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"I'll do it, I'll come to soul society" Ichigo said getting smiles from everyone but Byakuya however if one where to look close enough you would see his lips curve upwards slightly.

"You can have two days to tell everyone you will be requested to join the captains meeting so don't be late..Rukia can stay with you for the two days before you come to soul society so say your goodbyes Kurosaki Ichigo" Byakuya said walking off with the rest of the Shinigami.

"Soo who gave you that Lieutenant Badge midget?" Ichigo asked with a smirk but was soon holding his shin in pain as Rukia walked off with a grin on her face.

"Are you coming or what strawberry?" Rukia asked, Ichigo smiled in looked like things where finally getting back to normal.


"You know I don't know if it's my eyes but it looks like you've grown slightly" Ichigo said as he walked towards his house with Rukia.

Rukia lips twitched slightly however she wouldn't show him it would only inflate his ego.

"Of course Baka it has been 17 months and I dare say you have grown as well, it's a shame your brain never" Rukia said smugly walking slightly faster to hide the smile on her face.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the comment but decided to leave it for now since they had arrived at his house.

Sighing he opened the door to the clinic however he regretted doing so due to the roundhouse kick to face due to his father.

"You should never drop your guard son" Isshin Kurosaki said while jumping in the air again trying to land another kick on Ichigo however his attempt was unsuccessful as Ichigo had punched his father back into the wall.

"Bastard will you ever stop kicking me" Ichigo said raising his fist glaring at his father who was lying in a heap on the floor, however his glare turned to small Shinigami behind him as he heard her laughing.

"You find something funny midget" Ichigo said smirking to himself for getting back at her for the comment about his brain.

Rukia's eye twitched as she heard the last word and stopped laughing however the glare she gave him made him gulp slightly.

"I'm not small baka you're just tall STRAWBERRY" Rukia shouted while landing both her feet into his face sending him into the wall next to his father, both his sisters watched in amazement as Rukia had beaten up their brother.

Yuzu was worrying slightly hoping Ichigo was alright while Karin was smirking it seemed there was more to Rukia than what she first thought.

"It seems she already has you whipped son" Isshin smirked while Ichigo grumbled something about annoying midgets.

Slowly however he stood up everyone could sense the tension from the air by the change in Ichigo's posture.

"I have something to tell you three and it's important" Ichigo said while making his way to the table followed by Rukia his sisters and dad.

"I'm leaving for soul society in two days" Ichigo said in an even tone he looked around the table to see their reactions Yuzu had tears in her eyes ready to cry at any moment, Karin even though she was the tougher out of the two Ichigo could see her sad face his father however brought out his serious face he had only seen it several times however he was glad his father was taking this seriously.

He looked over towards Rukia to see her give him a small smile he inwardly smiled it was that smile that gave him the confidence to look at his family again.

"Are you sure son" Isshin asked seriously, Ichigo slowly nodded.

"Well I guess all that's left is FOR YOU TO MAKE GRANDBABIES WITH MY THIRD DAUGHTER" Isshin shouted jumping up and hugging both Ichigo and Rukia together.

Ichigo and Rukia both punched Isshin sending him back into the wall leaving a large Isshin print in it, however Ichigo was glad for once for his father's outburst as it had broke the ice, he was surprised when he felt someone tug his arm looking to see who wanted his attention he smiled when he saw both of his sisters.

"Onee-chan will you still visit us" Yuzu asked getting a nod from Ichigo she hugged him tightly as did Karin, Ichigo patted both their heads before they both went to bed.

Ichigo and Rukia looked towards Isshin and saw him hugging his Masaki poster, they both sighed and nodded and went to bed.

Isshin looked towards the stairs to where Rukia and Ichigo had just gone and sighed.

"I hope he knows what he's doing I sense big trouble is brewing somewhere".

Upstairs Ichigo had made it to his bed and laid on his back facing the ceiling he was glad he had left Kon in Yuzu and Karin's room now he had some time to himself he left his mind wander.

'I wonder how living in soul society will be like...oh man I hope Kenpachi doesn't come looking for me all the time...well at least Rukia will be there and Renji'.

