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"This is gonna be awesome!"

Nightwing turned to Robin who was perched on the building beside him, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"You bet it is," Nightwing grinned in return.

They had been sitting there for an hour watching two of Joker's known associates, and both of them were getting restless.

Batman had gotten a tip earlier that evening that the Joker was up to no good on the South side of Gotham, near the harbor. Since he was on another mission, the Joker would have to deal with Nightwing and Robin instead.

He was in for the surprise of a lifetime.

With this thought running through his head, Nightwing chuckled aloud.

"What's so funny?" Robin arched an eyebrow at his comrade.

"The look on the Joker's face when we're through with him," Nightwing replied. "I should have brought a camera."

Robin grinned at the picture in his mind.

"Batman is gonna have a cow when he finds out," Robin stated, matter-of-factly.

"I know, isn't it great?" Nightwing responded with a devilish grin.

Two tough looking characters stood at the docks in Gotham Bay; both were massive and menacing looking, though there wasn't much brain between the two of them. One reached into his pocket and pulled out a matchbook and proceeded to light the cigarette he'd placed in his mouth.

"Hey Ben," he started while cupping his hand over the lit match, "how long we gotta wait here anyway?"

"Keep yer trap shut, Karl!" His companion snapped. "The boss'll get here when he gets here."

Sufficiently cowed, his partner wisely kept silent, taking another drawl on his cigarette before extinguishing it beneath his boot.

"You ready, Tim?" Nightwing questioned his partner.

The two were in an abandoned warehouse, changing into what appeared to be similar purple suits, complete with green wigs and white face make-up.

Tim finished adjusting his green wig before replying.

"You sure this is gonna work, Dick?"

"Nope, but it'll be fun."

Tim grinned.

"We could get arrested for impersonating a wanted criminal, you know."

Dick smirked.

"Trust me Tim, we're gonna make the Joker look like an amateur."

Tim returned the grin, looking very Joker-like.

"All right, here's the plan," continued Dick. "I'll go out first, wait 5 minutes, and then follow. Got it?"

Tim nodded the affirmative.

Dick straightened his bow tie and broke into a huge smile.

"It's show time," he stated theatrically before walking out of the room.

Tim rolled his eyes at the corny statement. Typical Dick.

"Bruce is gonna kill us," Tim sighed.

Karl couldn't take it anymore. He turned to his partner.

"Ben, you sure he said to meet him here?" He asked.

Before Ben could respond, a howling cackle rang out through the night. Both men jumped before turning around to see the source of the eerie laughter.

Out of the shadows stepped the Clown Prince of Crime, still chuckling madly.

"Looking for me boys?" He asked, while straightening his jacket.

Both men remained speechless as the Joker sauntered toward them.

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:D Wingnut 2.0 :D