Hello I know a lot of you have been reading my Naruto stories and lately I've been watching Bleach a LOT my story will start from where Rukia stabs Ichigo so he can regain his powers I am not going to follow Kubo's story fully instead however I will be changing somethings such as Ichigo's power level also this will be IchixRuki story and his decision so enjoy.

Kurosaki Ichigo story

The rain poured Ichigo could feel the large droplets of water hit his back, he had just found he had been betrayed by the person he thought could help him regain his power, Ginjo had stolen his powers and had been planning on doing so from the start, he felt so useless again 17 months powerless no way to help his friends defeat hollows, he had tried to tell himself that he had no regrets in using the Final Getsuga Tenshou but just the thought left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Now standing above him where Ginjo and Tsukishima where watching him smirking smugly at his powerless state, he couldn't protect himself his friends he couldn't even defeat hollows anymore and now he had no chance of seeing her.

So for the first time in 8 years Kurosaki Ichigo cried, not caring who was watching.

"Is he crying, I feel so horrible" Tsukishima said still smirking.

"Let him cry...we've no use for him anymore, it's unlikely we'll ever see him again" Ginjo said while walking off.

Ichigo could feel nothing however the landscape changed to an underwater city and immediatley he knew where he was his inner world however the chains wrapped around his body made things difficult to move.

'Is there nothing else I can do..I wanted to gain my powers back so I could protect people from hollows...no I can't give up otherwise I won't be able to look my mother in the eye ever'

Slowly Ichigo felt his resolve building and snapped the chains surrounding his body easily.

"Give it back... give it back Ginjo..my power" Ichigo said his hair still covering his eyes his tears finally stopping.

"What more can you do" Ginjo said turning around to look at Ichigo only for his eyes to widen as he noticed the blue light in Ichigo's amber eyes.

"I don't know but I can't give up..give it back..give me back my powers GINJO" Ichigo shouted and immediatley a blue sword pierced his chest.

Slowly turning his head so he could see who stabbed him, Ichigo's eyes widened as there stood Urahara and his father.

"I see so your memories have been changed as well" Isshin shook his head.

"Idiot, look who's holding the sword you should be able to see her" Isshin said seriously.

Looking towards the hilt of the sword Ichigo slowly began to see a figure appear first the white socks and sandels then the black Shinigami robe and when it reached the head of the figure Ichigo's eyes widened the big violet eyes that black hair with one piece covering her eyes.

" " Ichigo stammered while staring in disbelief.

Suddenly a giant cloud of blue smoke spiralled over Ichigo knocking everyone back a few steps both Ginjo and Tsukishima stood in disbelief as they covered their eyes.

When the smoke finally died down Ichigo stood in his Shinigami robes holding Zangetsu over his shoulder the blade had slightly changed but still looked like a butcher knife.

"Im..impossible" Ginjo muttured.

Ichigo ignored him however and stabbed Zangetsu into the ground and turned to get a proper look at Rukia. Her hair had been cut shorted getting rid of the curls, her body had grown slightly all in all she had become even more beautiful than before.

"Rukia" Ichigo said silently still trying to decide if this was real and he wasn't seeing things.

"Yeah it's been awhile...Ichigo" However before she finished her sentence she jumped and kicked Ichigo in the face sending him flying into a heap.

"You where weeping like a weakling, how come as soon as I'm not watching you, you turn into a coward how shameful" Rukia shouted while Ichigo held his cheek not even trying to stop the blood coming out of his nose.

"..Urahara told me about Tsukishima's power..to be able to change people's past..is no doubt a dreadful ability" Ichigo turned to look at Rukia getting lost immediatley in those violet orbs.

"But..so what? he may be able to change your past but he can't change your future, the bonds you lost you can just create again..AM I WRONG ICHIGO" Rukia shouted in the end.

Despite the situation for the first time in 17 months, Ichigo found himself smiling a genuine smile.

"Rukia can I say something, he didn't change my past" Ichigo said with a serious face unaware of the vein on Rukia's head, however he soon found himself running away from the pint sized Shinigami as she tried to slice his face.

"Don't interrupt me with that face" Rukia shouted.

"That was close..that's dangerous you idiot! sure we haven't seen each other in a while but there's no need to be so harsh on me" Ichigo said wiping the side of his face that was almost cut.

"Fool this sword has no edge" Rukia shouted.

Ichigo looked towards the blade in Rukia's hand and like she said it had no edge.