"What are you thinking about fool" Rukia said while looking at Ichigo's scowling face she wouldn't admit it but she was glad he had decided to come to soul society but she felt bad for him she knew that leaving his family would be devastating for Ichigo which made her even more curious to why he was even leaving when he was being offered a choice to live a normal life.

"Shut up I'm thinking about something" Ichigo scowled.

"Ichigo you should stay here with your family and friends your being given a choice to live a normal life you should take it" Rukia said.

"I hate normal" Ichigo said looking at her with his piercing amber eyes "I've always been different I guess I don't really know what normal is and if you call the last 17 months normal then I don't want it"

"Ichigo..." Rukia whispered.

"It killed me knowing I was useless unable to help anyone, I'm dead anyway I think it's time I moved onto soul society" Ichigo said he hadn't known what had come over him but he was slightly out of breath he had never really let his true feelings out to anyone about the last 17 months.

"Ok Ichigo...but you are far from normal especially with your hair" Rukia said causing Ichigo's eyebrows to twitch.

"Whatever midget" Ichigo said rolling over to face the wall and go to sleep.

"Thank you Ichigo...for not changing" Rukia said making her way to the closet unaware of the smile on Ichigo's face.

"GOOOOOOD MORNING ICHIGO!" Isshin shouted as he leapt towards Ichigo hoping to land a kick on him but was sent tumbling out of the room by a kick to the face.

"I'll be glad to get away from the old goat chin's wake up rituals" Ichigo yawned as he got out of bed and making his way to the bathroom.

As he opened the door he was surprised to see a form in the shower he was even more surprised when he saw the pale skin, short black hair with the bang in the middle 'Rukia'.

Rukia froze when she heard someone open the door to the bathroom slowly turning around her eyes widened when she saw the patch of orange through the steam 'Ichigo' however her surprise turned to anger as vein started pulsing on her forehead.

"PERVERT!" Rukia shouted chucking the soap at Ichigo's head he shouted out apologies as he left the room leaving a very flustered Rukia.

Ichigo was trying to calm himself down his face was still blushing from seeing Rukia naked he was also rubbing to sore spot that the soap had created.

After an awkward breakfast both Ichigo and Rukia set off for school so they could tell everyone what was going to happen.

Ichigo groaned as Rukia had insisted on calling him a pervert all the way to school it was annoying more that he blushed every time.

As they made their way into the school Ichigo saw Chad and Uruyu talking with Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizurio.

"Yo" Ichigo said as getting everyone's attention, they all smiled at him especially Uruyu as his friend seemed to be back and wasn't depressing every minute of the day.

"IICCHIGOOO" Keigo shouted running towards Ichigo but was quickly sent to the ground courtesy of Ichigo's arm.

"Morning Keigo" Ichigo said walking past Keigo with Rukia.

"Yo Ichigo I didn't know Kuchiki-san was back" Tatsuki said smiling towards Rukia.

"Well...You see the thing is Rukia is a Shinigami like me...a...And well I'll wait for everyone to arrive I have something I need to tell you" Ichigo said they had arrived early so they had some time before school.

"Hello everyone, hi Kuchiki-san" Inoue said as she came up with everyone however she could see the intense face Ichigo had.

"What's the matter Kurosaki-kun" She asked getting a small sigh from Ichigo.

"Well I guess I should start from the beginning" Ichigo said unaware how the next few sentences where going to affect everyone.

Soul Society

In the sixth division quarters both Byakuya and Renji were walking towards Byakuya's office, Renji had been constantly worrying over Rukia he would be lying if he told himself he didn't love her, he had been looking for the right chance to confess however every time something would get in the way and now with Ichigo coming to live in Soul society he was beginning to panic even more. He was silently cursing Byakuya for letting Rukia stay with Ichigo since it would only strengthen the feelings Rukia had on Ichigo.

He didn't hate Ichigo he liked him saw him as a friend however he loved Rukia more and he saw himself now more as a love rival for Rukia and he promised himself he would have her.

"Renji what are you thinking about" Byakuya asked in his ever emotionless voice as they walked.

