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Jason POV

Hello, Westfield High students! As you may know, it's Christmas. As I like to say, time to party! Everyone is invited to an amazing Christmas party at my house on Christmas Eve. Girls have to wear dresses and boys have to wear a shirt and tie. Hope to see you there!

-Drew Tanaka

"We are not going to Drew's party!" Piper shouted.

Leo didn't even look up from the metal wires he was shaping into a lion and answered, "Don't argue Piper. Everyone's going, including us. It'll be fun!"

Piper frowned. "Leo, she's going to embarrass all three of us, and you say it will be fun?" She looked at me with pleading eyes.

"It might be fun." I said, and Piper glared at both of us. "Fine, but if we get mortally embarrassed for the rest of our lives, don't blame me." she said coldly, and stormed out of the room.

I looked down. "Shoot, what do I do now?" I muttered, and it was quiet for a few minutes.

"Piper told me about, you know, you losing your memory." Leo said after a while, breaking the silence.

I didn't respond, so he kept talking. "She's afraid Drew will find out and try to get you."

My head shot up. "I would never pick Drew over Piper." I said defensively.

He put his finished metal lion on the table. "Exactly. You have to ask Piper out again without Drew finding out."

"Why do I have to? Aren't we already together?"

He laughed, and waved his lion at me. "Think of it this way. Would you kiss her at the party in front of everyone at the school?"

"Probably not." I mumbled.

"And you would have done that before you lost your memory." Leo concluded, and I knew he was right.

"I think I will." I said, and looked him in the eye. "But first, we need to make sure she's not mad at us."


I finished tying my tie and looked in the mirror. I was wearing a black button down shirt with a red tie, black skinny jeans, and green Converse All-Stars, and a green fedora to top it off.

Just as I was smoothing out my shirt I got a call from Leo. "Hey, what's up?" I asked, and straightened my tie.

"Hey, Reyna and I will pick you guys up in ten minutes." Leo responded.

"Okay, I'm gonna go get Piper. See you in ten." I said, and walked over to Piper's room.

I knocked three times and heard a voice say, "Come in." I slowly opened the door and walked in. Piper walked out of the bathroom, and my jaw slightly dropped. She was wearing a simple green dress that hovered at her knees, a black belt, and red Toms, but her most prominent feature was her hair. She was wearing it down. Piper never wore her hair down.

"Wow," I said, and shoved my hands into my pockets. "Any reason you're wearing your hair down? 'Cause it looks really nice."

She smiled. "Thanks, you don't look bad yourself." Her smile faltered, and she said, "Let's get going."

I didn't really know what to do, so I reached out and grabbed her hand. I looked over and saw that she still looked unhappy, but was smiling a bit, which made me feel better.

When we got outside, Leo and Reyna were waiting. Leo was wearing a red button down with a green tie, black skinny jeans, a green fedora that matched mine over his curly dark hair, and his worn green vans. Reyna was wearing a red dress that went to her ankles and a pair of black flats.

"So, Repair Boy, are you and Reyna a thing yet?" Piper asked, and both of them blushed crimson. "Maybe…" Leo mumbled, and Piper laughed. "Whatever, let's just go." Reyna quickly responded, and we all got in Leo's old Jeep.

The car was pretty silent on the way there, but I was okay with it. It would be loud enough at the party. When we got to her house, it was obvious that there was a party. Cars were lined up and down the street. We found a spot fairly close and walked up to her house. When we walked in, Reyna joined some of her other friends, and it was just the three of us.

People were everywhere, all dressed in Christmas colors, so we fit in. I saw Drew dancing with some random guy, but she saw us right away. Things went wrong when she walked our way.

"Well, if it isn't Dumpster Girl, Repair Boy and Sparky." she said, walking up to us. She was wearing a skimpy red dress that barely reached her thighs and was way too low cut. She gave Piper a disgusted look, and winked at me and Leo. I gulped. Piper, who was still holding my hand, tightened her grip and with clenched teeth, managed to say, "Shut up, Drew. Go dance with another one of your boy toys and leave us alone."

Drew scowled. "I don't see why such a loser would come to my party anyway."

This time, I got mad. "Let me tell you something, Drew. The only losers at this party are you and your little followers. If you'll excuse us, we're going to get some punch." I dragged Piper over to the punch table and Leo ran to find Reyna.

When we got there, there were hardly any people there, and Piper turned to face me.

"What were you thinking? Jason, she's going to ruin your life forever!" she exclaimed, but I only smiled and said "You'll see, I have a plan."

She glared at me. "You have a plan, and I'm not part of it? You know I…"

"But Piper," I interrupted, and I kissed her. It was really to get her to shut up, but she kissed back. I really didn't want to pull away, but when I did I saw that she was smiling.

"As I was saying," I said, wrapped my arm around her shoulders, "You are part of the plan. In fact, you play a very big part."


Leo POV (Weren't expecting this, huh?)

Mission: Overthrow the queen. First Challenge: Find Reyna and eliminate all mistletoe. Yup, Leo Valdez is officially a secret agent.

Being as stealthy as I was, I slipped through the crowd and avoided being under any mistletoe. I looked behind me to make sure no one was watching. Not so smart of me.

As I walked backward, I bumped into someone. I spun around to find that it was Reyna. Phew!

"Rey! I was just looking for you!" I said, and she glared at me. "You didn't have to bump into me." she said, but she smiled a bit.

"Rey, I need your help with…" I began, before I saw the Queen of Sluts smirking at us.

Drew's eyes were lingering on something above Reyna and I. Oh gods… I slowly lifted my head up and saw the thing I had been avoiding the whole party. Mistletoe.

"Go on, you two. Everyone's waiting." Drew taunted, and sure enough, lots of people were gathering around.

I suddenly remembered that Drew had no idea that Reyna and I were…you know…a thing. An idea suddenly popped into my head.

"Fine Drew, I will gladly kiss my girlfriend." I said, and pressed my lips to Reyna's. Reyna figured out what I was doing and kissed back. Drew gasped and stomped away. I could feel Reyna smiling, which was rare, and neither of us pulled away. We finally did when someone took it down and yelled, "Get a room!"

I laughed when I saw Drew tell her friends to take down all the mistletoe, and the two of us walked away.

"That was pretty smart thinking, Repair Boy." Reyna complimented.

"Why thank you, but it's not 'Repair Boy' anymore. It's Leo the Awesome Secret Agent." I said, and Reyna chuckled.

"Alright, Secret Agent Repair Boy." she said, and I pouted.

"Can I please have a better nickname?" I whined, and she sighed.

"Fine, how about Leo my Awesome Secret Agent Boyfriend." Reyna suggested, and I grinned.

"Perfect, Rey!" I exclaimed, and I took her hand. "Now we need to find Jason and Piper."

I hope I did a good job with the Leyna…I've never written about them before, but tell me what you think! Overthrowing the Queen Part 2 will be next. See you soon!

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