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Characters Raven, Red X, and Clara (superhero power/name later reveled)

Chapter 1 :

In the Beginning

"Clara, Clara where are you?" a muffled female voice called from down stairs.

"I am in my room, just getting the last of my things together" Clara said, as she sprinted around her simple bedroom collecting all her belongings and stuffing them in to her old lucky gym bag.

She didn't have much. Just a brush, toothbrush, clothes, a teddy, two pairs of shoes, her makeup, four photos of her and her friends, and a necklace. Clara zipped up her bag and left one of the laces from one of her shoes sticking out at the end. Too excited to put the lace back in the bag she pick the bag up, flung it over her shoulder and ran to the bedroom door.

Before opening the door and running out, she paused at it and turned around. Clara glanced over her room one more time, the memories that had become memories, making friends and sleepovers played back in her mind. Clara smiled to herself before ripping the door open and running to the top of the stairs.

Loud thuds boomed around the home as Clara ran as fast and as carefully as she could, promising to herself on the way down that on this day she would not end up in hospital. Before the very bottom of the stairs Clara jumped over the last two steps, landed on both feet and balanced herself with the tips of her fingers so her head would not do that for her. As soon as both feet and fingers had touched the floor she got up and sprinted to the front door.

"Clara whe-, O there you are, come on girl. Mr and Mrs. Copeland are waiting for you in the lounge." Mrs. Porter said, as she pulled the gym bag off Clara's shoulder and put it over her own. "Now remember your man-"

"Manners, please and thank-you, stand up straight and don't look bored. I've gone through this 100 times Jane, but this will be the last time!" Jane looked at Clara with a big smile on her face and gave her a quick hug before rushing her into the lounge.

"Here we are one ready to go little girl" Jane said with and even bigger smile than before on her face.

"Thank-you so much Mrs. Porter, this means so much to us, you ready to come home Clara?" Mr. Copeland said before putting his arm around Mrs. Copeland.

"You bet I am, Mr. Copeland" she said with enough enthusiasm to light up Jump City.

"Please call us Peter and Sarah, or mom and dad but only if you want to" Mrs. Copeland said innocently

Clara's eye lit up at hearing this and telling herself to take up the offer later that day. After several seconds she realized that she had been staring at them with a big cheesy grin on her face. She closed her mouth as fast as she could and nodded slowly as to not scare them off.

"Right then I will come with you to the car so I can see you off" Jane said as she softy squeezed Clara's shoulder and smiled sweetly at everyone in the room.

Mr. and Mrs. Copeland went first, leading the way out of the home and to their car in the parking lot in front of the house. Jane place the gym bag in the seat next to the one Clara was about to sit in.

"Goodbye Jane" Clara said with a small tear in her eye.

"Goodbye Clara" she said as she pulled Clara in for one more hug. "Don't forget us, you hear me, I want to know what you are getting up to in your new home, ok!" A small choke of sadness could be heard in her voice as the words fell out of her mouth.

"How can I forget you all, you are like my family, my dysfunctional family" once again the memories of Clara's past flooded her mind, and with it a slight smile.

Jane released her hug from Clara and opened the door of the car for her to get into. As Clara did so Jane closed the car door and stood back to watch Clara leave Mountain High House forever. The engine of the car being turned on was heard in Jane's ears and the car pulled out of its spot slowly and then made its way to the exit. Jane waved one last time to the car before heading inside.


Clara turned to watch the house she had lived in for 10 years shrink into a tiny blob in the distance before sitting the right way and looking out the window to her right. Her gym bag now resting on her lap as she played with the straps.

"Don't worry, you won't be on the car long, 30 minutes max if the traffic is good" Mr. Copeland said from behind the steering wheel.

"I hope you like your room, Clara, it's a bit plain right now but you can do with it as you like, within reason of course, haha" Mrs. Copeland said

Clara smiled starting to imagine her new room. She knew the Copeland's were not rich so her bed room would not be a large bed room but she knew it would not be as small as her last one either. Clara knew how she wanted everything in her room. The color of the walls, the color of her bed sheets, even down to where she wanted her bed.

Clara had been making her bedroom up so intensely in her head that next thing she knew the car was pulling up into the drive way of the cutest house Clara had ever seen. It was a two story white house with a garage on the side and a small porch over the front door. It had one large window on either side of the door and three smaller windows on the second floor.

Mr. and Mrs. Copeland got out first, and Mrs. Copeland opened the car door for Clara too, and Clara jumped right out of the car and once again flung the gym bad over her right shoulder. Mr. Copeland unlocked the front door and let Clara be the first to walk in to her new home, Clara's mouth fell open the minute she walked through the door.

The hall way was slim with white walls all around, on the left was a door way to an office and was obviously Mr. Copeland's. Next to that door was the stair case, all the steps were a dark wooden brown and the banister a crystal white to go with the walls. All the way at the end of the hall, that followed the length of the stairs, was a door that entered what looked like the kitchen. And on her right was a set of double doors heading for the lounge with a large couch that seemed to be calling her name, a fireplace and a single reclining chair.

Mrs. Copeland started heading for the stairs before turning to Clara and politely asked Clara to join her.

