"We will forever and always be Mystery Inc!" Fred says high fiving everybody.

"Of course Fred hunny!"Daphne says giving him a quick kiss on the cheeck.

Sheriff Stone comes in.

"Not unless you guys get arrested!" Sheriff says.

Mayor Jones pats Sheriff on the back.

"No! Your not arresting anybody." Mayor Jones says.

"But hunnybear! Poockeycakes! Cupbaby!" Sheriff says whinning.

Mayor Jones kisses Sheriff on the cheeck.

"Thanks Mayor I needed that" Sheriff says.

Mayor Jones drives everybody except Shaggy,Velma,and Scooby back to their house.

Fred and Daphne went to Fred's room to talk and maybe kiss.

Mayor Jones and Sheriff were having sex as usual.

Daphne gets a text.

"Oh crap! I have to go! Bye Fred!" Daphne says giving Fred a goodbye kiss.

Sheriff and Daphne were walking out of Fred & Mayors house.

Fred and Mayor Jones talk a bit.

Fred hugs Mayor Jones and went off to bed.

Fred texts Daphne to come over his house to have sex.

Daphne sneaks in Fred's window.

Fred is on the bed with Daphne ontop.

They began making out.

Daphne throws off her shirt and hits something.

They both got up to see what it was.

Chiles family. Brad Chiles,Judy Chiles,and Fred Chiles.

Fred runs and shows Mayor Jones.

Mayor Jones confesses he's not the father.

Fred drives away without saying a word.

Daphne is in a bra and skirt.

"Where you about to have sex with Fred?" Mayor Jones asks.

"Yeah and I guess I can't. Too bad because I was really good at it." Daphne says sadly.

"Yeah right! Just go back home to your parents! Besides your too young" Mayor Jones says going back to bed.

Mayor Jones gets into his bed and puts his cover on him.

Daphne jumps on Mayor Jones.

"Do me.I love you. Since your not Fred's father we can do whatever we want." Daphne says.

"Daphne I can't I-" Mayor Jones says but gets cut off as Daphne removes her bra.

"WOW THOSE ARE SOME BIG TITS!" Mayor Jones says loudly.

Mayor Jones and Daphne have hot sex in his bed.

The next morning

Daphne leaves and goes back to her house.

Mayor Jones had the best night ever and wanted more.

Mayor Jones calls Velma.

"Hey Velma can you help me with some papers?" Mayor Jones says on the phone.

"Sure thing i'll be right over!" Velma says.

Velma comes over in a tight nerdy outfit which made her boobs look bigger.

Mayor Jones locks Velma in his room.

"Listen Velma..I had sex with Daphne and I want to have sex with you." Mayor Jones says.

"Eww gross! You probally have a saggy dick!" Velma says.

"Let's see about that.." Mayor Jones saying while removing his clothes.

"Don't be a shit let's have sex." Mayor Jones says waiting.

Velma shrugs and has sex with him.

After they were done Mayor Jones see's Alice Mays.

Mayor Jones invites Alice Mays inside.

"Hey Alice! I haven't seen you since we had sex." Mayor Jones says.

"Whatever i'm dating ponytail guy now." Alice says holding hands with ponytail guy.

"Let's have a 3 some!" Mayor Jones says.

"WHAT! THATS SO!UGH! EEW!" Alice says.

"Sure thing Mayor let's do this!" Ponytail guy says.

"Whatever let's get this thing going!" Alice says.

They all have a 3some on the floor.

The next day

Mayor Jones is sitting and reading playboy.

Mayor Jones liked having sex with men and woman.

Fred comes home and tells Mayor Jones he forgives him.

"Listen Fred..over this weekend I had sex with almost everyone and since i'm not your father we could have sex..if you want.." Mayor Jones says shyly.

Fred looks down.

"Wait! Daphne had sex with you?" Fred asks.

"Yeah. I fucked her so bad that when she started sucking my dick it started to taste like her pussy." Mayor Jones says.

Fred got mad.

"Let's have sex FOR REVENGE!" Fred says.

Fred and Mayor Jones have sex on the couch.

Shaggy comes in.

"Like dude thats some sick shit" Shaggy says.

"Alright Shaggy you can have sex with him i'm taking a break." Fred says while he puts Scooby-Doo in a different room.

Shaggy and Mayor Jones have while Fred puts Scooby-Doo in a room with Professor Periciles.

Fred locks the door and leaves.

Scooby-Doo see's Professor Periciles masterbathing.

"May I join you?" Scooby Doo asks Pericles.

"Oh what the hell I haven't gotten laid since I got a feather into Mayor Jones's ass" Pericles says.

Scooby Doo and Periciles have sex.

The end and if you don't like it..go fuck mayor jones ;d