The Stare That Started It All

Chapter 4- Everything Changes Part 1John

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And then a short message appeared on her HUD saying,

Good luck John and Cameron Connor

Message Ended

She smiled widely, she was free, free to be with John. "I love you too John" she whispered before running the sub-routine programme she created off of John's sleeping patterns and going into standby mode in his arms.

Chapter 4

John's thoughts – like this

Sarah's thoughts- like this

Cameron's thoughts- like this

John's POV

'Err why is it so bright in here? I could have sworn it was supposed to be night-time.' John thought as consciousness returned to his sleepy body as the sun streamed through the curtain in his room. 'please don't tell me it's morning already?' he thought as he remembered what happened the night before…


"Err, hey mom" John said nervously from his position on top of Cameron on the couch. "We were, um, just talking." "Talking, huh" Sarah replied, raising her eyebrow, "talking, didn't look like talking John, talking involves words, not tongues last I checked." "Oh yeah, mom, and you would know about now would you?" he questioned, he really didn't want to have to fight with his mother right now. "Yes john, I know, you wouldn't be here unless I knew" was the answer he received before Cameron finally spoke up, "we were talking Sarah, before -", but Sarah cut "did I ask you metal? Because I don't think I did." "MOM! How DARE you, she's more human to me than you will ever be" John spoke very angry at how his mother treated Cameron who is his best and only friend, "and until you apologize to her, I won't consider you much family at all." Then he turned towards Cameron, "come on Cam obviously staying down here won't be good for either of us seeing as people interrupt us all the time."

End Flashback

'Err I am in so much trouble with mom, but I'm so glad I finally stood up for Cameron, I'm sick of mom and Derek always putting her down.' John thought as he tried to move onto his side only to find that there was a weight on his chest holding him down. Looking down he found the most beautiful head of dark hair laying on his chest over his heart and another memory from last night came to him….


"John, why are you blocking the only viable escape route from the house that we have should we be attacked by machines?" she asked curiously at his strange behaviour. "you don't know what my mother is like Cameron, if given the chance she will come in here and destroy you and then castrate me for what we did downstairs, in fact she's probably destroying the couch right now, look just trust me ok." He answered her, in a somewhat worried and anxious tone that Cameron knew would not be good right now. "John I'm sure your mother isn't doing what you're thinking she's doing, she's probably shocked at the display of romantic affection that she saw between us," Cameron sated trying to calm john down as he was a little agitated, which usually happens when he argues with his mother, "you need to relax John she won't hurt you or me, she's your mother she won't hurt you and I'm here to protect you so she knows that I need to be functioning properly in order to protect you" she said as she tilted her head and spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. John hearing her words relaxed a little and pulled her into his arms, "yes she will Cameron, she will hurt me because she knows how I feel about you" he said as he put his head in the hollow of her neck and nuzzled her surprisingly warm synthetic skin. Cameron slowly led John towards his bed seeing as it was very late and John needed sleep so that he could get up for school tomorrow. She made to get up and out of john's arms but he only tightened his grip on her. "John I need to be ready in case we're found by enemy machines" "No, NO, Cameron stay with me please, I don't want you to leave me here" he frowned sleepily and tightened his grip a little more "Cameron please, stay with me, please?" he asked. "John I have to protect you, I'm not going far, I promise." "NO, I love Cameron and I'm not gonna let go, I want you to be my girlfriend" John said sleepily holding Cameron against his chest and silently falling asleep holding on very tightly to the cyborg he loved. Laying there on John's chest Cameron smiled, John loved her and he wouldn't let her go.

End Flashback

'Well this certainly brightens my day, she's so beautiful and she's so mine. My beautiful cyborg girlfriend. My Girlfriend, Hell yes!' he thought as he looked down and placed his hand gently on her hair.

"Mmmm," came the sound from the stirring cyborg on his chest, as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Morning sleepy head" he said as her head moved on his chest, snuggling into him before she suddenly shifted up and caught his mouth in a passionate 'Good Morning' kiss. Pulling away after enjoying the kiss for a moment John said, "Mmmm, as much as I really want to continue this lovely encounter, we have school." "Yes John, of course we do, we must get ready." Came Cameron's curt machine like reply as she lifted herself from his chest and slid to the edge of the bed. "Hey, hey, where do you think you're going, we have time." John said pulling her back towards him. But before they could kiss again a knock on the door pulled them apart and his mother's voice came in through the door, sounding very angry, "John, wake up time for school and tell your little love-bot to get ready too."

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