"By the way what is that" Ichigo asked.

"This is a sword Urahara prepared for you,,,thanks to this I was able to transfer Shinigami powers to you again" Rukia said with a soft smile in which Ichigo returned.

"Impossible, he might look like a Shinigami but that doesn't mean his powers are back, the first time you succeded in transferring your Shinigami powers to him was because Kurosaki already had them in him..but now he has none" Ginjo said walking towards them causing Rukia to grab the hilt of her zanpaktou, while Ichigo just stared at him with boredom.

"I took them from him completely..how can one persons Reiatsu make his powers come back when he has nothing" Ginjo finished pointing his giant blade towards Rukia.

"IDIOT" A voice echoed making everyone look towards where the sound was coming from, Ichigo's eyes widened only one person had that voice.

Ichigo smiled slightly at the familiar wooden doors he was surprised by the shadow of the figures behind it his eyes widened when he saw senkaimon open revealing Renji, Byakuya, Toshiro, Kenpachi and Ikkaku.

"We all put our reiatsu into that sword there's no way we couldn't bring Ichigo's powers back" Renji said with a giant grin.

"Ichigo..they don't know that something like this is not sufficient to throw you into despair, show them how you have come through much worse" Rukia said Ichigo could already feel his resolve spike it seemed no matter what situation Rukia was always able to bring Ichigo back she showed this when Ichigo was affraid of his hollow.

"Show them Ichigo that despair cannot stop you" Rukia finished watching Ichigo pick up Zangetsu and swing it towards Ginjo letting off a giant blue light closely followed by an explosion.

Ginjo narrowly dodged it but burn marks and scratches could be seen all over his body.

"I see your Getsuga Tenshou has become more powerful but it'll take more than that to kill me Kurosaki" Ginjo shouted unaware Ichigo had appeared behind him by Shunpo.

"Idiot, that was just me swinging my sword...GETSUGA TENSHOU!" Ichigo shouted while swinging Zangetsu upwards releasing another but way larger blue light that continued past Ginjo and went into the clouds splittling the clouds and stopping the rain.

"Sorry I missed..Next time I won't" Ichigo said, Ginjo's eyes widened when he saw the house behind him missing part of it as the Getsuga Tenshou had sliced straight through.

'I need to retreat' Ginjo thought while jumping in the air however a hand on his shoulder stopped him from moving any further.

I won't let you run away" Ichigo said while throwing him to the floor.

'What power his physical strength, speed have all increased did the full bring I give him strengthen all his basic skills' Ginjo thought struggling to get back up.

"Shit" Ginjo said as he felt something coming behind him, his eyes widened when he saw Ichigo swinging his blade releasing another surge of Reiatsu and making Ginjo fall to the ground.

Ichigo stared at where Ginjo had fallen for a few seconds before looking at his hand and taking a good look at his appearence his fullbring had merged with his Shinigami outfit.

'Rukia..Renji..Byakuya..Kenpachi..Toshiro..Ikkaku...no it's not just them Hirako..Rangiku-san..Unohana..Hanatarou..dad..Urahara-san..Yourichi-san..Old man' Ichigo thought while sensing everyone's Reiatsu.

"Can you feel it" Ichigo turned around to see all the Shinigami who had come to help and he couldn't help but smile he had missed them all even Byakuya and his snobbish attitude.

"Wasn't it a grave crime to transfer your powers to human?" Ichigo asked with a smile he did notice Ikkaku frown a little but just ignored it.

"It can't be helped it was the captain commanders orders, he's got a nice side to you know" Renji said.

"Don't be silly it's not normal for the boss to order something like that, he would never have done that in the past but it's you who changed that Kurosaki" Toshiro said Ichigo couldn't help but hear the slight bit of happiness in Toshiro's voice.

"The power you recieved is through all your efforts that have changed soul society, you should accept it proudly" The white haired captain said.

But before Ichigo could reply a large surge of Reiatsu went through the air forcing everyone to turn around.

"There was another reason your powers where returned to you and that was because of him, like you he obtained Shinigami powers before dying and betrayed soul society he was the first substitute Shinigami Ginjo Kugo" Toshiro finished while looking at Ginjo's new appearence he was now wearing a skeleton like suit and his blade had gotten significantly bigger.

'The first substitute Shinigami, why wasn't I told and if there was another one like me why did know one recognise the combat pass..somethings not right' Ichigo thought while looking at Ginjo.

