A/N: Interesting concept to me. I just spent a hella lot of time on the musical Jekyll and Hyde so.. this came to me about it, and yeah.. here ya go.. A struggle within Chibiusa/Rini because of a recent tragedy..

-No More-

Eventually, everyone learns....

I blink at the mirror. One lamp sits in a corner, far away, my image is shadowed. I tweak a short bit of a pigtail and stare bleakly at my reflection. "Helios.. how could it have happened? How could you be...." I can't bring myself to speak the word.. I end up whispering it softly. "..Dead.."

Pink hair, red eyes, dark with anger. I stamp my foot; my maryjane clacks as it hits the floor. I blink again at the image.

I miss him so much, even though it has only been a day since he sacrificed himself for me, sacrificed his soul to Nephrenia so that I would live...

Anger shoots quickly to the surface and I form my hand into a fist. It seems somewhat funny when I look into the mirror; a pretty little girl, pink sugar, hearts and rainbows, angry and crying. What could she possibly have to worry about?

I let out a sudden cry when my nails shoot sharply into my skin. I stare down at my hand and relax it. Blood seeps out from four sharp cuts in my hand, given by four sharp black nails. "No," I whisper.

When I look into the mirror...

...life isn't pink sugar and rainbows.

I watch myself grow taller, darker, and long pink twisted pigtails flow down my shoulders.. the fan with the twisted moon is in my hands and I stare down at it, tears coming to my face again. No. I will not allow myself to become... her...

The long dark silk dances down my sides as I try to force back the
transformation. I will not become the monster...

"No!" My voice is not the shrill it used to be, it has darkened, it has matured.

And as my little girl's maryjanes rise into heels, the transformation is complete. I stare at myself in the mirror and suddenly my energy is sapped. I fall towards the mirror and grip the sides. I push myself up and fix the mirror.

Helios. He's gone, dead, sacrificed himself for me. I loved him. Now he's gone... And that, THAT made me become this hateful creature, the hate-filled young woman known as Wicked Lady. I trace the black, twisted moon on my forehead with my finger, and sink slowly to my knees.

"I will not become a creature of hate," I say to my reflection, the
reflection of twisted beauty and hate. "Even though he was taken from me, I won't let myself become.. become this. Her. You. Wicked Lady will be no more."

The slender, developed figure in the mirror rises as I do. The image seems to smirk at me though my face is torn in hate and indecision. I grab the sides of the mirror and shove it backwards, as if grabbing my hateful, mocking reflection.

"Do you hear me? YOU ARE GONE. WICKED LADY IS NO MORE!" Half-crying, half-laughing with the irony, I smash the mirror with a blast of power from her, no, my fan. It shatters, shards fly like sharpnel and a few catch the skin of my arms. My blood spills slowly out of the cuts, and I sink to the ground, crying, staring at my bloodstained arms. Yet somehow I delight in the pain....

Some of us learn early.

The End.

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