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Chapter 16: Yule Night

Harry POV:

Viktor and I stepped out into the gardens for a spot of fresh air. The ball would be ending in roughly an hour, and it was a chance for us to be by ourselves with, well less, prying eyes glued to us. Leading me by my hand, Viktor smiled down at me as we moved past the white rose hedges and into the specially made winter gardens. I caught a glimpse of Professor Snape sweeping past, his reproving gaze seeking out any couples, ahem, well 'frolicking' with each other. Viktor tugged me down a path into the open air to a bench that over looked the lake and the forest. Tiny fairy lights and flower garlands formed a rather romantic bower. I stared at before glancing at Viktor who shuffled a bit then pulled me over to it. Looks like masculinity would be taking a sideline temporarily.

He lifted his arm and I snuggled under it and into him as he draped part of his cloak over me. Taking his free hand I interlaced our fingers with a pleased sigh. The night was cool and Viktor warm.

"Haff you had a good night, my 'Arry?" Viktor asked as his thumb rubbed circles over the back of my hand. It was soothing and I loved the small comfort he did so effortlessly.

"Yes, how about you?" I ask as I tipped my head back and kissed the edge of his jaw. He tipped his head down to meet mine and kissed me chastely on the lips. then pressed his forehead briefly against mine.

"It has been a very good night," Viktor murmured after he leaned back and I smiled before sighing and resting my head against his shoulder making him wrap his arm around me a bit tighter. We listened to the faint strains of the music and rested peacefully in the cool night air warm because each other's affection and gentle touch.

"I'm crazy about you," I say quietly and I feel him stiffen against me and instantly flush ducking my head. He lets go of my hand and the feeling in my gut worsens. I draw back and startle when his hand catches behind my neck tipping it back. Viktor's lips collided almost forcefully with mine. His grip was almost painfully tight and I moaned a bit when my lips parted and his tongue swept in.

We kissed for several minutes like that until Viktor finally released me and I felt similar to melted butter and I ended up resting with my head tucked under his nuzzling his shoulder sleepily. He tugged me onto his lap and brushed his lips against my ear softly.

"I von't be letting you go any time soon." Viktor whispers almost mutely against my ear. "I too am very crazy avout you. You are my 'Arry. No distance vill ever make a difference, be it an inch avay or three thousand miles. You, 'Arry Potter, are mine." Curling my hands in the back of his robes under his cloak, I won't be letting go either.

I was still bright red when I went to breakfast the next day. Viktor was already there and I sat down next to him blushing even more. The older boy merely took my hand and squeezed it before pouring me my usual glass of juice and nudging the platter of sausage links and blood puddings closer. I dished a few out before snagging a spoonful of eggs and a couple pieces of toast.

"How did you sleep?" Hermione asked without looking up from her book. I glanced at her before smiling softly back up at my boyfriend. Then glanced back at her.

"I slept fine. Did you enjoy yourself last night?" I ask relieved that there were no intense stares, at least none from anyone I knew and liked. There were plenty of stares, glares, and goo-goo eyes all around. She flushed before her gaze turned angrily across the hall.

"It was going fine until…" She said something in Russian that made Viktor wince. I felt an eyebrow go up.

"Language Hermione," I chastised. I wasn't fluent in any of the languages the Durmstang or Beauxbatons students spoke, but I'd spent enough time with the boys of those groups on the Quidditch pitch to recognize a few of the words. She flushed again before looking down ashamed for a bit.

"I know, it's just…" She let a long angry huff. "Pansy Parkinson in a pug faced nightmare."

"What did she do this time?" I glanced at Viktor asking if he had any idea and earned a shrug in response. Apparently he didn't know either.

"Oh, that pink taffeta harlot kept hitting on Draco, Grigor and Sasha all night!" Hermione finally snapped obviously restraining her less than kind words for something else. I felt my eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Pansy had always hung round Draco, but the blond had told us weeks ago that he didn't like her in the least and that she was just a clingy nightmare.

"If I see that green and silver bit—Oooh," Hermione cut own self off again. Her gaze trailed over the area. I glanced around as well and realized that Draco, Neville, nor the two Durmstang students were around. Since Neville would have stayed up late with Gryffindor partying, it was likely he was still abed or just waking up. The other three however…

"Is Grigor and Sasha not coming to breakfast?" I ask Viktor who paused in between a bite of food to pause and think about it.

"I dink de are still on de boat." My boyfriend said with a slight frown. "I knocked and dere doors dis morning and dey just yelled at me to go avay." Hermione scowled darkly at that and resumed muttering under her breath before finally just shoving her plate away and getting up in a huff. Viktor and I traded looks as she stormed off.

"Should we warn Grigor?" I ask Viktor who actually just snickered in response.

"Let 'im suffer," he said twisting our fingers together. "Ve haff another date planned."

"We do?" I ask with a bright smile. He glanced at me and offered me a rather cute embarrassed little grin.

"Vell, vould you like to spend de day vith me, my 'Arry?" Viktor asked.

"Like I would spend it any other way!" I say in response and kiss him teasingly on the nose.