"Follow me Clara, I will take you to your room so you can get all your things out" Mrs. Copeland smiled and put her hand out so Clara could take hold of it. Clara took hold of her hand lightly before they started to climb the stairs. Once they had reached the top they turned left, around a corner which led to a door right in front of them. Mrs. Copeland stopped in front of the door and smiled at Clara.

"Go on you open it, take a look at your new room."

Clara hesitated before placing her hand on the door handle and truing it carefully and walked in. Once again her mouth fell open. A small bed was placed in the corner of the room away from the window, with a small pile of neatly folded clothes at the end of the bed. A lamp on top of a small chest of drawers at the end of the bed. The walls in this room were also white, with one window at one end of the room which was obviously the front of the house with a blind just inside it, and a door on the opposite side of the room facing the window. The floor was covered by a light blue carpet almost a baby blue if you like. The light on the roof was just a plain dome light that hung ever so slightly.

"We gave you a small chest of drawers, a small bed and a lamp to get you started, I also bought a small amount of clothes too but I don't know if you would like them. We will go shopping tomorrow so you can pick out the furniture you would like and the paint you want, so you can paint the walls the color of your choice. We also put in a blue carpet for you since it is your favorite color, I just hope it's the right blue. Oh, and before I forget, through that door is your own bathroom." Mrs. Copeland said with a hint of excitement of their plans the next day.

Clara just turned and hugged Mrs. Copeland.

"Thank-you Mrs. Copeland, this means so much to me!"

"Now I will hear none of that, it is Sarah or mom ok?" she said with a light laugh at the end.

"Oh sorry, thank-you" she pause before she said the name wondering which to call her. "Mom, thank-you".

4 years later

Clara woke to the sound of a faint knock at her door.

"Clara, are you up yet?" Sarah said as she pushed the door open, as she did the smell of cooked bacon, eggs, and toast filled Clara's room and entered her nose.

"Yes come on in mom," Clara slowly sat up in her bad as her mom walked over to her bed and placed a tray on her lap.

"Happy 16th Birthday Angel, eat your breakfast up, have a shower and meet your father and I down stairs so we can take you shopping for your birthday outfit for tonight," she said before kissing Clara on the head and heading for the door.

"Ok mum won't be long." With that her door was closed and her breakfast almost gone. Once finished Clara hopped out of bed and ran in to her bathroom to have a shower.

It took her less than an hour to eat and get ready for the day ahead, and was at the front door faster than any sixteen year old would ever normally be. She had just passed her driver's test and was now a legal driver and could not wait to driver her mom and herself to the mall to pick out a whole outfit for later that day.

"Mom you ready to go?" Clara shouted from the front door.

"Yes go start the car and I will be with you soon." her mom shouted back.

Clara didn't need any more convincing she ran to the car key hanger, and went to grab her mom's keys but stopped. Her hand hovered over them but her eyes ever locked on a new car key that hung on the hooks with a label that said;

To our sweat Angel Clara

Hope your day is all you wished for

Love Mom & Dad

At first Clara just looked at the keys reading the note over and over again before she was satisfied that it was for her and no-one else. She grabbed the keys and headed for the door, pulling it open to reveal a blue Chevy Camaro with a big blue bow on the top of the car. Clara screamed and ran to the car hugging and kissing the car before unlocking it, sitting inside and turning the engine on.

Clara saw her mom and dad in front of the car with her dads arm around her mums shoulder and them both smiling at her as she grinned from ear to ear. Cara jumped strait out of her new car and run to the parents giving them each a hug and a kiss on the cheek.


"No problem Angle we are glad you love it so much," her dad said.

"Yes we are, well have you got an idea of what you want for tonight?" her mom politely asked.

"Yes, can we go now so I can see how my new baby handles?" Clara asked with the most innocent look on her face.

"Yes come on let's go" Sarah said giving Peter a kiss and heading for the passenger seat.

Once again Clara screamed and ran to her car shut her door and drove down the street. It was not long before they got to the mall and to park the car, but Clara still had fun showing off her new car to all the passing people. Clara had waited all her life for this day and nothing was going to stop her, she grabbed her mom's hand and started walking to the mall.

Soon enough they were running in and out of shops trying on dress after dress after dress. After 2 hours of trying dresses Clara found one. It was a long blue dress with a slit from the bottom of the dress to the top of the knee; it had a one shoulder sleeve that stopped just after her shoulder. On the front of the dress was a corset type design with a thin layer of lace over the light blue fabric underneath. This stopped at the top of her hips and a strait blue fabric covered the rest of her legs. Clara also found a small clutch bag big enough to hold all she needed for that night and the perfect white high heels to go with the dress.

"O Clara you look stunning in that dress!" her mom said placing a hand on her chest.

"You really think so?" Clara said, as the corners of her mouth started heading for her ears again.

"Yes, this is the dress for you, shall we go buy it?" Sarah said, with joy in her heart that they had finally found the dress, the dress to stun everyone everywhere.

"YES" Clara said, running in to the changing room that she had just emerged from and hurried out of the dress, out of the changing room and quickly made her way to the cashier.

