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Percy's POV

(AN: This is AN anything in bold is usually an AN BY THE WAY, AND THIS IS A DREAM)There was a man with black hair and warm brown eyes talking urgently to a woman with red-ish hair and emerald green eyes…

"Lily GO! Just take Harry and GO!"

"James! What about you! I'll be fine I can hold him off. Get Harry to safety!" The woman looked sad for a moment, but ran up the stairs.

I heard a cold voice and whipped around, "Ah, James Potter. So loyal!" The man who spoke was frightening, he had cold snake-like red eyes and slits for pupils. His nose was just two long cut like slits and his mouth one cut slit. He was wearing billowing black robes.

"Where is the boy?" he hissed

"Take me! But don't take my son!" The creepy dude laughed a laugh that would send Kronos running to mommy.

"I will let you go just tell me where to boy is."

"Never!" But the man had glanced up the stair and that told the man everything he had to know.

"Avada Kedavra!" A green get of light shot out of a stick and James Potter crumpled to the floor, dead.

The man swept up the stairs. Lily (Potter I assumed) was just getting the baby up to run away when she heard the man. She whipped around.

"James… NO!" She screamed.

The man swept forward. "Give me the child and you shall live."

"No take… take, just spare Harry!"

"MOVE you foolish girl!"

Again he muttered, "Avada Kedavra!" and the green get of light shot out of the stick, Lily Potter was dead.

"Now your turn he said smiling cruelly at the sobbing baby. "AVADA KEDAVRA" The get of green light shot out once more, but instead the curse bounced back with the force of an atom bomb and exploded leaving the sobbing baby, marred by a singled scar.

Streaking like lightning across his for head…

(Dream over!)

"Wake up!" Annabeth roared in my ear. I opened my eyes shakily, that was no normal dream. "Chiron wants to see you!" I got up. Annabeth was punching me to no avail. She sometimes forgets I got my Achilles' Curse back after I was pushed into the Styx by a drakon.

"I'm up! I'm up!" We walked to the Big House. I was informed as a favor to his old friend (Albus Dumbledore) was a wizard and he needed a teacher. And he had volunteered me to do the job.

Rachael was going to come with me to assist the (fake-ish) Divination teacher. I got a wand and was blessed by Hectate (I am forbidden to repeat this blessing because of power hungry mortals…). My wand was made of some kind of under-water tree and mermaid hair.

It was engraved with a wave pattern. It was beautiful, and I could have sworn I'd seen a miniature fish pop out of the water-ish waves in my wand.

When I asked where it was I was answered "London" and almost had a panic attack about flying when Chiron said my father would come talk to me about how to vapor travel and to give me a gift.


My gift was an invisibility cap similar to Annabeth's, but would only turn me invisible when activated (I had to douse it in water). In vapor travel you had to concentrate on the water around you while focusing on the water particles within you.

After that while holding the focus with THOSE water particles, you had to concentrate on the water in your destination and then YOUR water particles in THAT location. It was confusing, but easy one you got the hang of it. Plus it made a fun CRACKing sound

When taking someone with you, you had to concentrate on their water particles TOO. We would leave tomorrow.

-Next day-

Rachael's POV

Oh… I soooooo nervous I have 500 lessons planned out… AHHHHH I should have planned out 1,000! No... No… Percy is right should have planned out 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… Oh, well too late for that…

"Rachael! Are you ready? Are bags are there so you are vapor traveling with me."

"You're right Percy!" I wailed, oblivious to his confused expression, "I should have planned 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lessons!"

"Rachael! You know I was joking about that right?" Percy said laughing

"Oh, yah… of course" I blushed.

"Come on" We walked outside and I gripped his arm tightly. He chuckled.

"RED, you know this won't hurt right?" I rolled my eyes. Percy closed his eyes and I felt the water around us condensing. It felt as if it were being warped and there was a cool rushing sensation and we were there.

We were in an empty classroom, but as soon as I let go of Percy, he nearly collapsed onto the floor. I grabbed him and hauled him on to a desk. I feed him some ambrosia and that seemed to help.

"Sorry RED, vapor traveling is exhausting."

"Just like Nico with shadow traveling." Percy gave me a smile that used to make my heart flutter, but now that I was the Oracle, I swore off boys.

"Let's so visit Dumbledore." When we reached his office however, there were giant stone gargoyles.

"Password" One croaked.

Percy rolled his eyes and grabbed my arm once again we vapor travelled right into an office.

Minerva McGonagall's POV

Albus told me I would be assisting the new assistant Divination assistant/teacher and the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I don't get why Sybil couldn't help the Divination teacher that was her job after all so I went to talk to Albus…

Then I heard a cracking sound and two students (?) appeared. One having frizzy red hair, and the other eternally messy-looking black hair and green eyes. I gasped. For a moment I was convinced it was Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger, but I noticed the lack of glasses and scar.

"What are you doing here? Students shouldn't be here yet, OR be in the HEADMASTER'S office!"

Albus waved his blackened hand, "Ah, Minerva. I see that our new teachers have arrived!"

"Teachers?" I squeaked.

"Quite" Albus said.

No wonder they were about 16/17.

"Aren't they a little young?" (By the way that wasn't in Greek)"

Albus smiled, "Ah… Pupils, you could say… of an old friend."

Then the red headed girl said in an unintelligible accent stretching out her hand, "Rachael, Rachael Elizabeth Dare." I swear I could hear the Potter look-a-like snickered 'red'

"Dare like from 'Dare Enterprises'?"

Rachael scowled fiercely and muttered, "I HATE my father."

"I'm Percy, Percy Jackson! Nice to meet you!" He said with a charming smile.

"We'd best be going… The welcoming feast will be starting soon.

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