So this is my first attempt at Army Wives and that scene from the promo made me want to write the Clarkes! This is for Vanessa (GSRessa66) for the inspiration!

As Long as I have You

Jackie Clarke sighed contentedly as she cuddled up to her husband. Kevin admired his wife as the sheet clung to her naked body…oh how he missed this during deployments. As he drew her closer to him he realized she seemed lost in her thoughts.

"What are you thinking 'Key?" It took her a minute to realize he was speaking.

"Just about how lucky I am to have you and the kids" she said

"It's been so different…I mean when you were deployed before I always had them but now I don't" she said. "I know how much you hate deployment, 'Key. Even though it's part of my job I don't like being apart from you." She smiled and moved closer to her husband.

"I've been thinking now that this whole third star thing is over we should try that weekend in Savannah again before I deploy" Kevin suggested. "Kevin, I know how disappointed you are but it might be a good thing. And I like that idea" Jackie said.

"It wasn't just me—I know you were too after all we did trying for it" he added.

"Kevin it's fine—as long as I have you I'm happy—after the whole Africa thing and being drunk at the banquet, I realized that you're the most important to me".

Kevin smiled as he brought his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. When they parted for air Kevin added "how about a preview of the weekend I have in store for you,"

"Yes" she answered. Kevin moved in for another round of passionate kissing.

Thank you to shapedchocolate for reminding me it was a banquet not a ball ;)