"Thank you Kurosaki, without your power I would probably be dead now" Ginjo said smugly.

"GINJO!" Everyone turned to the voices and found the rest of the fullbringers running towards them Ichigo's eyes narrowed these where the people pretending to be his friends just so they could gain his abilities.

"Ginjo are you keeping Kurosaki-san's powers all to yourself how mean" Giriko said.

"Shut up already" Ginjo said while sending a portion of Ichigo's power the fullbringers and engulfing them in a bright light.

As soon as the light died down Ichigo looked bored towards the fullbringers their power had increased but it was still nothing compared to his own powers.

"Leave them to me it's my fault they are this strong" Ichigo said to the rest of the Shinigami and he dropped to the ground lifting his blade and with one downward swipe knocked the fullbringers off their feet.

"I didn't use much power so you should still be alive" Ichigo said.

"What do you mean should be still alive, you didn't hit us we dodged" The videogame user said while dissapearing but was quickly stabbed through the chest by Ikkaku.

"Your to Naive Ichigo just kill them" Ikkaku said however he was quikly saved by Toshiro and followed by the rest of the Shinigami who where paired off and sent to their own dimension,

Ichigo sighed as the familiar sights of Karakura town came into view.

"Comfortable..yes? I thought it would be the best place to have a one on one" Ginjo said.

"Sorry but it's two on one" A voice came from the side of them they where both surprised to see the blue haired Quincy Ishida Uruyu.

"Kurosaki do you even know why your fighting me" Ginjo said suddenly surprising both Ichigo and Uruyu.

"What do you mean" Ichigo asked.

"Well Tsukishima's dead and his powers will have worn off so your friends should be alright, we should both be fighting against the Shinigami" Ginjo said.

"Didn't you ever think it was wierd that they gave you a combat pass yet you never really felt it's affect, let me tell you something Kurosaki everyone in soul society has been lying to you they have let you live in ignorance letting you believe you where still human" Both Ichigo's and Uruyu's eyes widened.

"What do you mean still human?" Ichigo asked.

"You stopped being human the moment you gained your Shinigami powers the second time, your chain was cut from then on you have been dead living in nothing but a gigai, and the reason for that pass is to restrict you...control you..do you want to know the name of the man who was behind this scheme so you never found out...Ukitake Jushirou" Ichigo's eyes widened in disbelief.

"We where both conned by the most piece loving man of the Gotei 13 did you really think that a Shinigami could still be a human".

"KUROSAKI" Uruyu shouted hoping for Ichigo not to listen even thought he didn't like Shinigami and evil Ichigo could be the end of both worlds.

"The truth is he would execute us should we rebel and this is known by everyone in soul society..all your friends" Ginjo said unable to see Ichigo's eyes as his orange hair was covering his eyes.

"Don't listen to him Kurosak" Uruyu shouted again hoping Ichigo would listen.

"SHUT UP!" Uruyu eyes widened by the dark look in Ichigo's eyes while Ginjo smirked.

"BAN..KAI" Ichigo shouted and was immediatley wrapped in Reiatsu and destroying the dimension revealing the dark night they where in and forestry around them.

All the Shinigami on the floor where looking up with wide eyes not because the dimension was destroyed but because they couldn't feel anything from where Ichigo was.

When the smoke finally dissapeared Ichigo was standing with his orange hair covering his eyes still his bankai outfit was on however he was missing his right sleeve as a chain was wrapped round his arms several times and there was still some hanging off his right hand had a giant glove connected to it while the rest of his outfit was mixed with his fullbring with little x's running down his chest.

Zangestu was back to it's form when he battle Aizen the four giant prongs sticking out.

"Tensa Zangetsu" Ichigo said quietly.

"Shut up..do you plan on killing me with bankai to shut me up..why should I? and then what will you run away from the truth?" Ginjo said confused.

"Shut up that time it was to you but earlier it was to Ishida..don't listen Kurosaki the hell stop worrying about me..it's not like I never thought it was weird how my soul chain was cut yet I was still able to walk around in a human form how it was easy to just jump into my body like how everyone does with a gigai" Ichigo said

"I didn't want to believe it..I didn't want to suspect Ukitake-san but I relised something, because Ukitake-san and even Urahara-san are smarter than me so if they really wanted to fool me they woould of done it in a way I wouldn't of realised but they gave me the license so I could protect and stay in the real world and protect my family" Ichigo said while not even blinking.

