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Third Person POV

Harry once heard that you "never know what you have until it's gone" this was true, in a sense about Percy. Harry noticed how relived Percy looked, dark rings from lack of sleep disappeared and he became more enthusiastic, throwing himself into his work.

On this particular day, Harry walked up to the classroom door to see everyone crowded around it whispering.

Harry's POV

I saw Hermione and Ron at the front. I pushed through the crowd of hushing students, on the door was a typed note, telling us to meet Percy near the forbidden forest. I didn't see particularly what struck everyone as odd.

I looked a bit closer then it dawned on me, half- most of these kids had never seen a computer in their life. I turned to Hermione,

"I thought you couldn't use any sort of muggle technology on campus." Hermione looked severely distressed at this,

"You can't." She pulled her hair, "We best listen." Slowly the class followed her advice; Ron, Hermione, and I were the last to leave. We ambled down the hall, discussing the confusing note, Ron seemed at awe of the idea of computers.


Percy was leaning on a gleaming sword when we first spotted him, at the sight of us (his students in general) his face split into a grin and he twirled his sword and pointed at a rack of wooden sword,

"Please, take a sword. You guys need to know physical defense, how else will you protect yourselves?" Percy looked at us expectantly, but after receiving no answer, he pointed to the swords again and we scrambled to get them.

Percy set us in partners; I was with Draco and Hermione with Ron. Draco sneered nastily, and hissed,

"Hey Potter, I don't suppose Percy is any good. Shame, you won't be able to put up a fight."

"Shut it Malfoy." I spat, glaring at my nemesis.

"I, however can defend myself perfectly with a sword," he spun it lazily, "I have even beat my father on occasio-"

"You're holding it wrong." Percy cut into Malfoy's speech about his brilliance to rearrange his grip, to my utter delight the tip of the sword, apparently seemingly heavier now, plunged into the ground, tip sinking in a few inched, I snickered, but apparently too early.

"Mr. Potter, your form isn't perfect either," Malfoy grinned, "But better than Malfoy's anyway." The smile dropped from both of our faces. Percy put his hand over mine and rotated it, the blade seemed to grow heavier, but it didn't drop.

"Well, 'Mr. Perfect' let us see you fight."

Third Person POV

Percy frowned, Annabeth wasn't there, who would he… ah, Nico. Nico he could definitely beat. Percy turned to a shadow and roared,

"NICO!" Malfoy snickered,

"He's insane." Malfoy grinned towards Harry. It took a moment, but soon a dark haired boy stepped out of the shadows, rubbing the back of his neck,

"Jeez, you didn't have to yell so loud." But Nico grinned and hugged Percy, they slapped each other on the back.

"This is my class." Harry gestured to the wizard students

"You?!" Nico scoffed, "A teacher, you?!" Percy huffed,

"Yes me, now, do you have your dagger?" Nico hesitated, rubbing his hands together.

"No… I was just taking a shower."

"You're dressed." Percy pointed out, Nico paused,

"I put on clothes before coming. "

"You're dry." Nico blushed,

"I'll get it." Nico stepped into the shadows. An awkward, silent, minute later, Nico reappeared, he held a blade about the length of a small wand. Harry studied the blade, shadows flitted and swirled.

Percy rotated on his feet and pulled out a pen, Malfoy rolled his eyes,

"What are you planning to do, doodle on him?" Percy Gave Malfoy a lopsided grin and pulled off the cap of his pen. The tip elongated into a glittering blade, Percy swung it lazily. Nico crouched, arched his shoulders and gripped his blade.

Nico attacked first. He dove at Pecry, but Percy stepped sideways, Nico, surprisingly, didn't fall to the ground, but spun and jabbed his blade towards Percy, who skillfully twisted his wrist, deflecting Nico's blade. It went on for another five or so minutes, until Nico was backed up against a tree, Percy's blade against his throat.

Nico surrendered and Percy threw the class a suave smile,

"Your turn!"

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