"Did you find all that you were looking for today?" the lady said behind the desk.

"Yes we did thank you," Sarah said getting out her wallet and opening it up.

"That will be $90 please" she said, as she started to place the folded dress in the bag that also held the shoes and the hand bag.

"Here we are," Sarah handed her the money and collected the receipt, and made their way to the car.

"Thank you mom so much this means so much to me. I love you mom," she gave her mom a quick hug as they walked out of the mall and heading straight for the car.

Once again it was not long before Clara and her mom were in the car and heading home so they could start to get ready for the party.

3 hours later

Clara was doing the final touches to her hair when a soft knock came to her door.

"Clara, can I come in" a soft slightly muffled female voice was heard.

"Yes mom come on in"

"O don't you look amazing"

"Mom I have not even put the dress on yet ha-ha"

"I know but you hair is stunning! I don't know how you do it to be honest"

"Me neither, I guess I have magic hair powers ha-ha," laughter from both of them filled the room. "Hey mom could you got get my dress please?"

"Yes of course Angel" Sarah stepped towards the dress that hung upon the back of Clara's bedroom door. She unzipped the cover, that protected the dress as hung there, with great caution she made sure not to catch the dress in anyway.

She slowly lifted the dress from its resting place and handed it to Clara.

"Go put it on and I will go get your shoes"


Once Clara had put the dress on, she walked over to the full length mirror on her wall and looked at herself. She turn around taking in the reflection looking back at her, could that really be her? She looked beautiful, she looked herself up and down and taking second glances at herself to make sure it was really her.

The blue dress fit her perfectly, her long brown hair was in a French braid half way around her head stopping at the bottom of her left ear and then falling into curls that went down to the middle of her upper arm. Along the braid there were small silver flowers that were not too small. On her right hand a silver bracelet with Clara engraved in one of the tiles, and around her neck was her necklace.

The necklace was all real sliver, the chain included, and was slightly heavy. Hanging on the chain was a hexagon shaped locket with an opal colored stone in the center, which later Clara found it was her birthstone. Around the edge of the stone was a ring of words that seemed to be written in a different language, but unfortunately the words were to small for Clara to make out, even with a magnifying glass. Even though Clara tried to unlock the locket it did not open, she could not figure out why. Maybe she was trying to open it wrong, or she was not the one to open it.

This necklace had been with Clara for as long as she could remember, and Jane had told her the necklace had been found with her when they had found her.

A soft knock once again came upon her door and quickly snapped her out of the trance she had been in while she had been admiring herself.

"I have your sho-,…..wow Angel now you LOOK stunning!" her mom dropped the shoes near Clara and grabbed both of Clara's hands before getting her beautiful daughter to twirl around for her.

"Thanks mom," her words almost did not come out as she tried to hide the blush that rested upon her checks.

"Put your shoes on let's have a look, then we will go down stairs and get some photos of you, your dad and me."

Clara smiled as she place the shoes on her feet and grabbed her clutch, she slowly made her way to the door before turning around to make sure she had not forgotten anything.

After several minutes of taking photos in several different spots they were finally ready to go.

"Do you want us to drive you to the party in your car?" her dad said with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Yes dad that would be fantastic."

Clara could practically feel the excitement and joy that were in her dad when she spoke those words.

As they made their way to the car Clara's excitement started to grow.

It was almost dark when they reached the party, and they were right on time which was convenient. Clara's dad opened her door for her as she stepped out of the car. Once out she linked arms with both parents and made her way to the front door of the party.

"Whatever you do, Don't freak out and DON'T fall!" this played back in Clara's mind as she grew closer to the door to the party.

An usher in a black suit open the door as they walked up the path.

The entrance was beautiful; a red carpet covered the walkway to the door, with lights outlining the carpet. The doors were a set of glass double doors and were also outlined with fairy lights. Once inside the building the red carpet led them to another door.

This door was covered in red velvet with four black buttons placed in the same shape as the door but closer to the center. Two long black metal handles met in the middle giving the doors that total Hollywood glamor look.

Clara took a deep breath in before walking through the door and being met buy over 50 people.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!" the crowd shouted without hesitation.

It was no surprise to Clara and neither to the guests, but her shock was to the amount of people who came.

Clara and her parents walked down the center of the crowded room to the middle, where a large stack of presents sat on a table. Clara tried to hide the fact that her mouth had fallen when she saw the stack of presents that were … hers actually just for … her Clara Pollentia Vis Copeland!

Several hours had gone by and it was coming up to 11 o'clock, Clara wondered when the party would end as it seemed too lively to end at any time soon. Just then a chef with a large white hat on, walked over to her pushing a three layered cake on a blue trolley with sixteen candles on top.

The crowed started singing happy birthday as Clara stood their smiling at the wonderful life she had, her friends , and her family. O how she loved them so. The song was almost over and Clara sucked in as much air as her lungs could take. Then she let it all go and watched the candle go out one by one.

Clara stood up straight and smiled at the Camera lights flashing in her direction,

Clara's smile slipped from her face as she watched the light fade to darkness and the faint sound of screaming and gasps filled her ears as she fell to the ground.

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