March 23,2010


Home of Isabella Swan

7:52 pm

Edward Cullen

When I first came to Isabella's apartment I only hand the intentions of seeing if her story played out,but never had I expected this small thing-boy to look so much like me. The resemblance was uncanny but that was no matter to me at this point.

I had taken one step into her home and I felt as if I was back in time, to a time before my money was the only reason people even spoke to me to a time when I was still myself.


December 24,2008

I had been working at my fathers company for sometime and a colleague of mine invited me to a party being held at his wife's younger sisters house saying I could use the night off. Sighing and pushing my self out of my office following Emmett out toward the car awaiting us,we settled into an awkward silence. I not really sure of what topics which were both appropriate as well as unwork related I chose to sit in silence until we came upon a brownstone on the upper side of Mahattan. The party was alive and hordes of people all appeared to be both sickly amused and plastered and it was there that I had meet Isabella Swan. A british model who had taken residence in New York after stricking a profitable deal with Ford Models, and one thing led to another and then I never contacted her again.

*End Flashback*

Instead of embracing this small human being as many would have I had simply stuck with my belief that he was not mine and Isabella had merely been using this child as a ploy to my vast estate. So here I sat in her living room scotch in hand and a very pissed of Isabella. The small boy-Masen- as she called him sat on the floor blissfully unaware of the glaring contest between his mother and myself. But after some time her face smooth and she appeared as if she had something to say to me.

"He is yours even a blind man could see the resemblance." She stated running her hand through her hair clearly frustrated.

"Perhaps Isabella but that means little to me you see I believe you are using this child as an early retirement, and if he truly is mine then how could I be assured that if you were to get any money from me,which is highly unlikely, that you won't simply take the child and disappear?" I replied nearly snarling in response.

As I sat I watched her take in each of my words and fury was the emotion that danced like a flame in her blue eyes. She stepped towards the medium sized cherry desk in the farm corner of the room pulling out a card and then forcefully handing it to me.

"Here is the card for my lawyer schedule an appointment with Hunter now get out of my bloody house!" She spat her accent making it sound more like a formal threat than the verbal lashing she was most likely hoping for.

With that she forcefully ushered me out the front door hastily locking it after my departure.

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