The stare that started it all

Chapter 1- It begins

Disclaimer: I own nothing expect the plot of this story, but a girl can dream right.

John Connor sat uncomfortably at his laptop trying to ignore the disturbing stare of his machine bodyguard, it was a very intense mechanical stare that really brought home the fact that she is a terminator, a machine designed and programmed to kill; something he really needed to remember right now since he couldn't even look at her for more than one minute without having to leave the room to calm down his raging male teenage hormones. "It's rude to stare, you know" he finally said when he could take no more of the silent stare. "No, John I don't know and I don't understand, I was told that by staring intently at a boy you attracted emotionally to it could tell him of your affections but now you're saying it's rude to stare, I really don't understand humans." Was her only reply before she walked out of the room leaving john stunned and the only thing he could think was:

"Did Cameron just say that she's emotionally attracted to me!"

A/N: Sorry that the first chapter is so short but this is my first story so the beginning might not be too good and I sort of wanted to set the scene a little, other than that there's loads more to come and well this story is just really writing itself so we'll see where it goes. Will update with next chapter soon.

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