Just A Dream

"Uh what happened" Clara said, as her hands lifted to her head and placed them on either side. A bright light was shining on Clara. She kept her eyes closed and decided to run though the memories of the last thing she remembered. She ran the memories of her party back in her mind, walking into the party, dancing with her friends, blowing out the candles on her cake.

Clara sat up and opened her eyes as she realized that she passed out at her party. Her hands were now propping her up so she could see her surroundings. Her eyes started to adjust to the bright light that stunned her. As they adjusted, the sound of birds singing filled her ears and the smell of spring filled her nose, which was weird, for in Jump City it was October and nowhere near spring.

Once her eyes had adjusted, her heart almost stopped.

"Where am I?" Clara now stood in a field; the grass was a rich green color that spread for miles in all directions, the grass also had wild flowers dotted around, Daisies, Buttercups, Crocus even Tulips. In the distance, straight ahead of her, were three large mountains about 30 miles away. On the tops of each mountain was the smallest amount of snow at the very top, telling her that they all went very high up. To the left of her several yards away were over a dozen trees bursting with life. The sky was its normal ice blue with only two or three clouds. Clara watched them momentarily being pushed along be a soft breeze.

"And how the flip did I get here?" one of Clara's eyebrows rose.

"That's simple, you're in your home land and you are not really here. It is just a dream; an image inside your head that your mind chose for us to meet" a deep voice bellowed out.

"AHH!" Clara jumped out of her skin at the unexplained voice coming from ER, well, somewhere.

"Do not be afraid, Fidelis" the voice said again.

"Umm that's kind of hard to do when you are in a place you have never been before and a random voice thingy tells you that you are in your home land, but yet going back to my first point and stating that I have never been here before, and then the mysterious voice calls you fldentropher and you don't know what it means because you don't speak anything other than English" Her face now purple from the one breath sentence.

"Ha-ha! Breath Fidelis; all will be explained to you in time." The voice said with a soothing tone.

Clara began to a feel calm run over her whole body; a calm she had never felt before.

"So where is my home land, and how come I can't remember being here…EVER…IN MY LIFE!" she stared at the air hoping she was looking in the right direction, and waving her arms around like they had a mind of their own.

"This place is called Terra Sapiens, on an island. Corvo no-one has ever found this place after your birth. On the day of your birth, the whole village celebrated and rejoiced. Two days later there was an attack on the village and to save your life your mother and your farther ran away with you to France. The people who attacked the village started following you there to every place you traveled and burnt it to the ground. Your parents went through several small islands then to Portugal, then Spain, and France to England then to Mexico and then finally ending up in America." the sound of the voice not showing any emotion to how he, or she, or it felt.

"So why were those people chasing us? And why are my parents still not with me?" she said with her face scrumpled up in a confused look.

"The people who chased you and your family were called Daemones in Equo, they were chasing you because of the prophecy, and your parents are not with you because they died protecting you!"

"Ok so a group of people burnt my home land/village down, chased my family and I across the world, and killed my parents because of a prophecy? Why would someone do that!?" she paced back and forth waving her hands around and then finally placing them on her hips.

"Yes, but it is not just any prophecy. The prophecy to all other prophecies; and it is coming true."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait! What does that mean and how is it coming true?"

"All will be explained in time, but I can not just give you the answer."

"Ok so you brought me here to tell me that I need to find out my destiny. How can I even do that?" again she placed her hands on her hips after waving them above her head.

"You have always had the opportunity but you never looked at the right time."

"How have I the opportunity to do that all along?" her head started to thump as all the unanswered questions began to pour in to her mind.

"The necklace around your neck."

Clara looked down to see the necklace. She also discovered that she was still in her blue party dress but without shoes. The thick grass moved between her toes as she slightly moved them to help her stand up straight.

"But I have already tried to open the locket and it would not open."

"Did you try to open it thinking it could help you figure out where you were born, your real parents, who you are? Or did you try to open it because you thought it would be fun to see what was inside?"

Clara went to answer the question but stopped herself when she opened her mouth in protest.

"Ok well, can you at least tell me who my parents are?" she slowly asked with a slight hint of hesitation and hope.

"Your mother's name is Katherina Pollentia Vis and your farther is Acacius Pollentia Vis.""

"Thank-you, whoever you are."

