An enemy arises that not even Xavier can trace. The X-Men must uncover the plan of destruction before it's too late... but they also have their own personal issues to deal with. (Pairings to be decided, taking suggestions.)


Chapter 01: Heat Wave

It was Sunday and the summer heat was harshly beating down on the Brotherhood's house. Lance was hogging the biggest fan, sitting so close to it that he blocked the flow of air with his body. Todd was leaning backwards over the couch, his legs up on the backrest and his head hanging off the edge of the seat. Pietro arrived with a pint of ice-cream, holding up the treat tauntingly.

Fred, who was a big pile of misery in the corner, panting heavily because of the summer heat, looked up from his activity of staring blankly at the walls. His eyes went wide, "cookies and cream..." and the words sent the other members of the Brotherhood who were at the living room to attention.

Fred tried to get up as quickly as possible, but was the last to reach Pietro. Lance abandoned the fan he was hogging and in a split second was standing next to the speedy mutant with Todd hopping excitedly on his other side. Honestly, right now Lance didn't care if the ice-cream was cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or spinach flavored, he just wanted some of the frozen treat to cool off.

Pietro grinned mischievously. "Who wants ice-cream?" He asked the obvious question, while moving the pint away speedily away from Fred. The large mutant had made his way past Lance and Todd, making a grab for it. "Now, now, you shouldn't be so impatient!"

"So said the king of impatience himself." The voice that had just joined them was female. She came walking down the stairs with more calm than anyone else in the room. Wanda eyed the precious treasure that her brother held as time felt as if it had come to a stand still. She walked past the other guys and stood facing Pietro. "I do hope you were planning to share that with me."

Actually, Pietro intended to tease everyone and eat the ice-cream by himself, but he knew better than to challenge the Scarlet Witch. "Of course I was!" Though Wanda didn't show it, the heat was annoying her and Pietro knew that she was about to blow. He handed over the ice-cream as if it was some kind of precious peace offering and watched as she curiously shook the container slightly. The noise it produced was not what one would expect from it.

With a horror stricken face, Wanda opened up the pint of cookies and cream ice-cream, to find black cookies floating in white liquid. "It melted..." Her voice was razor sharp.

Pietro looked taken aback. "I ran straight here from the supermarket. It's only been a few minutes since I got that out of the refrigerator." It was a sad, and very hot, day, when not even Quicksilver could deliver ice-cream fast enough to prevent it from melting.

"Don't be disappointed baby-cakes," Todd immediately, and very foolishly, poked his nose in the wrong business in an attempt to cheer up his crush, which would inevitably end in disaster. "We can drink it together like a milkshake!"

With a low growl, Wanda dumped the melted ice-cream over Todd's head, leaving him to wear the container as a hat. The glow of magic danced around her for a few tense seconds, before the lightbulb on the livingroom's ceiling burst to pieces at random. Fortunately, that was the end of the damage, as Wanda turned around and went up the stairs again.

Pietro, Lance, Todd and Fred, who was lamenting over the wasted ice-cream, let out a collective breath of relief. Their relaxation didn't last long, as Wanda reappeared down the stairs, sending them instantly into tension once more. She walked over to the fan Lance had claimed, pulled the electric cord off the wall and carried the appliance to her room. Lance's mouth opened as if to produce words, as he lifted his hand to point in a sign of protest. Before he could speak, Pietro placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head sternly, "let it go..."

With his shoulder slumping in defeat, Lance realized that Pietro was right, it was better to lose a fan than his life. Dejected, Lance picked up the TV's remote control and sat on the couch to flip through the channels. Pietro glanced at the TV with little interest until Lance stopped at a news station. They were talking about the recent heat wave that had overtaken the city. As the weather woman explained that the heat was expected to continue, the young men watching let out a collective groan.

"Change the channel, man!" Todd protested, while licking his own face with his long tongue, an act that no one really wanted to see. "Hearing about the heat just makes it hotter!"

Pietro was about to comment, but he stopped, eyes focused on the TV as he saw the image change for a fraction of a second. There were words, or at least he thought those were words, it was too fast for even him to read.

Lance made the motion with his hand to change the channel, but his thumb only touched the palm of his hand instead of the button on the remote control. "What the?" He stared at his empty hand, then looked at Pietro, who was staring intently at the TV with the remote on hand. "What are you doing?"

"Shh," Pietro motioned with the hand that wasn't holding the remote for silence. He stared at the TV some more until it happened again, a pale blue screen with almost imperceptible white letters. He watched for it again without blinking. There it was, those weren't words, or at least not words he could read. It looked like some kind of complex computer code that he could barely catch a glimpse at.

"I think the heat's getting to him," Todd commented with nods of agreement from Lance and Fred.

"Pietro," Lance attempted to snap him out of the daze.

After a few more seconds without seeing the odd screen again, Pietro's tense shoulders relaxed. He got an odd feeling when he saw that strange screen, but in the end, he attributed it to some kind of technical difficulties on the TV station. Maybe the heat really was getting to him, because he was suddenly suffering from an intense headache. He tossed the remote back to Lance and promptly left.

