Hello all! I am just a simple fan of OHSHC and I noticed that there weren't many stories for Mori so I began one myself. Hope it's to your liking! :)

Lenne Muzuki sighed deeply when she was finally able to place all the boxes on the trolley. This has to be a record for number of sales. She took off my jacket, no longer feeling the chill of early winter. She wrapped it around her waist. She tied the boxes down on the trolley with some rope so that they won't fall, making the past ten minutes worthless. When she finished she looked back at the building in front of me. She just cannot figure out why such a place would want so many purchases. She shrugged the thought off and just began to pull the trolley up. She nearly collapsed when she finished climbing the stairs, completely out of breath. She would have taken a break but I had a deadline to make. She grabbed back onto the handle and pulled it to the proper building. Thankfully the door was left open. She went inside it and began looking for the correct room. She reached it soon enough and she just knocked on the door. The door opened, revealing the man who opened it.

"Hello, I'm here to drop off the food you ordered," she spoke, trying to hide the fact that she was still out of breath.

He nodded and opened the door wide enough for her to get through. "You can just leave the boxes in that back room."

She silently nodded and pulled the trolley in with her. She went exactly where he pointed and opened the door. Inside the much smaller room, she saw a sad little boy. He looked up at me with his curious eyes. He looked behind her and he suddenly had a smile that stretched across his face.

"Are those sweets?" he asked hopefully.

"Yeah," she simply responded.

"Yay! They're finally here!" he exclaimed, happily holding a stuffed pink bunny.

"I don't mean to be rude but would you mind leaving the room for the moment so that I may put the boxes in here?"

"Of course!"

He skipped out of the room, beaming with happiness. She couldn't help but smile. She looked back at the boxes and sighed. She took the rope off them and just began to move the boxes into the room. By the time she finished, the room looked like it was going to explode. She shook my head in amazement and shut the door just in case something did bust open.

Right when she turned around she was met face to face with the man who opened the door. "Thank you for your work. This should cover the expenses," he said as he handed her a check.

She took it and bowed slightly while saying, "thank you for the purchases."

He pushed his glasses up and nodded, "we'll keep in contact."

She bowed slightly again and began to walk towards the entrance. Something was strange about the weight though. She looked back seeing the little boy from before sitting on it and she looked at him confused.

He looked at me happily and asked, "can't you stay?"

She smiled but shook my head, "I'm sorry but no. I have to get back to the factory before I'm fired for being late."

His eyes widened and he asked, "can I go with you?" He seemed to be in a trance asking. He had to be really hungry.

"Umm... I don't really know who you are and I don't think my boss would appreciate that."

"Awe... Well, next time you come you'd better have time!" He said getting off the trolley. He then walked closer to me and looked up at me, "my name is Honey by the way."

She smiled and she couldn't help but ruffle his blonde hair. He grinned and she said, "nice to meet you Honey, my name is Lenne. But now I really have to leave so I'll see you next time you run out of sweets okay?"

He nodded happily and waved as she left in a hurry.

Honey was about to tackle the newly arrived cakes but was held back just in time. He looked up at his cousin who towered above him.

"Awe come on Takashi, why can't I have any?" Honey pouted.

"Mitsukuni," his cousin simply replied, not letting go of the back of his jacket collar.

Honey pouted again but gave in. He looked back at the rest of his club members. He noticed that the twins seemed to be planning something. He went over to them, trying to get his mind off all the sweets that are so close to his reach.

"Hika-chan, Kao-chan, what are you up to?" Honey asked them.

"We're bored," Hikaru began.

"So we decided to play a new game," finished Kaoru.

"Really? What game is that?"

"The 'Break Takashi Morinozuka out of His Shell' game!" the twins chimed.

Honey frowned at the mention of his cousin and he asked them, "why are you going to pick on Takashi?"

"It's nothing like that Honey-sempai," Kaoru spoke.

"Yeah, we just want him to broaden his horizons. Really Honey-sempai, when was the last time he talked to a girl?" Hikaru asked.

"That's his business, leave Takashi alone," Honey said as he walked back over to his cousin.

The twins looked at each other, deciding whether it was worth interfering in the life of the 'wild type'. It didn't take them long though to figure it was worth to see the plan through.