Author Notes:

-This is from a role-play with my sister. We tend to be on the same wavelength on lots of things, so when we started role-playing together we ended up creating something I honestly love to re-read over and over again. It's got humor, romance, drama, epic fight scenes, dramatic relationship stuff, capture, torture, and lots of awesomeness. I hope it comes out in story format as awesome as it was in role-play format. And I hope you enjoy it, too. (I think the hardest part of transferring the story is figuring out which point of view to use, ahh ~)

-This is not AU. They use nation names. And real names. So I'll be referring to them both ways.

-They also all have a cell phone because it is "present" time. Okay? It makes sense. Prussia has a RAZR. If you don't know what that is, then trust me, it makes perfect sense. It used to be known as the best and is still considered by some as the greatest most awesome non-smart-phone. It was the best thing before smart phones. And now tons of people don't even know of its awesomeness. This is why, it is the perfect phone for Prussia. Just sayin'.

-Also. Argh! Pronouns! … That is all.

Pairings: Focused around PruCan but also includes GerIta, USUK, and Spamano.


-There might be occasional "made up history" moments cause I research but suck at it and don't always understand things. Ah hah.

-There will also be random head cannon things which should all be explained within the story.

-It is rated M for a REASON! Granted, any actual serious smut is way later and I'll throw up a nice little warning on the chapter it exists in.

Summary: Prussia is not one to fall in love. Especially not with a quiet, easily upset, weakling that reminds him too much of the Italian that stole his brother's attention. Then again, people change, and when a one-world government movement starts capturing nations to enforce their ideas, he might just discover that he really does care.


One Month

Chapter 1


Germany was enjoying his nice, quiet, peaceful night. He was sitting on his couch, dressed in a white button-down shirt and navy slacks, left over from what he had worn to work today. He had a newspaper in his hand, folded over, having been attracted to the story about some political group spreading through all countries, fighting for the idea of a one-world government. A mug of coffee sat on the coffee table in front of him, cooling slowly in the somewhat hot house temperature. Ever since his brother came back from Russia the house had been set to near crazy warm temperatures, and Germany wasn't one to complain about something so small so he let his brother do what he wanted without a word.

With a contented sigh, Germany placed the newspaper on the table and reached for his mug of coffee. Yes. It was nice, quiet, and peaceful in his house. For once. His brother was in the back staying to himself – for once. And Italy -

"Ve ~ Ciao, Germany," came the greeting followed by a pair of hands covering his eyes playfully.

So much for nice, quiet, and peaceful. Not that he was truthfully disappointed. He actually did prefer having Italy in the house.

"Hello, Italy," he responded with a light smile. "What is it this time?"

"Hm, I was just saying hi..." Italy said as he dropped his hands and leaned over to tap a light kiss to Germany's head. "And, well..."

The German pulled his reading glasses off, setting them on the table, and used his other hand to rub at his eyes, using the gesture as a way to hide the light blush that appeared on his face. "Well what?" He asked, having a pretty good idea already what Italy was going to say.

Italy's hands moved down to his chest, sneaking in under the button down shirt, pulling Germany back against the couch with the pressure, which Germany allowed of course, willing to let himself relax around his little Italian. "Well...I'm bored, Germany..."

Before he could respond, another loud, familiar obnoxious voice crashed into the scene. "Hey, West! I got some free tickets to this new underground club. They give out free beer all night long! Wanna come with me?"

As soon as his brother appeared in the room, Germany sprang to his feet, fixing his shirt as quick as he could, as if he could hide the evidence. Putting a hand behind his head, rubbing at the back of his short blond hair, he sent a small shrug toward Italy in a little gesture of apology. "Uh...Yeah...Sure..."

This, of course, did not bode well with his Italian. "But Germany, we were just about to have some fun," he said with a pout before sending a very uncharacteristic glare toward the albino.

Germany glanced between the two of them, finding himself caught between two people he loved very much, each fighting for his attention. "Right. Uhm, bruder? Do you have a ticket for Italy, too?" He doubted Prussia would allow Italy along, but at this point Germany was grasping at straws to try to diffuse the situation before it could explode.

Of course, Prussia wasn't happy to be fighting for attention with Italy, either. "What are you doing here?" He snapped, giving a glare toward the Italian, a real, menacing, heated glare.

Germany groaned, knowing this was not going to end up well.

Still pouting, Italy continued his complaints, eyes more on the floor than actually facing the glare from the ablino. "Don't you have someone else you'd like to take with you? Surely you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or something!"

