...I don't think they'll mind."

Harry matched his glance and grinned a bit himself, "No, I don't think they will...I'm giving them my story, modified for children of course, and they want to know how it ends. Now it looks like they'll find out."

"It hasn't...not yet." Coulson commented.

"I haven't done much worth reading about," Harry countered.

"Helping fight aliens and taking care of the greatest heroes in their younger forms isn't worth reading about? Well...I should ask you for a book list recommendation because obviously I'm reading the wrong books." Coulson said with a grin.

Harry chuckled, "Okay..okay...perspective wise...I see your point."

"I should get going," Coulson said.

"Already? We were going to order dinner. Wouldn't you like to stay?" Harry ask. He knew the agent had been doing his job before and really, after the initial greeting, and admittedly a good nights rest, Harry could see that Coulson was a good guy and easy to get along with. There was also something about the other's sad smile that made Harry...he wasn't sure what. There was a nagging feeling.

"I'd like that, I would, but I have my orders...I have a team of my own and we have work to do. Strange things are still happening and we need some footing on the ground." Coulson replied but gave Harry a smile in gratitude for wanting to include him.

Nodding, Harry said, "Right. Well...wherever you go, keep a look out for protests...there may or may not be more to them than meets the eye."

"Will do. We'll keep in touch, Potter," Coulson said as he headed towards the exit.

Harry watched him go until the elevator's door closed. Then he turned back towards the kids and resumed their painting until the Chinese food arrived. They ate as they watched The Road to El Dorado. After the movie was over, Harry, Teddy, and a few of the Agents helped the kids bathe. The boys all got in together and it was messy and loud and splashy. Once the boys were done a female agent helped Natasha with her bath. Once they were all cleaned, changed for sleeping, and were told a bed time story, the second task in the TwiWizard Tournament, it didn't take long for them to pass out and sleep.

For the next two months Harry and Teddy were kept busy in ways they didn't expect. Harry would leave for a few hours a day to attend meetings with the American Council as the British Ambassador. The Avenger's age problem was placed on the back burner as the politics of the both the wizarding world and the muggle world heated up. Aside from consulting in those meeting, Harry had to do various meetings through magical communication while reporting back to the Ministry. Fury wasn't too happy about the world's mightiest heroes situation being placed on hold but in a sense he understood. The last thing he wanted was to start some sort of magical war after barely getting past an intergalactic one. He did ask to be brought into the loop of things and actually got to sit in on one or two of the meetings.

It was also decided that Teddy would take the year off from Hogwarts. Even if he was allowed passage back to England, Harry was too wired up to let Teddy go back without him. Once everything calmed down, the borders reopened, and they fixed the Avengers and they went on with their lives, Harry would move back to be close to Teddy. But for the year to come, Harry would home school him. Not only was it for protection, but it was also a bit selfish of Harry too. This was what he sort of wanted with Sirius but never had...time with him. Spending so much family time with the Avengers made Harry realize just how little family time he and Teddy had since Teddy started school and Harry 'wanting out of the limelight.'

They made plans...they would travel...they would camp under thousands of stars, go to old pubs, famous land marks, not so well known landmarks...everything he and Sirius said they'd do but never got to.

In those two months, Harry hadn't seen heard much from Agent Coulson. Two phone calls actually. And they were only a few minutes long to see how they were. Agent was a busy man, with the job of setting order to this chaotic world...and still called to check in. Had they met sooner, Harry was sure they'd be friends.


On the day that Lady Sif had come to try and take Thor and Loki away, it had been cloudy and ominous. The winds howled lowly, there weren't any birds flying, dread and unease filled Harry. Today started the opposite. It had been a really good day. And how Harry learned to hate stories that began with 'it had been a normal day'...cos that day went to shit.

Tony's breakfast machine had been set up a week ago and the kids still love using it. When the machine suggested a particular plate, the kid's eyes would bright up and jump in excitement. Claiming that was exactly what they wanted. The kids were happy with their 'magic' food, Harry was glad because the kids ate, and Tony was proud he could make so many people happy.

After breakfast Harry took the kids to the park along with Teddy's help and some of the agents too. He pushed them on the swings, made the merry-go-round spin, watched as some titter tottered, ran up and down the slides, and ran around playing tag and other variations like freeze tag. There was a bit of a snag when Loki mistook the game literally and froze Clint's leg.

Harry quickly thawed Clint's leg and suggested they'd head back for some hot cocoa. Loki apologized and thought it was part of the game. Clint though shook it off and said 'it was cool' to which Tony and Teddy laughed at.

Teddy began his homeschooling early. Harry would instruct things he remembered learning in his fourth year. The kids all sat and watched (and cheered) Teddy as he concentrated and tried to mimic his dad's movements.

It was just as they were cleaning up that the lights went off. Everyone stood up and began to rile up.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...everyone stay calm. Teddy...Loki...think you guys can give us some light?" Harry asked since he had technically given his wand to Loki and he didn't want anyone yet to know he still had the Elder wand.

Teddy and Loki raised their wands and simultaneously said, "Lumos!" The tips of their wands ignited and Harry counted the faces he saw and sighed in relief when he saw all eight.

" guys stay here while I go see what's wrong, okay?" Harry said and got nods and 'okay's'.

"Do you want to take one of our wands?" Teddy asked, not liking the idea of his dad being unarmed.

Harry didn't know why, but suddenly a horrible wave of unease overcame him. And it was more powerful than the one when Asgard came to visit. The kids being together and having two wands with them made him feel a bit better. So he shook his head, "Nah...I'll only be a moment."

In retrospect, Harry should have been more careful with his words. Though it didn't matter how careful he was, that infamous Potter Luck always seemed to find him no matter how far he ran.

When he walked into the kitchen to try to find some flashlights or an agent or someone, he was ambushed. He was pushed onto his back and then kicked onto his stomach as someone grabbed his hands and placed them behind his back. Panic and adrenaline coursed through his body as he yelled, "TEDDY! PORTKEY!"

He would elaborate but he was punched in the face and he heard, "Secure the brats."

Harry was fighting back as hard as he could but whoever had him was bigger and stronger. The lights flickered on and the first thing he saw was an angry Coulson who punched the guy holding him. Or he thought that was what happened. He didn't have a good view.

Other guys came running at Coulson and he took them on too. He yelled off to the side, "Get the kids outta here!" To who? Harry wasn't sure but didn't think too much on it. He got to his feet the moment he could and began to help Coulson by using wandless magic to confuse and disarm their attackers. There was an explosion from the living room where the kids were in, yelling, and then Harry felt a buzzing/electrifying sensation. He saw Coulson have the same seizure effect he was feeling and he realized what happened. They'd been tazered.

He was losing consciousness, his vision going dark, mind was hard to focus. Last thing he saw was them tying up Coulson and begin to drag him away. Then he felt the cuffs on him too. The last thing he heard before he passed out were two simple but terrifying words he wouldn't forget any time soon, "Hail H.Y.D.R.A."