"You can call me Cum Mundi, but soon you will take my place."

Once he had finished his sentence the world around Clara faded to darkness, and a faint beeping sound was heard in her ear. The beeping grew loader the more the world around her faded.

"I'll come check on her in an hour." A very fate and muffled voice said.

"Thank-you Doctor". Clara could not make out who was speaking this time. All she could pick out was that the voice was now female.

"Doctor! I am in hospital! How long have I been in the hospital?" Clara's thoughts rushed in to her mind clogging her mind and leaving no room for the feeling of serenity.

"I have to wake up I need to know what happened to me, why it happened to me!" Clara could hear the beeping that first entered her ears when coming back to reality increase in speed.

"Ok Clara" she said to herself "calm down just breathe slowly and it will all be fine!" she slowly took a deep breath in and the out again

"Ok you are doing good now slowly open your eyes". As she did another bright light hit her eyes and the smell of disinfectant finally reached her nose. She tried to lift her hands to her eyes to help block out the light, but they would not move they just laid by her side. Lifeless!

"Do not worry that your arms are not working, just open your eyes first and we will work on the rest later". Her mind seamed to make a lot of sense so she did as she was told.

It took some time for her eyes to adjust to the light but when they did Clara got a good look of the room she was in.

The room was a small rectangular shaped room, and the four walls completely white. Straight in front for the bed Clara was laying on was a set of sliding glass doors with a white bored around each one and a gray colored curtain that covered the length of the doors. Just above the door on the right was a TV that was playing that day's news. Clara did not recognize the channel or the people on it, but then again she never really watched the news. Along the wall on Clara's left was a small section of what looked like kitchen counters, with a sink, some soap, and a hand towel on the surface. To Clara's right was the machine making all the beeping noise, it was tall and skinny and went all the way to the top of the ceiling. It had wires going in all directions of all different colors too.

Clara looked down at her hands to see what the problem was, but there was nothing wrong they looked fine. Except for the fact in her right hand she had a needle placed in the top of her hand with a pipe leading to a drip next to her bed.

Clara looked further down the bed to see to chairs on either side of her bed with two people sitting in them talking to each other.

It did not take her long for her to realize it was her parents, and a small smile came to her face.

Her mum turned her head to look at the sleeping Clara and then slowly turned back to talk to Peter.

Clara did not understand why she did not see her awake. How long had Clara been asleep for?

It did not take long for Sarah to turn back to look at Clara's face one more time with a shocked look on her face. She jumped strait out of her seat when she saw Clara awake. Peter looked at Clara in surprise to and slowly got out of his chair as Sarah made her way to Clara's side.

"Clara?" a small tear appeared in the corner of Sarah eye.

Clara smiled softly at both her parents

"Peter, go get the doctor quickly" she grabbed Clara's hand and pulled the chair closer to the side of the bed

Clara's smile fell from her face as her eyes followed her dad out the door and then returned them back to her mom.

"Everything is going to be ok Clara, everything is going to be ok" the tear that once rested in the corner of her eye ran down her cheek.

The glass door shot open and Peter and a doctor came inside. The doctor was just a bit taller than her dad, and was well built and had a very manly face to match. He had a long face that worked perfectly with the way his body was. His brown eyes were large and were slightly covered by his dirty blond colored hair that hung just in his eyes and just over his ears. He wore a long white coat like all doctor's did and a stethoscope around his neck.

"Hello, I am Dr. Banks" the Doctor pulled out a small eye torch from the pocket in his long white jacket and shone it in Clara's eyes to make sure they dilated properly.

"Can you tell me your name?" the doctor asked, as he put the small torch back in his pocket and then moved on to looking at the inside of her ear.

"Clara" her voice was quiet and raspy like she had not had a decent drink for several days.

"Good, and the rest of your name?" After he was convened the insides of her ears were clear he moved on to looking at the monitor with her heart beat heart rate, and her temp, before writing them down on the clip board that rested at the end of her bed .

"Pollentia Vis Copeland" Clara cleared her throat after each word trying to change the sound of her voice, but it did not help.

"And how old are you Clara?" the doctor said tilting his head towards Clara and giving her a soft smile.

"16, it is my birthday today, or was it yesterday?" she wish she had checked her watch before she had passed out.