"You make it sound like you had a choice" Ginjo snarled back.

"I did I chose to protect..I've always wanted power to protect people and when I lost it I remembered that Rukia gave me the power to protect when I wanted it..that everybody helped me get back my powers when I lost them and that's why..I'm going to defeat you to protect everybody" Ichigo said pointing Zangetsu towards Ginjo.

" boy I didn't even want to kill you..bankai" Reiatsu poured around Ginjo hiding him from view however when it cleared Ginjo stood with an even larger blade and hollow marks all around his body.

"Prepare to die Kurosaki" Ginjo shouted leaping towards Ichigo hoping to land a downward strike however his eyes widened when his blade was caught by Ichigo not even leaving a cut.

"Is that it?" Ichigo asked, Ginjo quickly jumped back and aimed his sword at Ichigo.

"Lucky that's all it was" Ginjo said while charging a Cero on the tip of his blade and firing straight towards Ichigo who didn't even move.

"ICHIGO" Rukia shouted in fear the power of the Cero was that of an Espada even captains would of struggled to have took that without taking injuries.

"Dumbass" Renji said also panicking and even though they weren't showing it the captains where also a little worried.

"Is that all" Ichigo said his figure revealing it's self through the smoke without having a scratch on him, his arms were not even raised signafying he had just taken the blast without any defence.

"What the hell" Ginjo said 'I know that blast hit him, but how come I can't sense his Reiatsu anymore" "What are you?".

"What's wrong..are you scared this is what you wanted wasn't it for me to obtain my abilites I try claim them" Ichigo said while lifting his arm up.

"Mugetsu" Ichigo said calmly bringing his sword down releasing a giant black wall of Reiatsu on Ginjo.

'Ichigo..why did you not turn out like me? we where both betrayed by the Shinigami..protect if I had something to have protected back then would I have turned out like you..have I been wrong all along' Ginjo thought as he was swollowed by the black wall.

Ichigo sighed as he looked towards where Ginjo's body was vaporised and sighed he could of turned out like that if he had no one to protect looking towards the captains Ichigo used Shunpo to get to them.

"Yo" Ichigo said as he appeared behind them still in his bankai the captains where a little on guard not having sensed Ichigo using shunpo behind them.

"FOOL" Rukia shouted punching Ichigo in the face, Ichigo would have yelled at her if it wasn't for the fact she wrapped her arms around his waist for a hug.

"Thank you" she whispered Ichigo returned the hug for a second before turning his eyes on the rest of the Shinigami.

"So..it's true" Ichigo asked only Renji nodded.

"Kurosaki Ichigo was what you said to GInjo your true choice" Byakuya asked his voice as emotionless as ever.

"To protect..your damnright" Ichigo said Toshiro smiled while Ikkaku, Kenpachi and Renji grinned it was the same old Ichigo.

"Kurosaki, now you know the truth you must make a decision you can stay here on earth or you can come to soul society" Toshiro said seriously.

Ichigo looked at the white haired captain in surprise however he began to think of everything his little sisters didn't need to be protected any more they where both turning into women his dad definatley didn't need protecting even if he did act like an idiot however he had always known he never really fit in with this world everything that happened seemed so insignificant, smiling slightly Ichigo turned to Toshiro while placing a hand on top of Rukia's hair.

"I'll do it, I'll come to soul society" Ichigo said getting smiles from everyone but Byakuya however if one where to look close enough you would see his lips curve upwards slightly.

"You can have two days to tell everyone you will be requested to join the captains meeting so don't be late..Rukia can stay with you for the two days before you come to soul society so say your goodbyes Kurosaki Ichigo" Byakuya said walking off with the rest of the Shinigami.

"Soo who gave you that Leiutenent badge midget?" Ichigo asked with a smirk but was soon holding his shin in pain as Rukia walked off with a grin on her face.

"Are you coming or what strawberry?" Rukia asked, Ichigo smiled in looked like things where finally getting back to normal.

Man that was a difficult chapter I know most of it follows the Anime in but it was a chapter that was needed anyway after this chapter there will be a lot of changes from my story to the original that Kubo written also if anyone want's to know Ichigo's power level it's a little higher than when he battled Aizen with the Final Getsuga Tenshou, also anyone who are waiting for my Naruto updates I'm waiting for my laptop to come back from repair and I will have a chapter released immediatley however right now I'm on a different computer.