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Tainted Beauty


I found you where no one else would. Really, how could you be shielding yourself with an old blanket in a disgusting and shady street while there was such a cold and piercing atmosphere in the air? The city was covered in the purest white, which was even clearer and crystalline than my dress, and yet, you where turning away from this spectacle.

What a pity, I thought when I first saw you.

After I evaluated your worthiness, I gave you my hand.

I wanted to free you from those covering stains and blurred eyes. It's ok, you can trust me, I'd never hurt you because you were already at the lowest ground. However, though I came too late, I also managed to make it in time.

I still can rescue your innocence.

And I did it, once I cut your hair and cleaned your pretty face. I did it, as soon as your blood melted in my mouth.

Seriously Jack, I can't understand why a cute creature like you has lost its will of living. You seem to possess so much to give to this cruel world; I bet you could shine brightly enough to blind all the fools who'd be captivated by you.

Oh, don't look at me like that, I do know that you're filled inside. God, I can even feel all that sadness and pain waving furiously out of you… it's such a delicious portrait! Tell me, Jack, could it be hiding your darkest secrets? Is there a colossal burden sucking your energy out of you? Do you have those bruised hands soiled with the smell of Death?

If so, tell me, because that would make me like you more. In fact, I'd like you so, so much that I'd want your whole being all to myself.

Your vanished smile.

Your tired gaze.

Your damaged body.

Your preciously shredded essence…

... I'd want them all - I'd want it all - forever trapped in your blooming insanity, protected by my weak and twisted self.

The End

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