Viktor's POV:

I went back on the ship after dinner. Seated in a dark leather armchair next to one of the portholes scowling was Grigor. Rather surprisingly, he had a small ice pack pressed to the left side of his face.

"What happened?" I ask as I take a spot across from him on a wooden stool. He removed the small towel wrapped bag and I see a rather distinctive black eye. "Hermioninny?" I ask. Draco had shared his experience of the curly haired witch last year and informed us never to truly piss her off or we'd face the chance of a broken and bloody nose. It appeared Grigor hadn't heeded him. It made me wonder if I would have to defend my friend against a very irate best friend who was also my boyfriend and winced.

"My Mio wasn't pleased with a rather tactless comment," the dark haired Russian muttered drawing my attention back to him. "How was I supposed to know I ask you? Eh? How was I supposed to know?" Then winced when the talking aggravated his eye, replacing the ice pack.

"What did you say?" I asked rather sympathetically. Harry had stomped once on my foot during a rather tactless comment about Neville once. It had ached for hours but that hadn't even been as painful as the silent treatment I'd gotten for the exact length of time, even after apologizing.

"I asked her if we were going to break up once I went back to Durmstang." Grigor muttered. I winced in sympathy for Hermione. The fifteen year old girl was very fond of my seventeen year old friend. To have your boyfriend pretty much force his foot into his mouth after a rather romantic night and being hit by on another girl while others gawked at him and you must have been too much.

"You are a moron." I said in plain English. He scowled and shifted the ice against his face in a sulky manner.

"I know," he said after a few minutes of brooding. He turned miserable eyes towards me. "I do like her a lot though," he admitted. "I just don't know vat to do vith the long distance. Vat if I get letter vone day and it say 'too bad Grigor, I haff found somevone else?'" I nodded in understanding.

"It is the same vith 'Arry," I admit, "I care for 'im very much, 'owever ve live very far apart."

"You could get a spot on an English team though easily," Grigor countered. I nodded.

"I know, and 'Arry could transfer to Durmstang or even homeschool. He's mentioned the possibilities of leaving 'Ogwarts. He is ready after dis year he said." I told him. "Vut, no matter vat I am staying in contact. I vill not lose my place vith him just because of a little silly distance. Dere's portkeys and international floos—" Grigor's face brightened a bit at this. "But, she's still going to be mad at you." The other boy flinched then slumped back a bit in his seat.

"I'm so doomed." He groaned. Smirking at him a bit at my friend in a mixture of humor and understanding, I give him a shoulder pat and leave for my room.


Harry POV:

I was more than a little surprised when Hermione came barreling down the hall and flung herself at me. Trying not to swallow any of her hair, I wrapped my arms around her and tried to understand her through her rather muffled and garbled sobs. Standing there helplessly I keep patting her back and shushing her softly. Neville came around the corner and looking like was trying to find something, or more likely someone because once he saw me with Hermione he instantly sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness," he said as he hurried over.

"What happened?" I hissed at him.

"We went to meet up with Sasha and Grigor earlier. From what I got out of her before she went tearing off was that Grigor suggested breaking up before they got separated at the end of the year." I felt my eyes widen in a mixture of shock and incredulity.

"That, that… That's ridiculous! What an arse!" I said angrily. "Why I ought to—urgh." Hermione hiccupped against my shoulder and nestled a bit closer as I hugged her harder.

"Let's go to my rooms." I tell him. "We can have a spot of tea and get you fixed up." I continue saying those this time it is directed at Neville who nods and helps me guide her to the bathroom. Myrtle seeing her expression doesn't say anything except to ask what was wrong. I told her absently that it was merely some relationship issues and that we'd talk to her soon. She floats out of the bathroom looking cross and I barely give her a second glance.


Neville's POV:

I watched helplessly as Hermione just sobbed listlessly in Harry's arms as he shushed her softly, rocking her back and forth as she sat on his lap. The soothing nonsense seems to help though. After roughly an hour of straight tears we sat there silently.

"I'm going to punch Grigor the next time I see him," Harry finally grunted. Hermione merely sniffed before laughing weakly. She slid off of his lap and onto the sofa next to him her head pillowed on his shoulder.

"I never should have gotten involved with him," she said mournfully. Harry and I frowned at that. "I wouldn't be hurting so bad if I hadn't been so—" Harry cut her off right there.

"Don't you dare call yourself stupid Hermione Granger! Being in love is not stupid. It is stupidly difficult and amazingly frustrating, but it's only stupid if you give up too soon." He growled pulling her against his chest.

"But he wants to break up." She said her eyes welling up again.

"No, he doesn't, the bloody idiot is worried he'll be too far away to fend off some errant suitor." I argued. Harry nodded.

"But…" She said tearfully before wiping at her nose in misery. Harry sighed and pulled out a handkerchief and held it to her nose.

"Blow," he scolded gently. She did as he bid and gave a soft honk. She then took it and dabbed at her eyes.

"Neville can you get me a cold cloth for Hermione? She's a little flush." Harry gave me a look and I knew that they needed a moment alone. Standing up I walk down the hall to the bathroom and quickly wet a cloth before returning.