At this, Germany winced, knowing exactly what his brother's response would be. And with a scoff, Prussia played right into his role. "Keh. No self-respecting German would be caught with just one lover." Germany winced again, almost feeling like those words had been a jab at him of all things. "I lend myself out cause everyone wants some of my awesomeness." The red eyes narrowed. "Besides, ever since that bitch went over to pansy Austria, I've been much more interested in entertaining my little brother. So, again, little Italy...what are you doing here?"

Turning his head back to Italy, Germany watched as his little Italian widened his eyes and started growing red in the face like he was actually angry and upset. "You make yourself sound like such a...a...meretricio!"

Prussia's head tilted to the side and his mouth opened, more than likely about to ask what the hell that meant, seeing as Prussia hated learning other languages.

But Italy wasn't done. He faced Germany, who was shocked to realize that small tears were pricking at the corners of his Italian's eyes. "G-Go ahead, Germany! You obviously have more fun with your brother than with me!" He shouted before stomping his feet and running out, bringing arms up to cover his face.

Germany reached a hand out, part of him knowing this was going to happen. Because it happened a lot now that Prussia was living with him. But, still, he wished he could have done something to stop it from happening again. It was starting to get annoying. He was tired of hurting Italy. He was really tired of his brother hurting Italy.

Feeling his eye twitch, he faced his brother but refused to look at him. "Bruder..." He shook his head, changing his mind. "Not tonight. And don't ever treat him like that again."

To his chagrin, Prussia didn't seem to care at all, shrugging. "Whatever. He's just a weakling anyway. You don't need him." Germany felt his anger start to flare up, having heard the same line from his brother before but hating that opinion of his lover all the same. Before he could snap at him to just leave the house already, Prussia yawned and walked off, pulling out his old RAZR cell phone that surprisingly still worked. "Well, I suppose if you're out, I'll just call Spain or something."

All Germany could think of as his brother walked outside was, Good riddance.


Romano was not happy.

Someone might argue that of course he wasn't happy; heck, when was he ever happy? A little voice in his mind muttered something about 'when you're with Spain' but he scowled and pushed that thought away quickly.

No. This was serious. His brother had come to their house, crying, clearly upset. So, of course Romano was not happy. Anything that made his brother upset like this was sure to piss him off. Now the hard part was figuring out why his brother was upset. Besides, it was rather awkward standing here with his brother crying into his shoulder.

"What's wrong, fratello? Did the potato bastard do this? 'Cause I'll march down there right now and make him pay for -"

While he was enjoying his little fantasy of marching down to Germany's house and kicking the door down and causing a ruckus, his brother shook his head. "N-No...! I-It wasn't Germany!"

"Then which bastard was it? And what did he do?"

Before Veneziano could give him an answer, a song started playing from the direction of the living room armchair. 'Don't trust a hoe. Never trust a hoe...' Romano felt his eyebrows twitching, caught between answering the cell phone and comforting his brother. Why was he caught between a phone call and his brother? Because of the person calling...

"...fucking tomato bastard..." he murmured.

Which caused Veneziano to sniff and hold back his tears, lifting up from his shirt. "I-It's okay. You can answer it." Then his brother had to give him a smile, an obvious fake smile that made Romano want to kill something.

But the ring tone kept playing as Spain continued to call. So, he sighed and gave in. "It won't be long. I promise." Walking over to the cell phone, he made sure his face looked as angry as possible, even though the only person who could see him was his brother; at least it would help the tone come through his voice. "Hey bastard, bad timing. What do you want?"

And, of course, Spain's voice was way too cheery to fit into the current situation, feeling so out of place right after Romano's tirade. "Ah, lo siento, Lovi, but why is it bad timing? Is something wrong?" Romano felt his hands clench, wanting to scream at him. "Does boss need to beat someone up for you?" Especially after that.

"Veneziano needs me right now, tomato bastard! That potato bastard did something -"

He was interrupted by a tug on his sleeve from his brother. "Eh, no, I told you. Germany didn't do anything."

At the same time as Spain, in his fucking always happy voice, said, "Eh? But Germany's always been so nice to Ita. Can I talk to him?"

"No! He's my brother! I'll talk to him!" Romano spat into the phone before turning angry eyes to his brother. "Then who was it, fratello?"

His brother glanced away, sniffing back tears. "It was Prussia. He keeps trying so hard to keep me from Germany." As Romano tried to process this information, for some reason not having expected the albino bastard to be the cause of his brother's woes, Veneziano turned to face him and started crying again. "Am I too weak for him, Romano?"

"What? Too weak?" Romano clenched his hand into a fist and growled, murder starting to be intently on his mind. "That fucking bastard!"

When Veneziano's only response was to start crying more, Romano dropped his cell phone without actually hanging up and wrapped his arms around his brother, grabbing either of his arms and pulling him back so that he could look into his eyes. "Don't listen to him, fratello. You are not too weak for that potato bastard."


