Okay, I was very excitied when I saw the two awesome episodes of Teen Wolf! I still can't believe they have a second season. Anyway, Isaac's character stood out to me; a teenage boy living with an abusive father and then belong to Derek's pack: wow! Now, this has been stuck on my mind and it's bugging me . I want to focus on his character before the season premire (lets say three weeks), because there is so much you can do with it. Also, I'll be adding an OC, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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"Did you get all that, McCall?" Erica demanded, her hands fiercely on her narrowed hips. Her short, red hair frizzed with annoyance and Lucy looked up.

"Huh? Oh yeah," she quickly answered, clutching to the white piece of paper on her hands. "Prepare a bake sale next Friday." Erica smiled, moving to the small desk near her. Her long fingers grabbed a purple marker and marked on the calendar.

"Good, good," she murmured. "We need to start funraising again; the school's budget is a tad low, so this bake sale might do the trick." Lucy chuckled, writing a quick sidenote on the piece of paper.

"Whatever you say Miss President," Lucy dully joked and Erica glared at her, but sighed. She rubbed her forehead in a stressing way.

"You should be considered lucky, McCall," she grumbled at the brunette girl. "You don't have the ridiculious amount of duties to do like me."

"Who's fault is that?" Lucy smirked and Erica huffed, but couldn't help to let a crooked smile be plasted on her pale face. "Exactly! Besides, I'm Vice President so I'm on the same boat as you, Erica."

"That you are, my little protégée," she complimented while biting at the tip of her pen. Her blue eyes roamed to the clock. "Fifth period is about to start, so you can go. This bake sale is the only thing I wanted to inform you." Lucy shrugged, grabbing her long shoulder bag before heading out the room. The hallways were slightly empty except for a few people wandering around in boredom. Lucy strolled to her own locker, opening it to grab her books for English; the bell blarred loudly and soon, the halls were filled with various chatter. It was like bees buzzing and Lucy quickly closed her locker and made her way to the classroom.

Turning a left, she grasp on her notebook until an arm snaked on her shoulder. She jumped, but calmed down since it was just Stiles.

"Dammit, Stiles!" Lucy growled. "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Oh, c'mon," Stiles pouted. "I can't do it to Scott anymore thanks to his werewolf powers, so I'll settle for you." Lucy rolled her eyes, but didn't pull away his arm. She giggled as her long, wavy hair bounced.

"That's no excuse." The two turned a right and walked up the stairs. "Say, where is Scott?"

"With Allison," Stiles simply answered and Lucy nodded. "Those two can't ever be apart for one second! I swear, they're like Romeo and Juliet except Scott's a werewolf and Allison is human."

"You know they die in the play right?"

"Details, details," Stiles waved off and Lucy moves his arm away from her shoulder. "Class?"

"Yes," she chirped, looking at her trustee guy friend. "Shouldn't you be going to yours, Mister?" Stiles let out a saracstic laugh, mockingly putting his hands up in surrender.

"What are you going to do? Give me detention?" Lucy pushed him and watched as he disappeared into the crowd. The bell rang again and she quickly entered the room to take her seat. The teacher closed the door, the silence looming above everyone's heads; her shoes lightly made to the front of the class and she kindly gazed at them.

"All right, students," Mrs. Miller clapped her fragile hands together. She was an old lady in her fifties; her curly white hair was like a vicious cobweb, but her green eyes held a warm glow. "We shall continue reading Of Mice and Men, so please open up your books to the page we left on yesterday."

Lucy searched for her small copy book and let her finger touch the rough paper, flipping it. Before could start reading, a cough was heard.

"Um, Ms," Lucy turned her head to see the quiet Isaac slowly raise his hand in the air. "I don't have the book; I left it at home by accident."

"Well, that's all right; just share with Miss McCall over here," she pointed towards her and Isaac grabbed his belongs to move next to Lucy. Sliding a desk next to hers, he clumsly sat down, sending a shy smile at her; Lucy scooted closer, putting the book between them. The old lady slithered down the rows, her wrinkled hand grasping the small book. Lucy listened attentively, her brown eyes followed the words on the page.

The girls, including Lucy gasped in horror as they came upon the part where Candy's dog died by a shotgun; Lucy covered her mouth in sorrow and the teacher decided to stop there. She then asked why Candy refused his dog to be killed; Lucy raised her hand and Mrs. Miller pointed at her.

"He can't because of the emotional attachment they hold; Candy knows that the dog is useless, but that is something the two have in common." Lucy confidently answered, her posture straight. Mrs. Miller nodded before moving on to the next question. Lucy turned her attention to Isaac. "I'm not hogging the book am I because I have a habit of doing that."

"No, no, no," he shook his head quickly. "Not at all; I can still read just fine." Isaac looked a bit flustered which Lucy found adorable. She gently tocuhed his arm to calm him down, giggling.


