A/N: Hello there! :) This is my first Degrassi fanfiction, I hope you all enjoy. I got the idea because my friend and I made a summer bucket list, so I thought it'd be cute to have my favorite Degrassi couple do the same. :) I just finished Season 10, so this is going to be just a cute, fluffy fanfiction, since I'm kind of lost as to what happens in 11! :P Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned Degrassi, Drop the World never would have happened. Just sayin'.

Bold-Eli's ideas

Italics-Clare's ideas

Neither-Combined ideas

And now, onto the story!

Clare Edwards and Eli Goldsworthy Summer Bucket List

Take a road trip in Morty

Send a message in a bottle

Go to a CRAZY concert together

Make a Build-a-Bear together

Go out for pancakes at 3 am

Carve our initials into a tree

Watch the sunrise

CLARE gets her driver's license.

Go clothes shopping for ELI

Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel

Bake a chocolate cake

Dance in the rain

Play video games

Live in a bookstore for a day

Build a fort from pillows and blankets

Convince someone we've completely and utterly lost our minds

Have a movie campout in the backyard

Do something completely and utterly spontaneous

Go night swimming

Document our adventures in a scrapbook

"And we're seriously going to do all of this?" Eli asked, scratching his head.

"That's kind of the point of the list," Clare replied, standing from Eli's bed and stretching. Eli picked up the notebook and looked it over.

"Why, exactly?"

"Because it's fun," Clare replied. "It gives us things to do over the summer, so we're not just sitting around being bored and trying to figure out what we can do."

"If you say so."

"Trust me; this will be the best summer ever."

A/N: Okay, so each chapter of this story will be one of the things on Eli and Clare's bucket list, and the adventure as to how it happened. Hope you enjoyed thus far, and more is soon to come! Happy summer everyone! :)