Renji blushed a little it's not like he could say 'I love your sister' no he would end up being cut badly by Senbonzakura.

"I'm just worried about Rukia Taichou" Renji said hoping Byakuya wouldn't guess what his real problem was.

"Well don't Rukia is capable enough to deal with any problems she may come across" Byakuya said he knew of Renji's feelings for his sister who didn't and he had told himself he would stay out of Rukia's love life unless it became serious it was one of the reasons he had constantly turned down any suitors that had offered.

Renji grumbled it was not that he thought Rukia was incapable it was, what was the word jealous that Ichigo got to spent so much time with her on his own.

"Hurry Renji we have a meeting to attend" The elder Kuchiki said as he began walking to the captains meeting.

Karakura School

"So that's about it I guess, I mean I don't want to leave you guys here but I'll come back and visit and eventually you'll get to see me when you die" Ichigo said nervously as he scratched the back of his head he was certain he heard Rukia call him an idiot but he decided he going to ignore it.

"We understand Ichigo it's something you feel you must do I'll still have your back" Chad said giving a thumbs up pose.

Surprisingly to everyone Tatsuki walked up to Rukia and shook her hand.

"Take care of the big idiot for me he can be a real cry baby sometimes" Tatsuki said with a grin, Rukia smiled and nodded her head she was also storing the cry baby comment for later.

"Well I'm not surprised it was only a matter of time, you are a Shinigami after all" Uruyu said while smiling slightly, Ichigo smiled slightly he knew this was Uruyu's way of saying good luck.

"Kurosaki-kun" Inoue said quietly everyone turned to her they could see the tears building in her eyes of course they knew why she had a large crush on Ichigo something that annoyed Uruyu to the very core.

"What's the matter Inoue" Ichigo tried to say as politely as possible.

"Could I...uhm I talk to you alone for a second" She asked nervously. Ichigo sighed he knew what she wanted I mean who didn't he had hoped that eventually she would let her crush go and possibly move on to Uruyu.

"Yeah lets" Ichigo said turning back to Rukia "I'll be back in about 5 minutes so don't go anywhere midget" Rukia's eyebrow twitched and kicked him in the back of the head when he wasn't looking, she smiled when she saw him get up and curse at her then walk off with Orihime.

The last thought caused her to frown...wait why did it it's not like she was jealous no she was worried for Orihime since she knew how painful this was going to be definitely not jealous, she would have to hurt Ichigo he was causing her to have thoughts she shouldn't be having so it was his fault.

"Soo Inoue what did you want to talk about" Ichigo asked praying to god it wasn't about what he thought it was.

"' you Kurosaki-kun" Inoue said with a small blush and drawing small circles with her tip toes as she looked at the ground.

"Inoue" Ichigo sighed out getting the attention of the busty orange haired girl "I'm sorry but I don't feel that way about you" Ichigo finished he could see her eyes widen at tears start to stream he was glad they had done this in private since he didn't want to embarrass his friend in front of everyone at least this way she could save some dignity.

"Oh...I see is it because of Kuchiki-san" Inoue asked still crying, Ichigo raised his eyebrows 'what was because of Rukia'.

"What do you mean Inoue?" He asked he almost flinched at the look she gave him.

"Is it because you love Kuchiki-san" Inoue practically shouted at him, he felt his face turn red. No he did not love that she devil he liked her that's all she was...special.

"O-o-of course not it's just I think it's time I moved on I mean I'm already dead" Ichigo said still flustered at Inoue's accusations.

"Liar" Inoue said running past him tears falling from her eyes.

Rukia sighed as she saw Inoue coming down the corridor however she never would of suspected the glare she was given by her.

"Orihime" Tatsuki asked softly hoping to get her friends attention.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, IF YOU NEVER CAME ALONG KUROSAKI-KUN WOULD OF FELL IN LOVE WITH ME" Inoue shouted at Rukia and quickly ran passed the stunned Shinigami.

"ORIHIME" Tatsuki shouted running after her friend in hopes of calming her down.

"Should have seen that coming" Ichigo said walking towards everyone a hand in his spiky orange hair.