Lucy grabbed her lunch tray and stroll to the table located in the middle of the cafeteria. The chattering noise grew louder and louder as Lucy deepen her walk; she lowered her head as a milk was throw over her. She quickly moved aside as a lacrosse player ran passed her and manuver away from the grabage can that was in the center of the path; she finally took her seat at the table.

"They have pizza?" Stiles asked, sneaking his hand to grab a piece; Lucy noticed and slapped his hand away and Stile frowned. "No need for the use of violence! Scott you saw that right?" Lucy gazed at her brother as he was currently being busy with Allison.

"I don't think he's listening to you," she smugly whispered in his ear and he grumbled, leaving his seat to get his lunch. Lucy laughed and took a bite from her food to ease the hunger building inside her stomach. Lucy could handle the mushy relationship Scott and Allison had, but they sometimes cross the imaginary line when the two makeout in public.

Especially in front of her.

"Oh, get a damn room," she growled, throwing her pizza on the plate. Scott shot Lucy a hard glare, but she shrugged it off. "Now I'm not hungry anymore." Allison blushed in embarrassment as she sipped on her water; Lucy smiled, but rolled her eyes at Scott.

"Shut up, Lucy," he snapped and her eyes harden.

"Scott, I respect you two going out, but you take it to a whole new level. This is lunch time and lunch time means eating," she snatched her apple, munching a large piece. "Not makeout session." Scott kicked her leg under the table and Lucy gasped, kicking him back. The McCall siblings had a feet battle, both of them laughing.

"You guys are having fun without me," Stiles complained, sliding down on the chair beside Lucy. Scott shook his head and returned his converstation with Allison. Lucy munched on her pizza, ignoring Stiles childish behavior. "And to think that my two best freinds would have my back! Well I guess the true colors are shown and I-"

"Oh shut up, Stiles. This isn't drama class," Scott grumbled, rubbing his forehead in annoyance. "Go to the cheerleading table for that."

"Hot girls, tight shorts: peace," he jokingly stated, shoving a mouth full of mash potatoes. Lucy suddenly remembered something as she abruptly stood up; Scott asked what's wrong.

"I have to tutor a nineth grader with her science classwork. I promised her I would be there, so I'm leaving. Bye," Lucy quickly grabbed her belongings and rushed out of the lunchroom. Stiles was munching his potatoes, waving goodbye at her. He swallowed the food down his throat before talking.

"Your sister needs a break man. She's Vice Pres, a tutor and also stressing the grades out of her small mind. She's gonna crack one of these days," Stiles commented, pointing a white spoon at Scott.

"Well, that's Lucy for you," Scott shrugged, holding his girlfriend's hand. "She's stubborn as a bull and convincing her to take a break would be like walking through the Sahara Desert."

"Now," Lucy tapped her pencil on the booklet. "Where does cellular repiration take place?" The young fifteen blonde girl bit her lip in concetration. Her green eyes were scrunched together and the freckles on her face deepen.


"That's the control center of the cell," Lucy corrected and the girl sighed in disappoinment. "I'll give you a hint: it begins with the letter 'M'" It was if a lightbulb lit above her blonde head and she circled the letter A.

"The mitochondria!" Lucy clapped, smiling at the freshman. "I swear, you're like the best tutor Ms. Bonnano offered. The last one I had was too impatient."

"Then that person needs to learn understanding."

"You can say that again," she smirked before putting her books away. The girl thanked Lucy a left the library. Lucy gathered her things and made her way to the door, but someone bumped into her causing Lucy to drop the textbook. She bent down to reach for it, but another hand grabbed it.

"You drop this," Isaac smiled and Lucy thanked him, taking it and placing the book in her bag. "What were you doing in the library?"

"Tutoring a ninth grader, that all," Lucy answered and the two stroll down the hallway. She took note of his equipment on him. "You're on the lacrosse team?" Isaac looked over his shoulder and nodded.

"Yeah, joined last week," he proudly stated and Lucy sent him a faint smile. "Your brother is an incredible player."

"Yeah, everyone says that," she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Stiles is also on the team, but he's just there for...support I guess." Isaac laughed, rubbing his neck nervously.

"At least he lightens up the locker room before and after practice," he pointed out and Lucy hummed, and looked out the window; she saw some players heading out to the field.

"You're heading to practice right now?"

"Yeah, I'm heading to the lockers right now," there was a short pause between them. Isaac's eyes grew wide with an idea. "Do you want to come?"

"Go where?"

"To the practice."

"Oh," Lucy looked down. "I can't; there's a student council meeting I'm suppose to go right now," her brown eyes noticed his face fall. "But thanks for the invitation."

"That's fine. I should have known you were busy since you're Vice President and all," he mumbled. The two finally reached the gym area and Lucy kindly bid farewell to Isaac; as she walked away, Isaac couldn't help but stare after her. "It would never happen," he sadly sighed as he entered the noisy room with sweat happily flying around.

Okay, what do you think? Love it or hate it: let me know. I don't care what you guys say, I just need to know if you want me to continue it or not. This is before the first episode of season two since I want to take a behind the scenes look. Plus, it's more fun :) Until next time...