"Clara" her mum said as she grabbed Clara's lifeless hand. "Your Birthday is not today. Nor was it yesterday."

"Then when was it?" Clara's eyes went from face to face looking for an answer.

"Angel, it was nearly a week ago" her dad said as his eyes fell to the floor and then back to meet hers.

"WHAT! A WEEK AGO! You mean to tell me that I have been in a coma for a week now! What is wrong with me?"

"That's the problem." Clara turned her head back to the doctor to see a worried look on his face. "We don't know what is 'wrong' with you. We have don't several tests on your brain, heart, liver, everything"

"So I was in a coma for no reason?" at this point she wanted to wave her hands around, but they still could not move.

"Yes, I am sorry. Now that you're awake we want to keep you in so we can run some more tests."

"Wait! Before you started going on about tests and your next step to making me, me again, can I ask more questions first?" everyone in the room could tell Clara was about to explode by the tone of her voice

"Yes of course I will answer all your questions to the best of my ability" the doctor said as he strained up and looked Clara dead in the eye.

"Thank you doctor. Now my first question," her voice had softened and had a hint of thankfulness that her questions were getting answered "Why can't I move my arms?" her voice suddenly rose and made everyone else jump.

"Well you see since you have been 'asleep' for a week you have not been using your arms or legs, so when you did not use them for a week they got used to not using them. But in an hour or to you will be able to use them again" he smiled softly and moved his dirty blond hair from his eyes

"Ok so I am not paralyzed or anything like that. Good! Now my next question." Clara's face had become stuck in a worried look which sent shivers down her mother's spine. "What kind of tests will you be doing on me?" Her eyes , as well as everyone else's eye's, rested on the doctor once again.

"Well we will be doing tests like getting you to answer some simple questions so we can see how your brain is under that circumstance. We will be getting you to do some sports and other activity's to see how both heart, brain and your body react. There will be some ultra sounds and we will test you for epilepsy." As he was telling the family of the necessary tests that would need to be done, he slowly made his way to the end of the hospital bed and placed the bored back on the hook that hung on the end on the bed.

"What if you don't find anything wrong with me?" once again all the eyes in the room snapped back to Clara. "How can you explain the fact that I have been asleep for 7 days?" Clara voice began to shake and her own eyes began to tear up.

Clara hated it when she cried in front of people. She always felt like it showed people where her "weak spots" were.

"Everything is going to be alright Clara! Everything is going to be alright!" Sarah dashed over to Clara and wrapped her arms around the heart-broken girl and softly kissed her forehead.

Clara wanted to put her arms around her mother but her arms were still not responding. She could feel the tears falling down her own face and then landing on the shoulder of her mum. Clara tried to hold back the flow of tears the rush their way to her eyes.

"if we still can't find anything wrong after all the tests, then we will send you home but we will keep a close eye on you, but I will tell you more about that when it comes round to it." The doctor placed his hands behind him and looked from face to face as he spoke.

Clara started to compose herself and soon got control of her tears. Her mum slowly loosened her grip of Clara.

"Thank you doctor" Peter said as he pointed to the door.

"No problem I wi-"The doctor was stopped by some one else talking

"What if, what if I don't want to do the tests?" Clara spoke up, still choking on the emotions that she was still feeling for less than 5 minutes ago

"I'm sorry what did you say?" the doctor looked at Clara he was confused and could not believe she had just asked that question

Not only was the doctor confused but also Clara's parents. They looked from Clara, to the doctor, to each other then back to Clara.

"What if I don't want the tests?" she tried to sit but right so she could see everyone with more ease.

"Don't be silly Clara, you must do the tests." Her father convincing was not working. He held her hand and tried to look into her eyes.

"But it's up to me, and I don't want the tests done". With all her might Clara was desperately trying to move her hands from both her mother and fathers grasp, but still they would not listen to her.

"Clara you need to do the tests, and you are going to do them. You are only 16 which means your father and I are choosing."

"But it is my body and I feel fine. Keep a close eye on me at home, which is where I want to be right now!" Clara was not look at anyone and was mad that her arms would still not listen to her.

Everyone just looked at her and tried to get her to make some sort of eye contact but she was not giving in.

"Look you don't have to decide now I will come back in an hour, and if you really want to leave then you can" he left the room with hope that Clara would change her mind.