"No! You listen to me, not that fucking albino bastard, okay?" Romano really had to work not to dig his nails into his brother's arms.

The very idea of someone calling his brother weak made him want to break free and get instant revenge. The idea of a German asshole calling his brother weak. Well, it made his blood boil. He hated the Germans. He especially hated that potato bastard for taking his brother away from him, but he had learned to respect – and maybe even love – how happy his brother was around the blue eyed blond haired muscle man. Gritting his teeth, he nodded. He had to fix this.

"Come on, we're going to get him back," he said.

His brother sniffed and gave a light little smile. "Grazi, Romano."


Meanwhile, Spain, currently sitting at his kitchen table with the phone up to his ear, smiled wide, enjoying hearing the conversation between the Italian brothers. He loved it when his little Roma put on his big brother attitude and worked so hard to take care of little Italy. It was cute to watch the brotherly bond between the two. They were so different and yet had a strong bond between them. Sometimes, Spain was jealous of that brotherly affection, but then he reminded himself that he had little Romano to call his own, even with all the cute little denials it involved.

It was after a few moments of simply listening in that he noticed the beep, indicating someone else was trying to reach him. "Ah, hold on, Roma, I have another call." Whether or not Romano actually heard or responded, he clicked a button on his cell phone and answered the new person. "Hola, Espana talking."

Surprisingly, he found himself actually frowning at the voice on the other end. "Yo brah! I've got two tickets to this club...Wanna join me?" Without even waiting for a response, the loud German continued. "I just got turned down by West, so I'm kind of needing a pick-me-up. And between you and Francis, you're a lot safer to party with so..."

Shaking his head, even though Prussia wouldn't see, Spain put his chin in his hand and smiled sadly. "Ah, Prussia, no... You were kind of an ass to Ita, so I'm sort of mad at you right now..."

He could almost hear the stumble from the other end, but he could definitely hear the surprise. "Huh? Where'd you hear that?"

"Well, see..."

Before he could answer the question, Prussia interrupted again, probably not even interested in knowing where the information came from in the first place. "I was just trying to have some brother time, seeing as that's been few and far between even with the wall down now and all." He could hear the Prussian grumbling. "That stupid Italian is always taking up West's time..."

After having just experienced a slight jealousy for brotherly love, Spain could almost understand where Prussia was coming from. But beyond brothers, there was something more that could be a higher priority rating. Something that Prussia had yet to really experience for himself. Well, something that he had never really gotten to understand, seeing as the only person the German had loved had turned around and gone to someone else. So explaining love to Gilbert had become impossible.


"Ah, well, if you actually had a lover you might understand a bit more." He was expecting a growl, or a quick snap back at him. "Once you find that certain special someone, you don't ever leave them."

He was not expecting the Prussian to laugh. "Kesese. Who needs a special someone?" Though a part of that did sound a bit forced. Or did it? It was hard to tell with Prussia. "There can't possibly be someone awesome enough for me!"

Spain just chuckled. "I wouldn't say that. Not only are there so many nations in the world, we also have more time than a normal human to find them."

Prussia just scoffed back at him. "Keh. Well, I challenge you to find someone and I'll prove to you that it's not possible." He actually sounded very proud of himself. "It has to be someone I haven't met and I do think my awesome self has met everyone in Europe and Asia so good luck. Kesesese."

Sitting back, looking up at the ceiling, Spain pondered. "Someone that's not in Europe or Asia, huh?"

"Yup. Like I said, good luck."

Spain grinned. "What about the Americas? Mexico is really cool, you know." He had special ties to Mexico. A lot of history. And he wasn't lying. He thought Mexico could be fun to hang out with, too.

But, apparently, Prussia thought differently. "Mexico? How can he be cool? Half of his people are jumping the border to America, and America is too much of a pansy to enforce border control."

Spain groaned, scratching his head. Thinking of someone to fit with the crazy albino was more difficult than he had originally thought.

"Kesese, see, I told you it would be hard. I'll give you time to think. Call me if you actually come up with someone I've never heard of."

Sitting alone at his kitchen table, Spain found himself staring at the ceiling, still holding his cell phone even as it buzzed in his ear, indicating that Prussia had hung up long ago. "Huh. Well, that actually is hard then." He smiled and pulled his phone away from his ear. "I guess I'll have to ask around."


A/N: Well? Thoughts? Comments? Hate mail? Yes, this is a PruCan story, so you should be able to figure out who they come up with. We decided to end the first chapter here even without introducing Canada because, honestly, there's a lot of set up involved before they actually meet. Ah well. Enjoy the GerIta! :)

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