Chapter 1 So I run, and hide and tear myself up start again with a brand new name

Amberly Galloy does it differently from me, Chase Galloy. She wakes up and messes with her short blonde hair. Chase though throws on a wig to cover up the blonde hair. She puts on a bra and makes sure her semi small boobs aren't sticking out. He tapes up those up since it feels much comfortable that way. She puts on eyeliner and eye shadow. He puts on stuff to make himself look more like the guy. She puts on a nice tank top and skirt. While for Chase, and for the rest of the school year, he puts on a Dalton Academy blazer. Chase meets amberly in the mirror. Chase is amberly. I am the both of them.

Originally, I was Amberly. I was this funny girl with a guy personally. No girl wanted to be with me. I would rather be with a bunch of guys. So I thought about it the longest time, and it finally came to me. I thought about becoming a transgender guy. I just think I was born into the wrong body. I was always in love with the name Chase. So I become Chase Galloy.

It was the start of the Dalton year. I came in a month late. I was in a public school for a month. I had one issue with myself. I couldn't choose who to be. I started acting like Chase. Everyone in class would judge me. These cause me to want to hang myself. I shiver those thoughts to the back of my head. I look in the mirror with the head master in the back of me. "Welcome to Dalton, Chase Galloy." She smiled, "This is going to be exciting, isn't it?" I nodded my head rapidly. "Don't worry; no one will know you're a girl. Maybe you're Warblers though? We had the contract, Miss. Galloy."

I nodded to her. My agreement was I had to be a Warbler, their all male singing group. I was always a performer. I love the spotlight and attention. My vocal was not a male type, but I would try. I had no classes today because I came later. I did get to meet the Warbler group though. The head master walks downstairs with me to their choir room. It was always the halls where all the Warblers slept. I was to share a room with one, Nick. I would have to wake up early and get ready like a guy but…who knows what could happen?

They were working on a popular Katy Perry song, "Teenage Dream". They were surrounding a piano, figuring which part goes where. The head master clears her throat. All guys turn. "Oh," one boy jump out. He had gelled down hair with the next door boy look on his face. "Head master, what brings you here?"

"I have your new Warbler," she pushes me to them. They all smile. "He is Chase Galloy. I want him to audition tomorrow for all of you. I will be hearing great reviews, won't I?"

"We hope so," the Asian with dark hair said. "I'm Wes, head chairman for the Warblers this year."

"So, even though you got to audition tomorrow," the next door neighbor boy said, "why don't you jump in with us?" He smiles and puts out his hand, "I'm Blaine Anderson."

"He's like our man!" The blonde one calls out. I chuckle a bit as everyone laughs.

Wes look at me, "Basically what Jeff is saying is not to take Blaine's spot."

"Hey!" Blaine laughs out, "If he's a better performer then me, then he can."

And this whole time I haven't said a word…Wes drags me over by him. The Warblers were already a smiling happy group. "You sing high or low?"

"High," I murmured out.

Wes pulls me a little closer to his sheet music. I smirk. It was perfectly my vocal type. I smiled; singing along once Blaine started us. After the song, Blaine was joking about how I don't have to audition. "No I want to," I spoke up. "I think it will be great for me."

Wes smiles, "Great." The other Warblers start to exit. "Want to get like a tea with me or something?"

"Sure," we walked together to the café in Dalton. "Wow, you guys are special." Wes laughed at my teasing comment. I order a green tea while Wes order a black tea iced with a bit of sugar and milk.

"So," Wes sits down next to me. "What classes do you have?" I went over my daily schedule. "Oh hey I have German that period. I took it just as an extra language."

"Senior," I muttered.

"Underclassman," he took of a sip of his tea. "So are you doing any sports?" I shook my head. A closer way to get caught as a girl. "Oh come on, you should so take up fencing."

My eyes open wide. I was a fencer at birth…or since I was eight. I thought I might try out for the US team, but who knows, right? "You guys have a fencing team?" Wes nodded with a smile, "Oh my lord, so in!"

Wes chuckled, "That's awesome, um, what blade?"

"Saber, all my equipment is with my parents. I'll start up, next week?" Wes nodded, "So you're a Saber, too?"

"Uh, yeah, Warblers make fun of me for doing it." Wes sips his tea again with a tiny smile. "Blaine's a foil though."

"No shock," I mumble, "most obvious gay guys are foil."

