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Prologue Part I: The Telepathic's choice, the unfinished game?

What happens when your mark get taken out by someone who had lied of being in you monster hunting clan?

That's what got Clan INFAMOUS' Leader, Primo, not only confused, but frustrated as well, if one wanted to join his clan, they had to come to him first, not just decide that themselves. He had started searching Rabanastre for this person. To talk and find out what their real purpose for taking the hunt.

What happens when that person lied just to get to meet you? a voice said.

Primo stopped looking around to find were the voice came from, and how did it know his thoughts? No matter how big of a fan they are, that still gives them no reason to lie, and no right to pretend they were in his clan. That was childish, and immature, and there was really no point in playing that game with him.

the voice sighed I guess, you are right. I'm sorry, Primo.

"I am sorry, perhaps I should have just came right to you." the voice was out of his head, and in reality. It was a voice of a man not much older than Primo was. He was short and skinny, in an almost unhealthy way. He had glasses that were two time big for him and a small nose on a small face of which the glasses kept sliding off of. So he constantly had to push them back up right on his face. His voice was deep and had a heavy accent of which one could not place. He was certainly not a pretty sight, but Primo never really concentrated on the looks of a person.

"I was just not exactly sure how I would approach one so great." there was an odd catch in his voice, one that made Primo wonder if this guy was trying to mock him, " I was actually wondering if you could do me a favor, that is why I took the mark. Oh, And I've no necessity of this." He tried tossing the reward pouch to the Infamous Leader, who did not chose to take it. He was more concerned of what this mans favor was, and weather or not he would chose to do it. This man had already ridden himself of his integrity, and Primo wasn't fully sure if he should help him.

"I am a telepathic you see, I can hear others thoughts as well as communicate with them." he paused almost as if expecting a reaction that was not given, so he pushed up his falling glasses and continued. " Do you, sir, know what most people want these days? Now that there is no war? No chaosh or Fighting? Do you know what they wish for? expeshily in the young folk." his tounge slurred some of the words, as he was talking to fast for his voice to keep up slurring sounded very weird with someone who has a deep and accented voice.

"what?" Primo asked.

"they are boried, they wansht to play around, do somethying" his voice messed up his talking again, he was talking really fast now, and if he didn't slow down and talk in a normal fashion, Primo was likely to get annoyed. "I, the man who hears thoughtsh, has chosen to make a virtual reality, a game thaet they can play, they can go into thish world and live it." He had to push up his falling glasses and regained his composure "My game, the reality I created with my own two hands and magicite, is called Hona. The game, is called, Mixed in Madness. That is what it is. Madness, The skies are mixed colors, the trees talk, and each level has their own theme to them."

"And what does this have to do with my clan, and that you lied to try and talk to me instead of just coming to me." he folded his arms, he was getting a bit impatient.

"exactly what I was getting to. Don't rush." he pushed up his glasses. "I am almost done with it, and now I need someone to test it out. someone I know will not get hurt or held in. I need someone I know could complete the game and give me a full report so I know what I need to do to make it playable for even children." he clapped his hand once. "so, Primo-san, will you help me?"

Who is this guy? and will Primo chose to help him, or will he turn it down knowing that this man had lied just to get to him. (am I doing good so far?)

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Its fairly short because I have limited time on the computer.. and I know not a lot happened in it and its kinda boring. But this is just the prologue... not a lot is gonna happen until I get to the first floor.

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