Written for the A-Team Prompts December Advent Calendar prompt: "Murdock, there's a time and a place for hugging, and now is not it!" And I realize it's nowhere near Christmas, but this is when I finally got around to posting this here. *facepalm*

Chestnuts Roasting (on an Open Fire)

Hearts racing and feet pounding the gravel pathway, Murdock and BA full out pelted through the park as fast as they could. They were neither graceful nor purposeful in their movements, just full of a mad, scrambling, and exhilarating compulsion to flee.

Eight men dressed like elves were running right behind them. They wore green tights, jaunty hats, and red-and-green striped suit jackets with tails, and they were bad guys – a group of gun runners who'd taken advantage of the holiday season to smuggle weapons in innocuous looking wrapped display parcels, right under the eyes of kids who'd come to see Santa at an impressive setup in a scenic park just outside Los Angeles. Totally not cool.

Murdock was full of breathless giggles that kept trying to escape him as he ran. The man-elves were running after them, in just as big of a panic, not brandishing their weapons – also just trying to get away. He could only imagine how hilarious the group of them looked from an areal perspective: ten panicked grown men, eight of them dressed as elves, scattering through an empty park at five in the morning, running from Santa's house. He flailed his arms a little for effect.

Really, if the man-elves hadn't left a box of grenades lying around, he might not have been tempted to throw one into the festive house full of hidden weaponry, and they might not have had this problem.

BA's eyes had gone wide, watching the arc of the grenade as it had flown through the slightly open door, and he'd barely had time to yell "Fool!" before grabbing Murdock by the arm and hightailing it out of there.

Murdock glanced behind them just as the explosions started. The colour scheme was completely wrong for the season – oranges and reds and not nearly enough greens. His rearward look was timed perfectly to see the priceless looks on the man-elves' faces before they were all knocked down like bowling pins.

He was still giggling as he hit the ground. The Die Hard movies could've used more man-elves.

"Fool, what you laughing at!" BA yelled from the ground next to him, barely audible over the sound of the explosions.

A man-elf hat had flown off its owner's head to land next to Murdock, and he snatched it up and put it on before stumbling to his feet. "That was awesome!" he yelled, raising his fists into the air

"Awesome?" BA sputtered, getting to his feet as well, ""You tryin' ta get us all killed ain't awesome! And take off that damn hat!"

The man-elves watched them from the ground with simultaneous confusion and awe (definitely awe, Murdock decided), and to celebrate their clear moral victory, Murdock jumped up and down and hauled BA into an exuberant hug.

"What are you – " BA struggled to pull out of the hug, but Murdock was unrelenting. "This ain't no time for hugging!" BA protested.

But it was Christmas time, they were surrounded by Santa's helpers, and they were standing next to a warm and cozy fire. There was a time and a place for hugging, and this was definitely it.