Lance stood automatically and barely caught the remote before Pietro was already out the door. By the time Todd asked, "what was that about?" Pietro was probably already half way across the city. Lance shook his head and sat down again, flipping through the channels uninterested once more.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Oh..." The summer heat was beating down on him harshly, but he didn't think he had the strength to move.

"Are you going to like, just keep floating there?" Kitty inquired from her position in the water near the side of the pool.

Situated in the middle of an oversized yellow lifesaver, Kurt floated in the middle of the pool at the institute. His arms and legs were slumped over the sides of the round floatation device, with his head in a similar position, touching the water. "This heat wave is murder!" He cried out in agony.

"I'll have to agree with him," Rogue frowned. She was swimming near Kitty, her face red. "That's it, I'm getting out of this pool, it feels like the water's boiling!" She reached the edge of the pool and pulled herself out.

Kitty mimicked the motion, "Rogue, you should have used more sunscreen!"

Realizing that he was alone, Kurt looked up, examined his surroundings and allowed himself to flop back into his previous position until a new voice entered his line of sound. "Hey Kurt, I need your help with something."

Kurt tilted his head slightly towards Evan, who had a very plotting look in his eyes. "I don't think I can do much right now..." The blue young man admitted tiredly.

"This idea I have will help you feel better," Evan encouraged. "In fact, he added with great confidence, "it will make everyone feel better. It will make the heat that much bearable... you might even need a coat."

"Don't even say the word coat right now," Kurt's interest was certainly captured. "But I'm listening, what do you have in mind?"

"We'll get aunty O to make it snow," Evan shared his genius plan.

The possibility of snow was like a revitalizing breath of life for Kurt. "Snow!" He cheerfully exclaimed as he jumped into a sitting position on top of the big yellow lifesaver. "You're a genius!" He paused, realizing that if it was that easy, Storm would have made it snow already. "But there's a catch isn't it?"

Evan huffed, "aunty O says this is abusing her powers and disrespecting nature." He pouted in frustration. "If we can convince her it's vital to our health then she'll have to do it! That's where you come in. With all that fur you've got the best chance for a realistic performance."

"I don't even have to perform!" Kurt exclaimed, "I really am about to pass out!" Without another second to waste, Evan and Kurt hurried off to find Ororo.

xoxox xox xoxox

Ororo waved a handfan in front of her face as fast as she could. "I honestly don't know how you can stand it." The amazement never ceased.

There was Logan, engrossed in the task of grill roasting ribs, burgers, hotdogs and other such meats. "All this heat's got my appetite going. You sure you don't want any?" He began to place the cooked meat on plates.

"No thanks," Ororo sat down at a beach chair, wishing that she actually was at the beach... or the North Pole.

"McCoy?" Logan glanced at the man who sat under the shade of a tree which did little to lessen the heat.

"I'll have to pass too," Hank's breaths were a little ragged; fur was never pleasant to have in such overly warm conditions. He turned the page of his book and took in a deep breath, hoping to gather some concentration against the weather.

Logan merely chuckled at the refusal, "more for me," he concluded as he took a seat on one of the outdoor tables and began to eat. He watched with mild interest as Evan and Kurt begged Ororo to make it snow, claiming that Kurt would die if she didn't. While she was distracted by her nephew and his friend, someone quietly snuck up behind her.

Rogue looked back at Kitty, who encouraged her with a nod of the head and a wave of the hand. She reached over to touch Ororo's shoulder lightly with the tip of her bare hand, but Ororo turn her head and Rogue froze. "Oh, alright..." She got up and walked a few paces forward to give herself some space. "Don't expect me to do this again," she warned. "Snow is a little too much though..."

That's when it sunk in that she was actually agreeing to their petition to cool off the weather. They wouldn't be getting any snow, but some cold rain would be wonderful. Calling upon her powers, Ororo beckoned clouds to gather around above their heads. The clouds became darker as she concentrated, and then they dissipated into nothing. The skies were once again, clear, blue and sunny... very sunny.

Under the expectant gazes of all those present, Ororo tried again, concentrating harder. Once again, clouds swirled over their heads going from white to gray, but once again they disintegrated before they could give any rain. Slightly unnerved and a little concerned about what this could mean, Ororo tried again, but the weather refused to respond at all. She focused hard, trying to summon rain. She could feel the flow of energy within her, her power was there, but there was some outside interference that prevented the weather from responding to her. Finally, she stopped focusing, her breaths labored as she hunched over in exhaustion.

Everyone was staring at her with concern. Evan was the first to break the deafening silence. "Are you... okay?"

Ororo nodded, "I'm fine, it's not me, it's something else. Something is preventing the weather from responding."

To be Continued

So it begins... What do you think of this first chapter? Like the summary says, I have not yet decided what the main pairings of this story will be, or if there will be any. I could always make it more action-centric without pairings. So let's start with Kitty... should she be with Lance? Kurt? Pietro? No one? What about Lance? With Kitty? Tabitha? Rogue? No one? Those are just a few possibilities... opinions?

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