The golden lily- bloodlines sequel

Ok so this is how I think the story goes on. It starts from the point amazing Richelle Mead leaves us. Way better than it sound please read!

Hey ok first fanfic ever but I'm really excited so please tell me how I'm doing. No flares please! Enjoy!


Dimitri Belicov had just arrived.

Oh great, I thought, just great.

"Hey,."- Said Evangeline and ran to Dimitri –

"Hey,"- said Dimitri- "haven't seen you In a while."- I guess he was happy to see a familiar, friendly face. Then he spotted me.

"Hi Sydney" – he said

"Uhm.. hi" – I said a little shyly. What was wrong with me, I mean it wasn't as if Dimitri and me were best pals but I did knew him from when I helped rose and I had actually nothing against him but… I couldn't stop feeling Adrian s eyes on me as I went to greet Dimitri. After I did though, there was kind of an embarrassing moment as we waited to either one of them to say something.

"Hey Adrian,"- Dimitri said- love what you've done with the place.- you couldn't said that Dimitri was nervous, he had a look of guardian that said clearly that nothing could scare him. It was more as if he was trying not to make it any more difficult for Adrian, after all Dimitri was the one that had taken Adrian s girlfriend.

"Yeah.."- said Adrian without looking at him. After that, an awkward silence fell upon us. Not even Abe looked like he was enjoying the moment.

"Mm well then since you had greeted I think that you should better be going to unpack, the specialist you would be working with in understanding spirit better should arrive in a week or so. Im sure you are tired of the journey"- said Abe to Dimitri and Sonia.- "and miss Sage"- he said to me- "we`ll talk about our deal's payment later." – I was about to protest but it seem like with so many people it wasn't such a good idea so I kept my mouth shut wondering what on earth would Abe want know.

"Yes, you're right, thanks Mr. Mazur."- said Sonya,

"So, where are you guys staying?"- I asked.

"About 5 miles from here." – answered Dimitri.- "but yes we should get going. Sydney, Evangeline,… Adrian."- he nodded at us and when Adrian said nothing they left. Abe went with them.

"Well then,"- I said- "I guess we should get going, I have to show Evangeline where she would be staying and.."

"Yeah sure"- Adrian cut me off and went to his room. He closed the door behind him.

"Let's go," - I said to Evangeline. When we reached the car however, I realized I was too worried about Adrian and didn't want to leave him like that. I didn't want either for Jill to be drunk or hangover in the morning because Adrian wanted to drown his sorrows. Resolved, I asked Evangeline to wait in the car and went to see Adrian.

The door was unlocked just as we had left it. So I went straight to Adrian s room and knocked.

"Adrian, it s me could you come out, I want to talk to you."

"Not in the mood Sage"- came the response from the other side of the door.

"Please Adrian I just want to see how you are doing"- I considered asking if he was ok but that seem kind of stupid considering the situation. - "I'm… I m worried about you"- I surprised myself saying. I hadn't realized that I had come to think of Adrian as a kind of friend and not a monster.

The door opened and a really pissed Adrian came out. I almost flinch when he looked at me. He was always so, well, Adrian. The guy I had in front of me was his opposite. He looked grim and angry but behind that anger I could see the depth of hurt in his eyes. Hurt of what Rose and Dimitri had done to him.

"Okay, what do you want"- he said

"I … well I wanted to know how you were you know with Dimitri and all…"

"Well, it doesn't really matter what I'll say know would it?"- He looked… indifferent, but I knew better. I knew how much it had to be costing him to play it all cool and pretend it wasn't such a big deal.

"It matters to me"- I said. It was true it did.

"Why? Because that will affect Jill? You afraid I'll do something stupid? Just leave it Sydney I'm not a problem you have to take care of. And actually it is none of your business." – he snapped.

"But…"-I started but he cut me off.

"Just leave me alone will you?"- And before I could respond he shut the door and left me standing there.

"Fine!" - I yelled at him. – "have it your way, this is the last time I try help you!" - I was furious but more than that I was hurt. Hurt that Adrian had shut me off, I thought he trusted me. So I stormed out of the apartment and went to my car. I met Evangeline and head toward's Amberwood. Evangeline, sensing my mood stayed quiet until we were reaching the school.

"Umm Sydney?"- She said-" would I have to like, have to do homework and stuff?"-

I didn't want her to be the one to suffer because of my anger so I tried to calm down and put on the most friendly smile that I could muster and said- yes, but don't worry I'll help you and either way, you are here to protect Jill. I don't think you have met her yet?

