Yin: I believed our first story needed a redo. When we did this one, we were inexperienced. Our chapters are way to short, and there are many misspellings. I wanted to change that. I couldn't decide whether to just change the story out-right, or start over. I decided to start over. Now, keep in mind, this is just a "side story", so I won't put out chapters as frequently as the others. Probably. Now, to the story.

Amanda served tea to her mistress, Kitty Pryde, as she listened in on the conversation.
"Yes, another one of the boys saw him. Dark as night, 'e said." Illyana said.
"I heard that he has eyes as bright as the sun." Kitty added in.
"And fur, yes fur! My older brother came in contact with him last week!"
Kitty leaned in. "Contact? How? Why isn't he...you know, dead?"
"Piotr fought 'im off!"
"What was he, like, like?"
"Piotr said he was strong and toned."
"Oooohhh." Kitty giggled. "Demonic and strong."
Illyana sighed. "I know!"
"So?" Amanda asked.
Both girls glanced at Amanda casually.
Illyana rolled her eyes, continuing. "As I was saying, Piotr was just walking in the woods-"
"The Witch's Wood?"
"Nyet! But he was close."
"Said it fell right on top of him! Scared 'im, it did!"
"It fell on him?"
"Da! They fought until the demon got loose and ran away."
"I know! 'E said 'e was soft like a newborn lamb but as strong as a bull! Had a tail 'e did, and fangs, and wolf's ears! Pointed and twitching every which way!"
"Tsk tsk, such creatures just shouldn't be. I, like, totally heard over in New Jersey that they're battling a devil too!"
"Da, they're calling it the Jersey Devil. Witch's magic, curses, and what-not."
"Oohhh." Kitty squealed. "We have our own legend!"

Amanda walked out into the evening air, straight into the wood next door. She had been excused by the girls, as now they were discussing 'boys'.
There was a sudden chill, and Amanda pulled her cloak tighter. She knew she shouldn't be out, especially with the sun setting so quickly, but just the talk of a devil made her curiosity spike.
Amanda jumped at the sound of a tree limb creaking. "Just the bush playing tricks on you."
A swift movement caught her eye. She turned around quickly, expecting to see someone...or something. Nothing.
"Just the shadows..." She tried to convince herself.
It was getting dark, and Amanda turned back.
"Don't move." A male's voice rasped.
Amanda froze on the spot.
"Look down."
Amanda looked down, immediately seeing a rattler.
"Step away. You don't vant to get bit."
Amanda quietly and cautiously stepped around the snake, until she was far away. "Who are you?" She called out.
"You've heard of me." It was barely a whisper, and it made a chill go up her spine.
Amanda's mouth went dry. Was he...the demon? Or was it just her imagination? She finally found her voice. "Where are you?"
"Here." He breathed on her neck.
Amanda lept forward, scrambling. Then she heard laughing. It wasn't evil, or maniacal. It was like...it was like when her cousin Evan played a prank on her!
"Excuse me?" She yelled.
He hushed up. "Sorry..."
"Come out so I can see you." It was hard enough for Amanda to see with only the dim light of the moon, she did not need this guy hiding.
"I can't."
"You can't, or you won't?"
"I won't."
A forked tail dangled in front of her. She looked up, and seeing the golden eyes, she screamed.

Amanda raced through the trees, yanking her skirt from the brambles. She could hear him behind her, or rather above her.
Amanda looked behind her, not seeing the oak in front of her. She hit it, knocking her to the ground.
"I said I'm sorry!" The voice said.
"Please!" Amanda sobbed. "Please don't hurt me! If there's any good in you...please..."
"Vhy vould I hurt you?" The voice came from above.
Amanda collapsed, weeping.
There was a sudden crack, and a body came falling right in front of her.
"Uhnnn...I have got to stop doing zat..." He said.
Amanda gaped at him. In the night, he appeared normal. He looked dark, like her.
His eyes opened, a golden luminance shining before her.
Amanda backed up to a tree. "Please..."
He rolled over, sitting up. She clearly saw the tail, like a snaky rope on the ground.
He stood up, holding on to a tree for balance. "Vhoa." He stood awkwardly, like it hurt. He turned, looking at Amanda. "Oh, hello. Didn't mean to spook you."
Amanda cried out, shocked.
"Yes, yes. I get zat a lot. Mmmm...shouldn't be so high up next time..." He moaned. He glanced back at Amanda. "Still here? You can go." He waved to the lights of the house. "Go."
Amanda stayed still.
"Okay, suit yourself." And with that, he bounded off into the night.
Amanda sat there for a little while, catching her breath. As she got up, she noticed a soft glimmer from the forest floor. Hesitantly, she picked up something cold. A medallion. It was pure gold, with a small bright blue sapphire in the middle.
Amanda struggled back to the house, glancing back behind her every few seconds.
When she came into the light, Amanda could barely see a name inscribed on the back.

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