Teddy did his best to grab on to Clint, Bruce, Thor, and Steve as they transported via the Portkey, but from the panic and fear along with the adrenaline kept him from keeping his grip. Thor, Steve, and Bruce swirled away from him but he kept a tight embrace around Clint as they fell.

The vortex was coming to an end and Teddy could begin to make out the shop his godfather had been tending too before the attack happened. He landed with a thud and an "Oomph!" He didn't bother caring about the pain he felt as he stood and inspected Clint.

"Are you alright?" Teddy asked, checking the young blond over.

Clint was panicked and looking around for any possible danger. Teddy noticed his his little hands clenched and unclenched, and reached for things that weren't there. His godfather explained who each of the avengers were as adults and what they did. Both he and his godfather knew that who they were as adults were still inside of them somewhere, and Teddy wasn't surprised that all of this chaos was bringing out some survival instincts to the forefront.

"Clint?" Teddy called again.

"Where's everyone else? What happened? Where are we?" Clint asked, eyes wide and chest heaving as he panted, trying to grab his breath.


Both Clint and Teddy turned at the voice and ran over to Steve. He was covered in a few books that fell on him from the book shelves. Luckily, Harry anchored all of the shelves in the shop. The strong winds of their arrival just...rattled a lot of the objects around. There was broken glass from vases and picture frames, books littered around and out of place, and furniture thrown askew. But that was the least of their troubles.

"Steve! Are you alright?" Teddy asked as he and Clint helped him up.

Steve rubbed the back of his head and nodded. "Yeah...I mean, I can move everything. Just sore."

Teddy let out a sigh of relief. Then he called out, "Bruce?"

"What happened?" Steve asked, also looking for the browned haired boy.

Clint was still looking alert and panicked. "We have to go back! Bad guys attacked the tower!"

"That's right!" Steve's eyes widened as it all came back. "Where are the others? Natasha!? Bruce! Thor! Loki! Tony!"

"I am here, friends!" Thor exclaimed, though no one could understand a word he said. They were relieved to see him either way.

Teddy raised his wand and preformed the language spell on Thor. Glad it wasn't complicated since right now communication was key. "What was that, bud?"

"I claimed that I am here. But we should make haste! Banner's fear got the best of him...he's unleashed the beast!" Thor exclaimed.

"Wha-?" Before Teddy could even get the question out, Bruce- or rather the Hulk- unleashed a might roar. Teddy grabbed Thor's and Clint's hand as Steve was already heading towards the door. Opening it, they closed it just as the Hulk crashed into it.

"What do we do?" Steve asked.

"The shop was warded by dad. He made sure the walls could withstand a lot...even the Hulk. Until dad shows up, we just have to keep calm and hope Bruce calms down enough." Teddy explained.

"What? You mean we're not going back to the Tower? But they need us!" Clint exclaimed.

"Aye! My brother is there!" Thor yelled.

"So are Tony, Natasha, and Harry!" Steve reminded them.

Teddy was torn. Part of him did want to go back to the Tower. Maybe had Bruce remained Bruce, he would have tried. But then he remembered the many talks he's had with Harry about safety. About what he and his friends had to go through during the war, and protocols they've set up afterwards. So he steeled his resolved and took charge of those in front of him.

"I know that's what we all want to do. Trust me, I do want to go back, but we can't!" The boys were about to protest but Teddy forged on. "We're in times of trouble, so we have to follow dad's guidelines. He had the Portkey ready for emergencies like these. We may not know where they are, but we know where they're going. They're coming here! Here is where we're need too, so here is where we stay. We need to remain here for Bruce to change back. We need to remain here until dad comes back with the others for us."

"But what if they need help? What if they're in trouble?" Steve asked. Part of him falling into line with what Teddy said. Another part of him wanting to desperately go back for his friends. But some of his friends were here, and needed help too. It was conflicting.

"Dad's there. He's Harry freaking Potter. He's always in trouble but he's also trouble to deal with. You have all heard his stories...you know he can do this." Teddy told them with a firm belief.

"Let us go you stupid moron! You're going to pay and I know money! I will make you poor!" Tony screamed at his captors from his placed where he was tied up.

"Calm down. Will Tony think second?" Loki's voice, far calmer, brought Tony's attention to the other.

Tony raised an eyebrow and asked, "What's the matter Shakespeare? You're usually more elaborate."

"Spell gone. No communicate right. Learning your tongue." Loki said the words carefully, hoping they'd make sense.

And by some miracle they did. "Right...Harry did that spell that let us all understand each other's native tongues. Which you, Thor, and Natasha needed since English isn't your native language. Wait...you learned English in this short time?" Tony asked.

"Books." Was Loki's nonchalant reply along with a shrug.

"Right. Anything in those books that'll help us out of here?" Tony asked hopefully.

"Yes. But wand required." Loki said.

Tony frowned as the observed their captives. They were on a jet. It was quite roomy. Enough that they were in their own small room as captives. Their hands and feet were bound but Tony was a genius and Loki's clothes were battle practical as they were...questionably fashionable.

"Okay. You're stronger than me so listen up okay? I'm going to tighten these things." He said motioning to the zip ties around their hands. "You're going push your elbows backwards as hard as you can towards your hips. This will apply pressure and make the zip break. Then you can shift some of the metal in your clothes slash armor and cut the rest of us loose, okay?"

Loki mentally did the motion in his head before nodding to Tony. When they both nodded at the ready, Loki tried. It took him twice to get it but his hands were freed. It took a bit of concentration and Tony's bickering instructions but they were eventually free.