"—ut Harry!" I heard Hermione say. "How would you feel about your boyfriend asking you to break up with you? To just ask if you want to end your relationship because there's a little distance between you?"

"I know because I told him I'd do whatever it took to make it work after he said I was his and no little thing like distance would dare to ruin it. You're fifteen Hermione and you're so much closer to Grigor's age than I am to Viktor. We have four, nearly five years separating us. The only thing I can say is you need to see it from his point of view. He's leaving a beautiful girl behind, and he saw how everyone looked at you last night." Harry argued.

"Bu-but," she stuttered. "I'm just as scared he'll find someone else! Look at what happened last night all those girls were eyeing him like he was some delicacy they couldn't wait to sample!" I flinched as my own insecurities about Sasha pushed its nasty head to the forefront of my conscious. I heard the sound of soft smack.

"Harry!" Hermione said aghast. "Y-you hit me!"

"I was seeing if that would restart your brain, and luckily for me, it has. Now, think brightest witch of our generation. Don't panic or let your jealous override your judgment. This is your man. Not mine, not Neville's, not anybody else's. Did Grigor even glance at those other girls?"

"No." Was the soft response. The same answer popped into my head the noose around my throat and heart relaxing.

"Did he seem flattered by their attention? Parkinson's perhaps?" Harry continued. I could see Hermione shaking her head in the small mirror across from allowing for a glimpse into the room as I unconsciously copied the motion.

"Who makes him light up whenever they walk into a room? Sits next to them at first chance? Holds their hand? Who's kissing him and is his partner in their relationship?" Harry asked his voice pushing her and me into immediate answers that we couldn't over think, over analyze.

"Me, it's all me," she whispered almost too low for me to hear.

"And what are you going to tell that idiot? Because let me tell you, if you didn't say you weren't letting go, you weren't all there." Harry said.

"I completely lost it when he asked," Hermione said honestly, sounding like herself for the first time in hours. "I just, he's my first crush and love Harry. I don't know if we'll work out in the long run, but he can't just up and sabotage it!" Her voice was growing serious and determined. It was a sign I could reenter the room so I did, the damp cloth clenched in my fist.

"If any of them think they can get away without a fight, I'd like to see them try," I say roughly.

"This means we need to come up with a plan." Hermione said straightening and wiping her face clean with the cloth. "One to get back at Grigor with."

"That's the Mione I know." Harry said warmly. Joining them on the couch we join hands and offer each other a little comfort and a little strength. Hermione's trembling lower lip stiffens further and her mouth becomes a flat line of sheer determination.

"Now, here's what I think we should do…" She said a look of pure evil entering her eyes. Smirking a little, I can't help but look forward to it.

Hermione stepped into the dining room in a very pretty outfit. The dress was made of a slinky gold material and was very form fitting before it ended just a few inches from the top of her knees flaring out in a jagged asymmetrical shark bite hem. Very simple lace stockings decorated her legs tinting her tan skin and making them somehow look longer and more toned. Her hair had been tamed once more, the entire group of Beauxbatons girls coming to her aide when they heard the story. The soft ringlets were gathered and spiraled down the left side of her neck in a tousled fashion. Her lips had this shiny pink color added to them and there was a slight sway to her step as she walked to the dinner table in clear two inch heels. Grigor's fork dropped out of his hand and I saw Harry smirk at the gob smacked and bruised face of the older boy. Hermione was quite slugger, and right now she was about to hit it out of the park.

My best guy friend escorted her over in an equally fashionable state. How he fit into those leather pants Fleur owned was a thing of envy. The laces were tight up his calves and the emerald tunic was sleeveless baring his arms. The asymmetrical neck line laced up on the right side, ending in a trailing bow by his neck. I studied Viktor's stunned expression and snorted in amusement.

"What's going on?" I heard Draco ask as he stopped next to me before taking in the sight. He let out a low whistle of appreciation and looked quite impressed. "Bloody hell, they look hot. What brought this one?" He asked me.

"Grigor made an ass of himself and Hermione's encouraging him to come begging to make up for it." I told him laughing at the dumbstruck expression as they passed him and sat on the other side of Viktor. Harry pulled out her seat just as Viktor scrambled out of his to pull out Harry's.

"And Harry's reason?" Draco asked.

"It's supposed to be a reward for being such a romantic sweetheart and not a 'foot-in-mouth' prone idiot." If there had been any doubt about the two's relationship after last night it disappeared with the way Viktor's eyes followed Harry's every movement like a hawk sighting prey. Grigor was still gaping at Hermione who flickered her hair over her shoulder and gave him one look. She leaned over across Harry and Viktor and said one single word that I knew without even hearing her say it.

"Idiot." She then dragged him forward by the neck of his robes and kissed him hard on the lips.

"If he worries about someone taking her after that, he's a moron." Draco commented before heading towards his friends at the Slytherin table and dodging Pansy. I smiled a bit whimsically at that.

"We're all morons when it comes to love," I say and then head over to smooch my own guy.

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