March 23,2010


Cullen&Jenks Inc.


He stood and stared at her in disbelief. What sick twisted game she was trying to play was beyond him. He stood there carefully eyeing the woman who claimed to be the mother of his he hadn't heard that one before.

"What do you want from me Isabella?"he seethed. His green eyes growing dark with each passing second. If she was making up lies for money, she had another thing coming.

"I'm not here for your damn money Edward if thats what your worried about,I just want Masen to know his father."she yelled. Stunned he haden't been spoken to like that in years not since the very night he shacked up with her.

"Don't you ever call me by my first name it is Mr Cullen to you, runt and if you think for one second I going to buy this load of shit then you are highly mistaken."he barked back. Pushing her up against the wall locking her between his arms making any chance of escape impossible.

"Now you listen and listen good until there is a DNA test stating that the bastard of yours is mine then we are through here but if it is then I'll be seeing your ass in court." He snarled in her ear. Venom dripping from his mouth with every syllable.

"You know what this was a horrible idea and heres some advice Edward if you aren't ready for the consequences then the next time you shove your dick in someone wear a condom."she spat maneuvering out of his steel like grasp leaving him with a stunned look on his face.