Tony then smirked at Loki. "Let's get your wand and show these bastards they don't mess with the Potters!"

"Magic is real!?" Skye asked with childlike mirth.

"No, it's not. It's impossible!" Simmons tried to argue.

"I just saw him turn his beat up and shattered glassed back to good as new! How do you explain that?" Skye asked.

"Mind tricks." Fitz said. "Illusions and mirrors and smokes." He added.

"Yes! Slight of hand! Or a form of advance science!" Simmons exclaimed.

"Normally I would try to understand what either of you two say." May began as she motioned to FitzSimmons, but then motioned towards the little girl standing next to Harry. "But unless Black Widow managed to have a child, she's been de-aged. And if there was some sort of scientific reason to explain that, then how is it that I tried to coax her into speaking English but she didn't understand any of it, or spoke it, then Potter spoke in Latin and she could speak perfect English?"

"I...I...I don't know." Simmons deflated, defeated with a headache coming on.

"Guys come on, with all that's happened it's not...too weird, right? And I mean...how cool is that!? Magic!" Skye continued to be fascinated by the motion.

"Our team's specialty is weirdness." Ward commented.

"Yes, but weirdness that can be explained!...Eventually." Simmons argued.

"Regardless if you believe in it or not, that's not the mission. We've got children missing. Considering their...abilities, it's in everyone's best interest to get them back as soon as possible. Potter thinks he knows where the majority of them are. Should be safe. Time is of the essence. HYDRA is an issue but not the priority. Understand?" Coulson asked as he came back to talk to them.

Everyone nodded with complete seriousness. Believing in magic may be up to debate, but not who they were. They were heroes and right now children were in need of saving.

"Are they going to be okay?" Natasha asked quietly while they rode in the Bus towards Harry's shop.

Harry grabbed her hand and gave it a slight squeeze. "I'm sure they're fine. The boys have each other and Teddy."

"What about Loki and Tony?" She asked.

Harry frowned a bit at that because he honestly didn't know what lengths HYDRA would go to. At this point all he had was his imagination and that was enough to make him want to puke. But he had to be strong for Natasha and the others when they were reunited. So he forced a smile, "Tony's a genius with technology and Loki's a wiz in magic. Together the two of them will hold their own until we get there."


"I swear to Natasha...I'll do everything in my power to get the boys back safe and sound." He promised her.




There was a huge hugging session as Harry and Natasha exited the Bus and ran towards the boys waiting in front of Harry shop. Harry counted all of them and frowned, "Where's Bruce?"

"Inside. He's feeling a little...green." Teddy replied.

Harry's eyes widened. "Okay...listen, you all head inside the Bus, okay. Follow Natasha and Agent Coulson and strap in. I won't be long."

None of the boys, or Natasha, moved. Then Thor stepped up and asked, "Where's my brother?"

"And Tony?" Steve asked next.

Harry looked at all of them before admitting. "They were taken."

"WHAT?!" Thor cried.

"But we'll get them back, I promise you Thor. But first...let me get Bruce, okay?"

"Alright, children. Onto the Bus." Coulson tried to coax the children inside.

Clint turned and glared at him. "You ain't the boss of us, slick!"

"Is that agent Barton?" May asked quietly as the other team members came to make sure the area was secure.

"Mr. Lupin, would you please assist me in escorting the children inside?" Coulson asked Teddy.

"I ain't going anywhere until Harry comes back!" Clint said stubbornly as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Guys, if we wanna rescue Tony and Loki, we can't do it on foot. We're going to need their plane." Teddy told them.

"I see what you're saying. Natasha and I will take them out with the help of Thor while you and Steve prepare for lift off! We're high jacking this baby!" Clint exclaimed.

Teddy face palmed, "No, Clint. We're...let's just go inside."

Natasha rolled her eyes and punched Clint playfully. "Don't be such a dumb dumb."

"It was a good plan, but now you've all ruined it by no doing it and giving away the element of surprise." Clint pouted as he jumped onto the ramp. "Can I fly this thing?"

Teddy turned to Coulson, "You may want to go make sure his inner pilot isn't...tempted."

Coulson ran after Clint to do just that while Teddy waited for Harry to come back out.

When Harry came out with an unconscious Bruce in his arms, they all boarded the Bus. Skye led them to the bunks where they could lay Bruce down. Harry ordered Natasha, Steve, and Thor to watch over Bruce while he went to discuss things with Coulson. Clint was busy in the cockpit, strapped to the pilot chair, watching as May maneuvered them into the sky.

"Do you all believe the wizard will get my brother back?" Thor mumbled.

"He's Harry! Of course he will! He promised. Harry keeps his promises." Natasha told him.

"She's right, Thor. Plus, we'll all help!" Steve added.

"Thank you friends. But I cannot feel better until my younger brother is safe and sound." Thor said.

"So...I don't suppose you have any way of finding Mr. Stark and Loki?" Coulson asked.

"If we are still dealing with just muggles, and there isn't anything around them blocking their signatures, I should be able to do a locater spell." Harry replied.

"Find?" Loki asked.

It almost made Tony laugh at how much the normally well spoken boy was reduced to such basic vocabulary. But he couldn't laugh while being in such a dangerous situation with him.

Tony kept his eyes out as he searched and then spotted it. "Yes!"

"What was what?!"

"Where are the kids!?

Loki glared at Tony.

Tony just pouted. "Shit."