Wes cracked up. We talked for a while about why I transfer which was cause of bullying. "Man that sucks," he mumbles, believing my story was because of bullies hating me for my style. I stood out from most crowds. It is kind of true already…

"Eh," I whispered, "I like it here all ready." I check the time. "I should get step up in my room. I'll see you tomorrow, Wes. It was nice talking to you."

"Hey," Wes screams. "I'll get you up before Gym since we have that class. I know where your dorm is." I noticed Blaine came right over to him and gave me a wave goodbye.

I smile and walk to my hall. I found a couple others there. One Warbler who I didn't catch his name caught me coming into Nick's room. He was the blonde hair one. "Oh hey Chase! I was just leaving," he gave Nick a peak and walked out.

Nick had a huge smile. I had a shock face. "You guys are cute." Nick blush, "I just met you and I think you guys are cute."

He chuckle. "I got to give him something. I'll be back and we will talk about our room." He held a tiny package. I smiled.

"Okay, let me take a hot shower." Once he shut the door, I took off my wig. God I got to convince my parents to let me cut my hair… I brushed it out a bit. I grab a big t-shirt and Dalton sweatpants. My parents sent them to me when I applied.

"Hey sorr—woah." I turn to see Nick. I made a sturggle to put the wig back on, but the blonde stood out. "Care to explain?"

I shut the door. We sat on each other's bed. I went over my life story. "I just want to be… a guy. I can't fit in anywhere else. Here I thought I could." I sign, "Tell no one, please?"

"Hey," Nick held a pinky. I held mine too. I start to laugh. We crossed them with a smile and chuckling. I tied my hair in a bun.

"Warn me," I murmured, "if a guy ever comes." Nick nods. I threw on a big t-shirt and sweatpants.

"Want me to bring you dinner?" I nodded, curling on the bed. "You look beat."

I nod, "Tell the headmaster you know about me. She'll understand why you're bringing me dinner." I passed out for a second. I woke up with some food by me. It wasn't much. I took tiny bits of the soup and put it away for now. It was only 7:30. Nick was with Jeff, the boy he dated. All the guys were in the courtyard. I ate a little more and just relaxed.

"Is he feeling alright," I overheard Wes and Nick talking.

"Yeah," Nick says, "He's just completely beat from today. Hey Wes, do you ever think a Warbler could be a girl?" Are you kidding me, Nick? Are you seriously kidding me?

"You're crazy," Wes said. "Did you eat enough? Do I have to call over Jeff from my dorm?"

"No, I think this new guy is—"

"You need sleep," Wes shoo him off. I jump in my bed, acting to be asleep. I fell right to sleep. Next morning I woke up. It was time to get ready for classes.

I got up and brush out my long hair. I put on my make up to make me more guy-ish. It sounds weird. After I finished that, I heard a door quickly shut.

I turn, no one was there. I shrug, "Maybe it was Nick." I got my wig on. I put on my uniform. I walk outside, noticing there was 20 minutes until the period. Wes wanted to walk me. I grab my phone, texting him. He texted me back, saying he had to go in early to class and apologize. I was shock a bit. I grab a notebook and walk to class. I notice a warbler was in my class. We talked before the class started.

"Yeah, Wes said he was going to walk me to class," I started, "then just said he had to come in early."

"It's Wes," he says. "Don't worry about that. He might actually like you."

"Yeah right," No guy in this school would like me. "I know he plays for both and so do I but just no…"

Warbler practice came. Wes was there. He wasn't smiling like he did yesterday. Blaine called us all together. We worked on Teenage Dream. Wes was acting a bit weirder.

"Wait," I murmured. "We go higher here?" Wes completely ignored me. "Uh, Wes? Hello, dude, asking you a question." Nick rushed over to me and helps me out. I smiled to him and went back to the song.

"So," Blaine came over, "solo?"

I look around the room. I saw Wes, giving me such a weird look. "How about another day or soon?"

"Yeah, sure," Blaine spotted me in the hallway later. "You okay, Chase?" I nodded. "Something's bothering you. Is about Wes?"

"Look, Blaine!" I flip off, "Not now…" I walk to my room and threw my books down. Nick's head pick up. "Why did you have to start a topic about girls being Warblers, you asshole?"

A/N: I usually hate OCs but I had this really good idea about a girl sneaking into the Warblers, and someone falling in love with her and blah shit blah. You know but I hope you guys like this idea as much as me. A lot of girls in my school do so…

Chapter title- Capricorn (A Brand New Name)- 30 Seconds to Mars

Story Title- The Kill (Bury Me)