"No, I mean they show me a picture of her and explain me that I would be her roommate. I was supposed to be from North Carolina or somewhere and had to protect her at all times."- up to that last statement she had said it quite casually but when she said that last part her face became serious. I didn't thought we had to be concerned about her not being devoted enough to her work. But I still would keep an eye on her. For me, she was a kid and, even though I'd seen her fight when we were with the keepers, (Evangeline s brother had intended to marry rose, of course rose hadn't known anything about it, but either way had had to fight with Evangeline.) And, for what I had seen she had definitely had had the guts. I just hoped that she had had more training and would be able to protect Jill.

"Hey, how come you got sent here?"- It had struck me as odd because keepers where all in the living in the forest kind of people and I just didn't picture them letting Evangeline come here.

"Don't really know, I guess they didn't have warriors.. I mean guardians they could send here. I just know that some of you guys"- she said tapping her cheek- "asked us for help, I don't really know how it happened but my dad suddenly was really excited about me going. Not really care though as long as I was getting out of there."

That much was true; she had wanted to go with rose, Dimitri and me because she couldn't handle being locked in the woods anymore.

"Okay, we're here." - I said. I had told Jill I would bring Evangeline about 5 pm so she would probably be waiting for us at her dorm. I had a new one floor down and for the moment I had no roommate. I actually preferred it that way but I did kind of missed Jill sometimes. We parked and headed to the main office Evangeline would go alone since the alchemist had figured out that if any more of our "sisters or brothers" joined the school it would start to look suspicious.

After she'd finished with the registration at central campus we saw Eddie and Jill approaching. Guess Jill was excited to meet her new roommate.

"Hi. You must be Evangeline"- Eddie said.

"Hum, hi"- Evangeline said. She seemed to be assessing Eddie. Maybe to see if he did look useful and competent. I thought not like Adrian, but as I thought that I remember how made I was I him so I tried to forgot that for now, neither Eddie nor Jill deserved to receive my anger, although Jill would probably find out by the bond.

"And I'm Jill, nice to meet you!"- Jill said

"Hey," - Evangeline respond. I guessed Jill was happy to have a new roommate because even if she liked me I couldn't help her with things like friends and stuff, it would be a lot better if Evangeline could help her get more friends and not feel such an outsider anymore.

"Okay, so I guess you can handle from here"- I told Evangeline. I nodded to the rest and started to leave but Eddie stopped me.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" - I said playing dumb. I didn't want anyone to know how much Adrian affected me.

"Uhm no reason, well then I guess we`ll see later."- Then he headed to where Jill was.

After that I headed to my room, I really didn't wanted to see anybody. Unfortunately, I didn't had it my way.

"Hey Melbourne!" –

"Hey Trey" – I said. I was really not in the mood for talking. He must have seen that on my face because he immediately said.

"So who had you so mad about?"- he asked me.

"Family things"- I said. But when I saw the look in his eyes I saw hurt. Hurt of being left apart. So I thought to hell with it and said- its its my brother, he s kind of in trouble but won't let me help him.


"No, Adrian"- Trey knew him. I had asked him a favor so that Adrian could get a job at a coffee shop trey worked on although Adrian hadn't got the job.- "It's kind of complicated."

"Well then let's go." - He said.

"What? Where?"- I was confused.

"I don't know wherever you want to go, you look like you really need a distraction." Again I thought why not?

"Thanks that's actually a great idea just let me go to Jill and tell her I'm going."

So I went to Jill's and found her and Evangeline and Eddie in her room.

"Umm Jill I m going to go for a while okay if you need anything call me to my cel okay."

"Where are you going?" – Eddie asked.

"I'm going out with Trey- I said as if was no big a deal."

"You what?" – Eddie exclaimed.

"Good for you!" – Jill said. Though she seemed kind of stupefied. Was my lack of romantic life that obvious?

"Yeah, umm it isn't really like that I mean we are just friends."

"Sure"- Jill said but I could see she didn't buy it.

I went to my room grabbed my purse and went to meet Trey. We ended up having a great time, we went to the movies and I actually had a great time, for once, I didn't had to be the perfect alchemist, I didn't had proof myself to anyone. I could just be myself, just Sydney.

Y After the movies we went to a MacDonald's although Trey was pretty much the only one eating. We were really late on the curfew hour but I was having such a great time that I didn't really cared.

It was way past midnight when we arrived at campus. We managed to sneak back in without anyone noticing. Trey accompanied me to my dorm I was kind of nervous though of how to say goodbye.

"Thanks for the distraction"- I said as we reached Jill's door.

"Hey, anytime you want" – he said.

And then he kissed me.

I was taken by surprise no doubt. But his kiss was sweet, gentle like he was afraid I would slap him for it.

Instead I kissed him back. And that's when the door opened and Jill saw us.