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Ikuto has been gone for four very long years. He has become a very famous violinist. And Amu has become a famous singer. What happens when Amu sees Ikuto at one of her concerts? AMUTO FOREVER! Hehe.

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Chapter 1

Amu's POV:

My concert was starting in 2 hours. I was taking walk in the park. It only took me a hour to get ready. I was thinking about the past. When I was in the Guardians and when Ikuto was still here he had been looking for his dad for four years. I broke down when he left. He didn't even tell me he was leaving. Utau told me because I hadn't seen him in a week. I had to stay with Utau for 2 months because she was "Scared to let me go home in the state I was in" as she explained it. I looked at my phone to check what time it was. I had 30 min. to get at the place where my concert was. It was 20 min. by foot but only 10 min. by car. I picked car. I called my manager who was Rima.

"Hello?" she asked

"Hey it's Amu," I answered "Can you come and pick me up at the park?"

"Yes. I'll be there in like 5 min." Rima said.

"Okay well hurry. Please."


I pecked out at audience through the curtains like I always do before I do before I go on stage. I walked out on stage.

"Hey guys. Did you guys miss me?" I asked.

"YES!" The audience answered.

I looked around the audience and stopped when I saw a flash of blue hair and black cloths. I looked more closely. Then I saw it was defiantly Ikuto.

"IKUTO" I yelled in my mike.

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