"What did you say Kurosaki" Uruyu asked with a bit of venom.

"Hey don't blame me I let her down as nicely as possible" Ichigo said hoping he wouldn't get blamed for this situation.

He looked towards Rukia and could see her frowning; he punched her in the arm slightly to get her attention.

"What's the matter midget" Ichigo asked expecting a punch in the face or something, he was surprised however when she hugged him by the waist and started crying, he wasn't really sure what to do in these situations, he picked Rukia up carrying her bridle styled he was surprised she didn't oppose but immediately shrugged it off he had to stop Rukia crying as he hated the sight of it.

"I'll see you guys at Urahara's later" Ichigo said and made his way to the rooftop as his friends nodded to him.

When he had made it to the roof top he sat Rukia down she was still sniffling trying to stop the tears, it made him smile slightly at the sight...still trying to act tough.

"So what's with the tears" Ichigo asked with no hint of teasing in his voice, Rukia looked up her giant violet orbs piercing him.

"She's right you could have had a normal life if it wasn't for me" Rukia said quietly looking down. Ichigo groaned Inoue just had to blame Rukia it wasn't like she didn't feel guilty enough, however he smiled slightly Rukia always seemed able to bring him out of his depression and he was going to do it the same way.

"Idiot" Ichigo said punching Rukia in the top of her head, surprising her completely.

"What was that for" Rukia shouted as held where he had punched.

"I told you last night I hate normal and she shouldn't be blaming you it's not your fault, you've done nothing but help me" Ichigo said offering her a small smile.

A small blush came to her face she looked away so he couldn't see how much his words had affected her.

"Thank you" Rukia said quietly. Ichigo smiled and stood up offering her hand which she took.

"Alright we need to go off to Urahara's I hope Soul Society won't mind us being a day early" Ichigo said mostly to himself.

"Probably but I'm sure they won't mind that much are you ready to go strawberry" Rukia asked.

"I was born ready no...I mean died ready" He said with a grin, Rukia shook her head and walked past him.

"Ruined it" She said walking through the door that lead to the roof, leaving a grumbling Ichigo.

Urahara's shop

"Oh, Kurosaki-san you're earlier than I expected" Urahara said waving his fan over his face.

"Whatever, can we just get this over with" Ichigo said annoyed at ex captain's attitude.

"Oh certainly Kurosaki-san, will you be following him Kuchiki-san" Urahara grinned beneath his hat.

"Of course my mission was to escort Ichigo to Soul Society safely" Rukia said, Urahara nodded and opened the Senkaimon and just as both Ichigo and Rukia were about to step through a voice made their head swivel around.

"Going so soon son" Isshin said with a smile, walking towards Ichigo dressed in his black Shinigami robes and his torn captain's cape around his shoulder.

"Yeah..." Ichigo said not looking up towards his father, Isshin scowled and head butted Ichigo.

"WHAT THE FUCK OLD MAN" Ichigo screamed rubbing his head.

"You looked pitiful" Isshin said in his rare serious voice, however as soon as he turned to Rukia his eyes started to shine.

"OH, MY BEAUTIFUL THIRD DAUGHTER, YOU'LL LOOK AFTER MY IDIOT SON WON'T YOU" Isshin bawled as he hugged Rukia, who was squirming trying to get the older Kurosaki off.

"Beat it old man" Ichigo said kicking him in the face sending him flying. "See you around Urahara-san... dad" Ichigo said grabbing Rukia's hand and running through the Senkaimon. As soon as the Senkaimon closed Isshin sighed and stood up.

"It's slightly Ironic isn't it Isshin... you ran from that life willingly while your son runs to it willingly" Urahara said one of his eye gleaming from under his hat.

"It's not the's for her" Isshin said his eyes showing a deep sadness. "Besides he's not a boy anymore he can even probably beat me now all I can hope is that's it's enough" Isshin finished with a sigh

"Don't we all you do realize he'll be after him now" Urahara said as the two Shinigami started walking back up to the shop.

"Of course and when he does he'll learn the truth" Isshin said taking one last look at where his son had left 'Oh Masaki am I doing the right thing'

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