A Prologue To The 13th Quarter Quell: The Arena

President Magnus walks into the GameMaker HeadQuarters. It hurts my head to wonder why he wants to see me. Its obvious that he does, why else would he be here.

"Skorpii Redparth? A word please." says President Magnus in an arrogant tone.

I walk out from the control board and abandon my fellow GameMakers.

"Yes, Sir?" I ask with a hint of sarcasm.

"We need to talk." He stares me down with his grey eyes.

I lead Magnus to the roof of GMHQ. I pour out two glasses of wine and hand one to him.

"So. What are we to be discussing?" I say.

Magnus sits down on the seat. "The Games. All the Tributes are male, due to the Quarter Quell. What is the plan of the arena this year?"

I sip away at my glass of wine, and take out my iGlass512. The pure clear glass comes to life at my touch. A soft blue light ignites and my plan for the arena fades on to life. A gigantic circle, much like the size of the second Quarter Quell. Its basically a huge circle that contains a frozen mountain, with no food trees or life. Its a frozen wasteland. The Cornucopia sits on a completely flat ground of snow. I flick through each day. On the fifth day the snow melts and it becomes a beautiful land, full of green and lush. Edible food grows all over the place. Fresh water springs alive. Flowers and animals everywhere. By the tenth day, it becomes hotter and hotter, plants dry up, animals die. It becomes a burning desert with intense heat and no water. But the last day, oh how the tributes will bask in it.

"So basically it starts out as a snowy mountainous area, then it changes to a incredible land filled with plants, trees, animals, food. Five days of that and then it becomes a burning desert." I tell President Magnus But on the last day, of the final two tributes, it will rain heavily, the arena will flood. The last tributes will drink as much as possible before they realise I'm flooding their arena. I do hope they can swim." I continue.

He stares at the iGlass512, He's probably imagining the arena. I mean, I can, I designed it.

"Skorpii, that is the most interesting arena i have seen in a long while. I look forward to it. I shall talk with you later" he says and he leaves alone with only his words. I drink the rest of my wine and head back to GMHQ. I have already created the dirt/stone basis of the mountain. I adjust a lever and press a few buttons. The cameras that are already installed show me that the temperature drops and that an infusion of frozen air and pure white snow as begun to fall. Oh this is going to be interesting.

So? Do you like the arena? I love it. It came to me not minutes ago. So i decided to give you all a teaser to the story. Are we excited? Good luck my tributes and may the odds be ever in your favour :)